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Stacey L. Nash

Check on the position of your little one at night without waking her by using your Motorola baby monitor’s infrared night-vision feature.

For many parents, a baby monitor is an indispensable accessory. Motorola baby monitors bring together the latest technology with encryption and monitoring features. Some of their models have excellent night vision, two-way communication, and video. Before you buy, you'll need to decide which features you require and whether it's more convenient to have a wired or wireless model. To learn more, keep reading our buying guide, which includes our top pick, the Motorola MBP855 Connect-2. It provides wide-angle viewing, a split-screen option, and infrared capabilities.

Considerations when choosing Motorola baby monitors

Wireless options

With three basic wireless options available for your Motorola baby monitor, you've got some decisions to make. Each has its pros and cons, but here are the basics:

Radio frequency (RF) wireless: RF baby monitors use radio frequencies to send audio and visual information. They're easy to use, but the signal isn't usually encrypted. They may be intercepted by a neighbor or passerby and they can also interfere with devices on the same frequency, such as a TV remote.

Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT): DECT baby monitors function with a unique wireless protocol on a rare frequency. Their audio and visual signal is often clearer than RF models due to the lack of interference on their frequency. While they're more secure than an RF model, baby monitors with WiFi capabilities still offer the best security.

WiFi: Baby monitors with WiFi transmit everything via your home network. They may be pricey, but they allow you to connect to multiple devices, offer excellent security, and the best video.


Night vision

Night vision is really one of the most valuable features on a baby monitor -- it lets you do a visual check on your baby at night. However, not all night vision is created equal. Keep in mind that some entry-level baby monitors may not offer the clarity of their more expensive counterparts.

Remote access

Some baby monitors with WiFi allow you to access the feed from outside your local network. With your smartphone, you can connect from work, school, or while you run errands.

Multiple cameras

Entry-level baby monitors may only have one camera, but many Motorola models come with two or more. Multiple cameras let you monitor more than one room or get a better viewing angle in a large one.

Camera zoom

Some models allow you to zoom in, out, pan, or tilt for a better angle. If you really want to keep a close eye on things while you're gone, this extra feature might be useful to you.


Some Motorola baby monitors run on a AA or 9-volt battery, while others require a rechargeable battery supplied by Motorola. Most Motorola models can run off electricity or batteries.

Motorola baby monitor prices

Motorola's baby monitors run from $75 to $250. The entry-level models may have subpar night vision or range. From $150 to $200 are monitors that balance price with extra features like two cameras, temperature monitoring, and two-way communication. At the top of the price range are models with intercom capabilities, remote access, and high-quality night vision.


Q. Are additional cameras sold separately?

A. Yes, but not all models can connect with extra cameras. Some monitors can be synced and connected with up to four cameras while others can only be used with the cameras that come with the original set. If there's even a small possibility that you may need an extra camera later on, be sure to buy a model that can grow with your needs.

Q. Do any Motorola baby monitors have two-way communication?

A. Some -- but not all -- Motorola baby monitors have two-way communication abilities. These monitors allow you to talk with your baby until you can get to their room or soothe them without entering the room at night.

Motorola baby monitors we recommend

Best of the best: Motorola MBP855 Connect-2 WiFi Video Baby Monitor

Our take: Motorola's Connect-2 has been updated with a long list of features that give you a full load of security and monitoring options.

What we like: Multiple cameras with wide-angle viewing provide a full range of views on a bright, clear five-inch monitor. The monitor can be used as a split-screen so you don't have to switch between views. The camera itself can pan, zoom, and tilt so there's no angle unturned.

What we dislike: It may periodically drop WiFi and the app can be difficult to download. There may be a lag in the video.

Best bang for your buck: Motorola MBP853 Connect-2 Dual Mode Video Baby Monitor

Our take: This model brings the convenience of two cameras with a few extra features at a reasonable price.

What we like: Both cameras can zoom, pan, and tilt so you get the best view. The video is clear and the night vision works well. The setup is fairly simple.

What we dislike: Some WiFi connectivity problems.

Choice 3: Motorola MBP845 Connect 5" Video Baby Monitor

Our take: If you're budget-conscious and only need one monitor, this model combines a good-sized monitor with decent audio and visual quality.

What we like: You can view the signal from your smartphone. The night vision works well and the color screen produces clear images. It also has a sensitive microphone.

What we dislike: It functions on the 2.4 GHz band, but it's not always reliable. You cannot change the camera angle remotely.

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