Best pogo stick for kids

Brett Dvoretz

Pogo sticks can help improve a child's balance and agility, while also providing them with a healthy and fun way to burn off their extra energy outdoors.

Top kids pogo sticks

Kids sometimes need a little motivation to get outside and play, and a pogo stick may be just the thing for that. These challenging toys are a fun and healthy way to play, burn calories, build muscle and improve balance and coordination.

Pogo sticks for kids come in a few styles, some of which are better for younger children than others. For example, foam pogo jumpers are best for older toddlers and kids up to five, while larger pogo sticks that bounce higher are better for slightly older kids and teens. Whatever the age of your child, it is important to teach them how to use a pogo stick safely, which includes wearing protective gear and only jumping in wide-open spaces. 

What to consider when buying a pogo stick for kids

Weight limits and size

Two of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a pogo stick for a child are the weight limits and the size. Pogo sticks have both a minimum and maximum weight limit. If a child is too light to meet the minimum weight limit or notably above the maximum, they won’t be able to get a good bounce. Being above the maximum weight limit can also be dangerous, as it could cause the pogo stick to break under the weight of the user.

When it comes to the size, pogo sticks need to be small enough that a child can control them. If they are too large, they become unwieldy. Also, the handles will be too close to the child’s face, which increases the chances for injury. If a pogo stick is too short, the user will be hunched over the whole time, which won’t be comfortable and could even lead to back pain after extended use.

Foot pegs and handlebars

After the weight limits and the size, the next things to consider are the foot pegs and the handlebars, as these will affect how secure a user feels when jumping around on the pogo stick. The handle bars should have soft, shock-absorbing foam or rubber hand grips. The former are less likely to slip under sweaty hands, but the latter are more durable. 

The foot pegs should be wide enough that the user’s feet fit comfortably. They also need to have rubber or some other high-friction material to prevent slipping.

Using a pogo stick safely

Just like riding a bike or skating, using a pogo stick is fun but can potentially be dangerous too, especially if proper care and caution aren’t taken. First and foremost, this means teaching your children to always wear a helmet and protective knee and elbow pads anytime they use their pogo stick. The helmet should be ASTM certified, which means it can stand up to multiple low-energy impacts. Most skateboarding helmets meet this certification, but many standard bicycle helmets don’t. You can check out more kids’ helmets in the BestReviews buying guide.

Kids should also be taught to only use their pogo sticks in flat, wide-open spaces that are free of obstacles and obstructions they could potentially crash into.

Which pogo sticks for kids should I get?

Best pogo jumpers for young kids

Click N’ Play Foam Pogo Jumper: available at Amazon

With flashing lights in the handles and a squeaky noise on every bounce, this pogo jumper is about as entertaining as they get. The soft, squishy base won’t leave scuff marks when used on indoor floors, yet it is durable enough that it can withstand jumping on pavement and sidewalks.

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper: available at Amazon and Kohl's

Available in a variety of fun themes like frogs, unicorns and princesses as well as a couple of Paw Patrol options, you should have no trouble finding a Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper that appeals to your child. Suitable for kids as young as three, it’s a great way to help them improve their balance and coordination.

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper: available at Amazon

The Kidoozie pogo jumper is designed for youngsters four years and older but is strong enough that a parent could use it to show their child how. It makes a squeaky sound every time a child jumps and can be used indoors or outside.

Best pogo sticks for kids

Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo: available at Amazon and Kohl's

When your kids are ready to move onto something more advanced than a pogo jumper, the Maverick is one of the best entry-level options. It has a weight limit from 40 to 80 pounds, is almost entirely covered in foam from top to bottom to minimize the chances of injury and comes in several vibrant colors. The foot pegs have a good amount of traction too.

Razor Gogo Pogo Stick: available at Amazon

A good choice for kids from 8 to 12 years old, the Gogo is durable and features a fully enclosed spring system with low-friction bushings that provide a smooth jumping experience. Conveniently, it is crafted from lightweight aluminum, and the handles and foot pegs fold up, making it easy to store or take on the go.

Think Gizmos Aero Advantage: available at Amazon

The thick foam padding on the handles of the Aero Advantage makes them a bit more forgiving if they hit the body, which tends to happen when first learning how to use a pogo stick. They also provide a secure grip that sweaty hands won’t slip on. Additionally, it has a rounded tip that is less likely to knock you off kilter if you don’t bounce straight up and down.

Best pogo sticks for teens

Flybar Super Pogo 2: available at Amazon

If you have a teen looking to perform extreme stunts on their pogo stick, there are few better options than the Super Pogo 2. It has a strong spring and sturdy build with a 200-pound weight capacity, so kids can continue to use the same stick well into adulthood if they enjoy the activity. Plus, the handles can be rotated to slightly alter the position to whatever the user finds most comfortable.

Flybar Velocity Pro: available at Amazon and Kohl’s

The Velocity Pro is available in three sizes, with the medium option being perfect for most teens. Its minimum weight capacity is low enough that even young, small-framed kids shouldn’t have any trouble getting it to bounce well, while the maximum limit is high enough that many 20-year-olds can still use it.

Geospace Large Jumparoo Boing! MAX: available at Amazon

The Boing! MAX is one of the few pogo sticks that allows for several hand positions at the same time. Not only does this make it more comfortable to use for long periods of time with less fatigue, but it also makes it easier to perform certain kinds of tricks.

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