The best outdoor games for kids

Stephanie Jarrett

Encourage kids to grab a light jacket and head outside for some fun playtime with backyard games.

Children's outdoor games

Spring has arrived, which means that children can head outside and soak up the sunshine. But if your children are complaining they are bored outside, it may be time to add a few games to your outdoor arsenal.
Maybe they have had enough of playing tag or you don’t have an outdoor space that easily accommodates a game of hide-and-seek. There are lots of other outdoor kids’ games that children will love. These fun, outdoor games, which range from traditional to ultra-modern and from easy to somewhat difficult, will appeal not only to children but to adults, too. The only requirement is that they have a good time.

Top outdoor games for children

Best games under $20

Paddle Toss and Catch Ball Set: available at Amazon
A great game of catch is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Velcro paddles make it easy for young children to learn how to catch a ball without frustration.

Carnival Bean Bag Toss: available at Amazon
Children can take turns stacking up these brightly colored cans and knocking them back down. Use the numbered side of the cans to help younger children identify numbers. Encourage the older ones to determine who wins a game by adding up the numeric value of the cans they knock down each round.

Inflatable Bowling Game: available at Amazon
Children can perfect their bowling technique with this fun set that includes inflatable pins and a bowling ball. Set the pins up in different patterns, and inflatable bowling will feel like a different game every time.

Portable Bean Bag Toss Game: available at Amazon
Help your child increase their hand-eye coordination skills with this portable bean bag toss game. Encourage them to toss the red bean bag through the hole marked one or the green bean bag through the hole marked four. Fun and educational.

Hopscotch Ring Set: available at Amazon
Connect these rings in different color and size formations so your child can practice their hopping skills. Set two hopscotch games up side by side and race your child to see who can complete the obstacle first.

Best outdoor games for younger children (ages 7 and under)

Hockey and Soccer Ball Set with Goals: available at Amazon
Children can practice their kicking or goalie skills with the soccer ball and goals in this set or try out hockey with the included hockey sticks and light-up puck (rollerblades not included). This versatile set encourages hours of play.

Seek and Find Scavenger Hunt Card Game: available at Amazon
Young children can work on finding, identifying and learning about objects commonly found in nature with these scavenger hunt cards. Challenge older children to race to find five objects identified on the cards.

Kids’ Adjustable Basketball Hoop: available at Amazon
Children can challenge each other to a traditional game of basketball or take turns working on their layup skills. This hoop comes with an adjustable-height base, meaning it can grow with your child. A ball is included with this set.

Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers: available at Amazon
Children can have fun literally bouncing off walls in these inflatable ball suits. They can race one another, roll down hills and engage in all sorts of silly activities, while surrounded by bubble padding to keep them giggling and, literally, in a bubble.

Hello Papaya Archery Set: available at Amazon
Children can practice their target skills with this archery set, which comes with two full sets of bows, arrows and targets so two can play at once. Set the targets on an external wall and children will have fun seeing if they can hit the bull’s eye.

Best outdoor games for older children (ages 8 and older)

Mini Frisbee Indoor/Outdoor: available at Amazon
Practice a round of disc golf like the pros while playing with this mini set that will fit perfectly on an outdoor table or ledge. Children can improve their aim as well as challenge friends to games.

Flarts Outdoor Lawn Darts Game: available at Amazon
Children will love challenging each other to see who can hit the bull’s eye the most with this fun, inflatable version of lawn darts. Even better, the setup is fast and easy.

Foam Axe Throwing Target Game Set: available at Amazon
Axe throwing is gaining popularity across the nation, and now children can try out the trend safely from home. Affix the target to an outdoor wall and they can take turns trying to get the axe to stick. It’s harder than it looks.

Four-Player Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
Children can gather up to three friends and strap on these shoulder pads to engage in a game of laser tag. They will exercise and share quality time with friends playing this fun outdoor game.

Glow Battle, A Ninja Game: available at Amazon
This game is best played at dusk to enjoy the glowing “swords.” Children can sharpen their karate skills and engage in fun combat games with these foam swords.

Best outdoor games for children and their families

Ring Toss Game: available at  Amazon
The whole family can play together with this fun ring toss game, while they compete to see who can get the ring around the wooden pegs the most times. Move the peg stand further away from players for a greater challenge.

Jenga Giant: available at Amazon
Who will knock over the tower first and lose the game? Set up this giant tower game in the backyard and take turns trying to remove the wooden blocks without letting the tower fall. Just watch your toes when the tower comes down!

Jumbo Four-to-Score Game Set: available at Amazon
Take turns seeing who can get four discs in a row to win this game. The large size makes it perfect for the patio and fun for all ages.

Backyard Bocce Set: available at Amazon
Children and adults alike will have fun trying to see who can throw their balls further. Don’t be fooled by how easy this sounds. It’s much harder than it looks.

Six-Player Deluxe Croquet Set: available at Amazon
This classic game, which can be set up in a variety of different ways in the front or back yard, offers a challenge to players of all ages. See who can hit their colored balls through the circle stakes first and claim victory.

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