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Tammy Tilley

O-Cedar makes mops that spin, steam, spray, twist and flip, all to make this weekly household task hassle-free.

Everyone likes a clean floor, but no one likes to spend a lot of time mopping it. Even worse is using a mop that moves dirt around instead of picking it up and laying down a shine.

O-Cedar mops take the pain out of this common household task. The brand offers a number of different mops for your preference, whether you want them to spray, steam, spin or wring. The O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket System has a hands-free built-in mop wringer that allows you to control the level of moisture on your mop with a foot pedal.

What to know before you buy an O-Cedar mop

Types of mops

All O-Cedar mops can deep clean your sealed floors regardless of finish. The type of mop you choose depends on your cleaning preference.

Steam mops hold a small tank in the handle that you fill with a mixture of water and cleaning solution. When you turn on the battery-powered mop, the liquid in the tank heats up and creates steam. You can push a button to release as little or as much steam onto your floor as you like. 

Spray mops apply a similar concept as a steam mop, except you don’t have to heat up the liquid and or use batteries. Spin mops should be used with O-Cedar’s specially designed bucket that wrings out the mop for you.

Both round and rectangular mops come with microfiber cloths or a combination of microfiber and sponge. You can use these mops either wet or dry. If cotton is your preference, O-Cedar has a round cotton mop; however, it is not recommended for hardwood floors.

Cleaning solution

If you mop your floors once a week, a cleaning solution is unnecessary. Warm or tepid water with a good mop will get the job done. If you prefer using a chemical or natural cleaning solution, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines so you do not damage your floors.

Mopping your hard floors

The methods for caring for your hard floors are similar, whether they’re made of hardwood, tile, vinyl or bamboo.

  • Remove debris with a dry mop, broom or vacuum.
  • If you use a vacuum, deactivate the brush mechanism so you don’t scratch your surface. Most vacuums have a hard floor setting that turns off the brush and raises the vacuum to protect your floor.
  • Start in the corner farthest from your entrance and mop backward. Mop along the edge of the baseboard in short back and forth strokes. Then move toward the open areas of your floor. You should need only two passes over each area: one pass to clean, a second pass to remove solution and other debris left behind.
  • Wring out the mop and continue.
  • If you’re using a bucket, keep it on the dry surface. When the water gets dirty, replace it with fresh water.
  • Your floor should dry fairly quickly. If it doesn’t, it’s probably too wet. Use less water so you don’t damage your floors.

O-Cedar mop features

Telescopic handles

Each mop handle is adjustable from 32-56 inches. The EasyWring Spin mop has its own replacement handle.

Mop pads

Most of O-Cedar’s mop pads are made of strong microfiber material that cleans well and allows you to better regulate the amount of water you use. Other selections include sponge material, a combination of microfiber and sponge and cotton mops. All pads are easy to remove and reattach and, except for the sponge mop pads, all are machine washable.

Refills and Replacements

O-Cedar carries mop pad refills for every mop style. The company also has replacement handles and other mop parts.

O-Cedar mop costs

O-Cedar mop prices cost $10-$71. Some mops are offered as a set that comes with mop head refills.

O-Cedar mop FAQ

How often should I mop?

A. Every floor should be cleaned once a week to lift dirt and debris, whether you’re vacuuming, broom sweeping or using a dry mop. High-traffic areas require weekly care.

Do I use chemicals or solutions?

A. Chemical-based or natural cleaners are unnecessary. Warm water usually is the best for mopping, as water ensures you do not damage your floor. If you choose to use a chemical cleaner, follow the manufacturer’s directions of diluting and using it on the type of floor you are cleaning.

How do I care for my O-Cedar mop?

A. Dirt or solution left on your mop head will breed bacteria and smell sour. Rinse the mop head with fresh, hot water until the water runs clear. If it’s difficult to get clean, rinse as much soil and solution as you can and then toss it in the washer. Hang the mop to dry in a well-vented area and place the mop head up instead of on the floor, as it will dry more quickly. When it is completely dry, you can put it away.

Which O-Cedar mop should I get?

Best of the best O-Cedar mop 

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket System: available at Home Depot and Amazon

Our take: This system is made for hands-free wringing. The mop works on sealed hard surfaces, including wood, tile, laminate and vinyl.

What we like: The bucket has a built-in wringer that’s controlled by a foot pedal for hands-free wringing and minimal splashing. The system comes with extra mop pads that can be machine washed.

What we dislike: The bucket can be a bit cumbersome to lift, carry and store. 

Best bang for your buck O-Cedar mop 

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop: available at Home Depot and Amazon

Our take: The lightweight spray mop with an attached tank does not require electricity. It’s safe for all hard surfaces, including hardwood.

What we like: The mop allows you to flip the machine-washable microfiber pad and use both sides. You can clean either with water or a mixture of water and your favorite floor cleaner. You can control how little or how much liquid you spray onto the floor.

What we dislike: The mop head can flip off when flipping over the microfiber pad.

Honorable mention O-Cedar mop 

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop with Refill: available at Amazon

Our take: The 5-pound electric steam mop cleans all sealed hard surfaces, including hardwood. It has adjustable steam settings.

What we like: The microfiber mop pad fits nicely on the triangular mop head without bunching up or streaking the floor. It swivels and glides with ease and reaches into difficult places. The mop heats up in 20 seconds and is machine-washable.

What we dislike: Several users complained the tank clogs easily.

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