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Sian Babish

A piping hot pizza can be challenging to cut with a regular knife. Make sure you have the right tool -- a pizza cutter -- to get the slice you deserve.

Pizza comes in all shapes and sizes, so it's no surprise it has a dedicated kitchen tool. To effectively slice through large pies, pizza cutters feature wheels or oversized blades that make it easy to maneuver from crust to crust. Not only are pizza cutters convenient, they're also a safe way to cut an oversized, oddly-shaped (albeit delicious) food.

To learn more, take a look at our buying guide on pizza cutters. We're including our favorite cutter, KitchenAid's Professional Pizza Wheel, which has a finger guard to make sure the only thing getting sliced at dinnertime is your pizza.

Considerations when choosing pizza cutters

Types of pizza cutters

Wheeled cutters: As their name implies, wheeled pizza cutters simply roll across the pie. These blade styles offer maximum control, which means you can slice in a safe manner. Keep in mind not all wheels are the same size. If you eat a lot of Sicilian pies, for example, you'll do best with a larger wheel.

Mezzaluna cutters: These pizza cutters feature a large, crescent-shaped blade. You definitely get a straight line with these, so they're excellent for precision cutting. While they come in a variety of sizes, it's best to choose a larger mezzaluna. In the event its length is smaller than the pie's diameter, achieving a clean cut can be challenging.



Generally speaking, pizza cutters feature stainless steel blades to cut through hot, gooey pizza with ease. Pizza wheels tend to have plastic or wood handles, while the handles in mezzalunas are made of stainless steel like the rest of their bodies.

Handle design

The handle of a pizza cutter should provide a safe, secure grip that won't result in your fingers slipping onto the blade. Many designs feature protective rims or bumpers to prevent this from happening.

Another detail to examine is how well-reinforced the handle is. Those made of multiple pieces bolted together shouldn't have any shifting or jiggling parts. If anything feels loose in the handle, there's a good chance it will fall apart eventually.

Blade size

There's no standard blade size for pizza wheels or mezzalunas, so choose a pizza cutter with a blade that can handle the types of pies you enjoy most often.

The average pizza cutter gets the job done, but if you enjoy thicker pies, you need one with a taller blade to get through all the layers. Those who enjoy ultra-crispy pies -- which can be hard to cut -- may prefer a blade with a smaller diameter to focus pressure for through-and-through slicing.

Blade covers

Pizza cutters have long, sharp blades, which is why many of them come with blade covers. Not only does it protect your fingers when you're searching through kitchen drawers, it also protects the integrity of the blade.


For occasional use, you can find a wallet-friendly pizza cutter for less than $10. Those with ergonomic handles and sharper blades cost closer to $20. There are some pizza cutters priced $30 and above, but they're usually intended for use in food establishments.


Q. Are pizza cutters dishwasher-safe?

A. Many pizza cutters are dishwasher-safe. Some people feel putting the pizza cutter in a dishwasher can damage the blade or corrode internal parts over time. If you're on the fence with a dishwasher-safe pizza cutter, err on the side of caution and simply handwash it.

Q. Is it worth getting a high-end pizza cutter?

A. If you enjoy pizza on a regular basis or make your own, it's a good idea to spend top dollar. The quality is superior, and they can last for well over a decade if you take care of them.

Pizza cutters we recommend

Best of the best: KitchenAid's Professional Pizza Wheel

Our take: Commercial-grade pizza cutter that slices pies with ease.

What we like: Ergonomic handle and stainless steel blade. Rubber blade guard protects it in the drawer.

What we dislike: Can be a bit heavy for some people.

Best bang for your buck: Kitchy's Pizza Cutter Wheel

Our take: Pared-down modern design at a wallet-friendly price. Compact and convenient.

What we like: Nonslip handle for maximum safety. Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

What we dislike: You need to take it apart for cleaning.

Choice 3: Checkered Chef's Rocker-Style Pizza Cutter

Our take: Top-rated tool to tackle thick pizza crusts and slice through Sicilian pies.

What we like: Versatile enough for other cooking and baking. Extremely sharp blade. Comes with its own cover.

What we dislike: Takes up a lot of space, so storage can be challenging.

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