The best peppermint oil for hair

Micayla Mead

Peppermint oil not only encourages hair growth but also can be used to treat dandruff.

If you’re looking for something to help grow or strengthen your hair, a quality plant oil can be a great way to massage your scalp and reinvigorate your roots. Peppermint oil is a particularly good option to use for your hair and scalp since it’s unlikely to irritate your skin, has proven health benefits and feels great when you use it.

Quality peppermint oils to use on your hair and scalp like the Difeel Premium Peppermint Hair Oil will naturally rejuvenate your follicles and prime your hair for ample growth and strength. That along with its pleasing aroma, texture and effective results has made it a fan favorite among reviewers. 

What to know before you buy peppermint oil for hair

Health benefits

Regularly massaging your scalp with healthy plant oil, no matter the type, has been found to thicken hair and encourage hair growth, according to the National Library of Medicine. But the benefits don’t stop there with peppermint oil. Researchers with the Korean Society of Toxicology found that regular use of peppermint oil specifically can help promote hair growth without toxifying the scalp or damaging hair. Peppermint oil seems to increase follicle count, depth and thickness — which means lusher, denser, thicker hair. Additionally, some users report that using peppermint oil on their scalps helped calm redness and treat dandruff. 


Peppermint oil typically calms and softens skin, but if you’ve ever had a rash or itch after using any product with peppermint, consult with your dermatologist before considering using peppermint oil. However, most customers report no irritation when in contact with peppermint oil. Regardless of past allergies, never rub peppermint oil, or any essential oil, into your eyes or ingest it without the guidance of a physician.

Smell and feel

Peppermint oil soothes skin inflammation and softens itching. The sweet aroma and distinct cool tingling are, for many users, part of peppermint oil’s appeal. Be wary, though — a peppermint scent alone doesn’t mean a product will have these benefits. The product has to have actual essential oil as an ingredient to have the strength to liven up your locks. In this vein, if you don’t like skin products that cool your skin or cause sensation, you may not like the feeling of peppermint oil on your hair and scalp. 

Peppermint oil for hair features 

Strength of the mixture

Typically, peppermint oil is made from mixing drops of pure distilled peppermint essential oil with a carrier liquid. Some oils consist of a higher mixture of peppermint essential oil to carrier oil than others. A true peppermint oil will have a bright, minty smell, so look for products that have a powerful aroma.

Types of carrier oils 

Look for higher-quality oils, like almond, castor or tea tree oil, as carrier oils for your peppermint oil. Different oils will have different effects on your hair and scalp, so keep in mind that whatever the peppermint is mixed with will also play a part in how your body reacts to it.

Other ingredients

Some peppermint oils for hair are pure combinations of peppermint essential oil and a carrier oil while others incorporate ingredients such as aloe vera to further the benefits of the product. If you’re looking for additional benefits, look for products that mix in other ingredients.

Peppermint oil for hair cost

Peppermint oil for hair can run from $5-$20 per bottle. The price depends mainly on the quality of the carrier oil and if additional ingredients have been added.

Peppermint oil for hair FAQ

Why does peppermint oil make my scalp tingle?

A. The tingling feeling that’s a hallmark of peppermint is actually a sign that your blood flow is increasing! This in turn can help promote the first anagen growth phase for your hair roots. So don’t be worried about the tingly feeling — think of it as the oil working its magic.

Won’t peppermint oil make my hair greasy?

A. It’s true that, if you applied peppermint oil directly to dry hair, your hair would be greasy and oily that day. However, experts recommend you apply the oil to your scalp right before showering. Massage for about 10-15 minutes, then shampoo and rinse your scalp so that the oil doesn’t linger and grease up your hair. 

Which peppermint oil for hair should I get?

Best of the best peppermint oil for hair

Difeel Premium Peppermint Hair Oil: available at Amazon 

Our take: An overall balanced, high-quality peppermint oil for your hair that can help soothe your scalp and encourage hair growth at a mid-range price.

What we like: Formula consists of 99% natural ingredients. Fresh minty smell. Visible results. 

What we dislike: Some users reported that the mint aroma was too harsh for them to use it regularly.

Best bang for your buck peppermint oil for hair

Ethereal Nature Peppermint Hair Oil: available at Amazon

Our take: A cost-effective peppermint oil for those looking to try out using the oil for the first time.

What we like: Great price point. No unnecessary additives or frills. The easy applicator makes working the oil into your scalp simple.

What we dislike: Some customers say it feels greasy to the touch and has an unappealing texture.

Honorable mention peppermint oil for hair

Design Essentials Soothing Scalp Tonic: available at Amazon

Our take: Made with a mix of peppermint oil and aloe vera, this tonic specifically targets irritation and inflammation.

What we like: Great for scalp itching or redness. Also can be used to treat dandruff. Users reported loving the smell and texture.

What we dislike: More expensive than other options.

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