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Although OLED monitors offer better picture quality and truer blacks, they don't have the same life span as most LED monitors.

OLED displays are the future. They use advanced technology to display vibrant images and colors much more efficiently than other monitors. However, OLED gaming monitors are still new and difficult to find, with only a couple currently on the market.

Still, the available OLED monitors are worth a look, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer. The AORUS FO48U 48-Inch 4K OLED Gaming Monitor is the top choice if you want a quality OLED display. It offers stunning visuals, vivid colors and a fast response time for fluid gaming sessions.

What to know before you buy an OLED gaming monitor

What is an OLED monitor?

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode and is like a traditional LED, but instead of using a backlight panel, each pixel is powered on its own. This allows for ultrathin displays and a dynamic range of colors. OLEDs are also the only displays that can reproduce true blacks, meaning there’ll be better contrast when watching dark-environment content.


Gaming monitors range in width, but the smallest OLED monitors are 27 inches. A 27-inch screen is enough for one gamer or office work. However, if you want to stream TV shows or movies, a larger screen is ideal. Some OLED displays measure as large as 48 inches wide.


High-definition refers to a display of at least 720 horizontal pixel lines. However, most OLED computer monitors can display resolutions of nearly 4,000 horizontal pixel lines, otherwise known as 4K or ultra-high-definition. 4K monitors are more expensive than full HD ones. Up until recently, they weren’t considered worthy of their exaggeratedly higher price point due to the lack of 4K content. However, more and more games and streaming content are being rendered in UHD.

OLED gaming monitor features

Refresh rate

Most TVs and computer monitors have a native refresh rate of 60 hertz, which is fine for office work or light TV watching. However, a 60-hertz rate won’t cut it for high-powered gaming. A 120-hertz refresh rate allows for a more fluid picture and decreases lag for fast-moving images. Most OLED gaming monitors can be switched back and forth between a 60-hertz and 120-hertz refresh rate. You can adjust the setting based on what you’re watching or doing.

Response time

A gamer’s worst nightmare is input lag, but most OLED gaming monitors have fast response times. This means minimal input lag. Input lag refers to how fast it takes for your monitor to display the command you’ve entered on a controller or keyboard. It’s usually less than a split second, but for gamers, that can make the difference between in-game life and death. The best have response times of 4 milliseconds or less. The faster they are, usually the more expensive they are.


The best gaming monitors can be adjusted in several ways to optimize your viewing experience. At the very least, your gaming monitor should be able to tilt and pivot to achieve a comfortable viewing angle. Some monitors are also wall-mountable, suitable for screens over 34 inches wide. A wall-mounted monitor is great for watching movies and is less straining on your neck.

OLED gaming monitor cost 

The cheapest OLED monitors cost around $1,000, but some models cost up to $2,700.

OLED gaming monitor FAQ

How come there aren’t more OLED gaming monitors available?

A. There isn’t a large enough market yet to justify making them cost-effectively on a large scale. However, this will shift in the next year or two as the technology becomes more refined and more people start to see the advantages of switching over from other displays.

What is AMD FreeSync technology?

A. FreeSync essentially matches the monitor’s inherent refresh rate with that of the game you’re playing. It makes for a smoother experience and reduces the chance of input lag.

Which OLED gaming monitor should I get?

Best of the best OLED gaming monitor

AORUS FO48U 48-Inch 4K OLED Gaming Monitor: available at Amazon

Our take: This big-screen monitor offers a high-quality image and is perfect for gaming and watching movies.

What we like: It has a 120-hertz refresh rate and a 1-millisecond response time for smooth gameplay and supports FreeSync premium. It features 99% Adobe RGB with 10-bit color depth for displaying vivid visuals and millions of colors. Plus, it has a dashboard showing real-time hardware information.

What we dislike: It has an auto-dim feature that makes work tasks such as editing spreadsheets difficult as it automatically dims the brightness level when too much white is displayed.

Best bang for your buck OLED gaming monitor

Samsung 23.5-Inch CF396 Curved Computer Monitor: available at Amazon

Our take: While not technically an OLED display, this monitor is a great alternative at an affordable price point and excellent for all gamers.

What we like: It has a four-millisecond response time and an 1800R curvature for an immersive experience. It has a super-slim design, a blue-light filter setting and a 3000 to 1 contrast ratio for clearly displaying deep blacks and bright lights. Plus, it has an eco-saving mode that reduces brightness and conserves energy.

What we dislike: It doesn’t have any USB ports or built-in speakers, and some customers complained about backlight bleeding.

Honorable mention OLED gaming monitor

LG Ultrafine UHD OLED Pro Display: available at Amazon

Our take: This monitor is expensive but delivers dazzling visuals and offers several premium features.

What we like: It has 99% Adobe and true 10-bit color for displaying millions of vibrant colors. It’s mountable and has several adjustability options, including tilt, height, swivel and pivot. Also, it has HDMI and UCB-C connectivity options and HDR 400 True Black for superior contrast levels.

What we dislike: It doesn’t have a 120-hertz refresh rate setting, so it can be lackluster for certain games.

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