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Lizzy Briskin

According to the American Cornhole Association, a regulation game must have the platforms placed 27 feet apart, from base to base.

The most fun outdoor games for parties

Warming weather, school vacation and summer holidays are all causes for celebration. And what better way to enjoy the sunshine and free time this summer than by gathering with friends and family outside?

If you’re looking to bring a bit more excitement and maybe even some competitive spirit to your next outdoor get-together, an outdoor party game is your best bet. There are dozens of fun multiplayer games created for the outdoors, from tried-and-true horseshoes to new high-energy games that will get people moving.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate family barbecue, a big school graduation party or just enjoying your friend’s company on a weekend afternoon, these are the best outdoor party games to bring the fun wherever you are.

Best outdoor party games for summer

GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag Set: available at Amazon
Starting off with a classic, anyone who regularly hosts summer parties should have a sturdy cornhole set in their arsenal. This aluminum set from GoSports is durable enough to last through years of frequent play and comes in several different patterns and colors. If you’re an avid football tailgater, you’ll love the football field edition. Or, for nighttime bean bag tossing, there’s even an LED light-up edition. The set comes with eight regulation-sized bean bags and a convenient carrying case.

Ladder Toss Wood Set: available at Amazon
This well-made and charming wooden set of the classic ladder toss game is durable enough to become a family heirloom. This game is fun for all ages and easy to pack to bring to the park, a neighbor’s house or the beach. It also comes with a portable carrying case, so you don’t risk losing any balls in transit.

Spikeball Game Set: available at Amazon
This high-energy ball game is a new addition to the world of must-have outdoor games, but it’s here to stay. Spikeball is a game for four players that revolves around a miniature net. Once you set it up, you’ll quickly have players diving for balls, leaping into the air and laughing out loud the entire time. This team game is guaranteed to bring energy and fun anywhere you go.

Giant Toppling Tower: available at Etsy
Everyone loves the suspense and thrill of an about-to-tumble Jenga game. This summer, bring that excitement outdoors and make it life-size with this handmade wooden tower game. Each team will take turns removing individual blocks from the tower until you reach the last straw and the whole thing comes crumbling down. When you’re done, pack the blocks up into their neat carrying case for next week’s party.

Baden Champion Badminton Set: available at Amazon
If you have a bit of space and at least two players, you can get a fun and competitive game of badminton going with this packable and easy-to-assemble net. The set includes four brightly-colored rackets and everything you need to stake the net into the ground on grass or sand. Bring it to the beach and you may just end up with a spontaneous tournament.

Kan Jam Disc Toss Game: available at Amazon
Kan Jam is another classic outdoor party game that gets people’s competitive juices flowing. This set is made with lightweight materials so it’s easy to transport, although it’s a bit bulky. Space the goals closer together for younger players or test your disc-throwing abilities and give them a wide berth. If you send the disc through the slot, you’re an instant winner.

ROPODA Yardzee: available at Amazon
Your favorite dice-tossing board game gets supersized in this fun outdoor version of Yahtzee. The game includes six large wooden dice and a collapsible bucket for easy storage. Plus score cards so you’ll have lasting proof of your total take-down of the other team.

Jumbo Connect Four: available at Etsy
Challenge friends and family of all ages and heights to this larger-than-life outdoor version of the classic childhood game. This Connect-Four game stands 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide, so it’s not too big to transport, but it does provide a bit of super-sized fun for the outdoors.

ROPODA Yard Pong: available at Amazon
Skip the sloppy red cups and stick tabletop and go big with your pong using this supersized yard pong set from ROPODA. The goal is to sink your ball into the other team’s six bucket-sized cups before they get yours. The set comes with your choice of lightweight Wiffle balls or a pair of bouncier tennis balls, depending on how challenging you want to make things. And a nice thing about the set is that the larger balls are unlikely to get lost and are designed for the outdoors. 

Backyard Box: available at Etsy
This one-of-a-kind scavenger hunt game for kids provides endless fun with a side of education. The box contains 30 handmade wooden coins inscribed on both sides with different nature-related activities for kids to explore. That means 60 unique and engaging ideas to get kids moving and curious in the outdoors. Prompts include “start a rock collection,” and “lie on a blanket and sky-gaze,” so there’s something for every age and personality.

Elite Sportz Ring Toss Games: available at Amazon
This kid-friendly version of horseshoes is guaranteed to provide hours of outdoor entertainment. Kids of all ages can have fun setting up their own game and vying to land their colorful rings on the pegs for points. This well-built wooden game is easy to pack up into the included travel case for portable fun wherever you go.

Extra Large Personalized Tic-Tac-Toes: available from Etsy
This is a timeless game set that transitions easily from outdoors to indoors. You can personalize this beautiful wooden set for a thoughtful monogrammed gift for the game-lover in your life. The board is 14 inches on all sides and includes 10 handmade X’s and O’s for years of entertainment.

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