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Arnold Carreiro

Most Minecraft characters and creatures have been made into a toy in some form or another, so don’t be afraid to search for obscure favorites.

Minecraft has a massive worldwide following due to the game's endless worlds, stylish cube-theme, constant content updates, and endless creative potential. Dedicated Minecraft players don't want the fun to stop when they take a break from tunneling for diamonds, and it's only natural that they'd want to collect fun Minecraft toys.

Since Minecraft has become a blockbuster hit, there are tons of toys to choose from, so it's understandable if you need a little help finding the best Minecraft toys out there. Our favorite is this adorable yet durable Saddled Pig Plush.

Considerations when choosing Minecraft toys

Age considerations

When searching for Minecraft toys -- keep in mind that there's something out there for all age groups, from LEGO sets to plushies to action figures.

If you're looking for a gift for a Minecraft fan, you can't go wrong with an official Minecraft LEGO set. Kids of all ages who enjoy crafting amazing creations in the game will appreciate being able to assemble these.

Older Minecraft fans will want a charmingly designed action figure of their favorite character to line their shelves or desktop space. Younger Minecraft players are likely to enjoy item and tool replicas for role-playing fun. And no one is too old to have a Minecraft plushie to snuggle with.


Minecraft toys come in a variety of styles and evoke different aspects of the game, so it's important to consider your options.

Plush toys

Minecraft's massive series of plush toys make fantastic gifts for fans of all ages. You should be able to find a squishy and huggable parrot, zombie, dolphin, sheep, or any number of other Minecraft creatures and monsters in plush form.

Action figures

Sold individually or as convenient money-saving sets, Minecraft action figures are durable, and well-painted, and they move just like their in-game counterparts. These colorful toys are a fantastic way to set up a Minecraft-themed playset featuring your favorite animals, destructive monsters, and everything in between.

Role play

One of the core components of the Minecraft experience is developing and using your collection of items and tools to your advantage, and little kids will enjoy pretending alongside a plastic handheld pickaxe, color-changing potion bottle, or light-up torch.


LEGO is known for their quality building pieces and creatively designed sets, so combining LEGO with Minecraft is a no-brainer. Hardcore builders will have a blast recreating environments from the game such as jungles and underground mines alongside a few cute minifigures of beloved Minecraft characters and creatures.


Minecraft toys vary wildly in price, and factors such as availability, type of toy, and the popularity of a specific model may influence their cost. You can find top-tier Minecraft toys online for anywhere between $10 and $100, so it isn't too difficult to find a quality present for your price range.


Q. Which sorts of Minecraft toys are the best for very young fans?

A. Since Minecraft building sets and action figures likely contain small parts, we highly suggest buying an adorable character plush toy for little kids.

Q. I want to buy a Minecraft toy as a gift, but with so many characters in the game, which ones should I look for?

A. Minecraft has a wild ecosystem of creatures ranging from the docile pig to the explosive creeper, so this is a fairly common question. If you are looking for the best Minecraft toy for a child, watch them play for a little while and take note of which characters tend to pop up in their unique Minecraft world, or simply ask them directly who their favorites are. Why take the risk of gifting a creepy spider plush when they were hoping for a tomato-red mooshroom?

Minecraft toys we recommend

Best of the best: JINX's Minecraft Adventure Saddled Pig Plush

Our take: Between its supreme cuddliness and attention to detail, this saddled pig plush could only be improved with a matching "carrot on a stick" accessory.

What we like: Premium stitching. Embroidered features. Looks just like the in-game saddled pig. Soft and squishy. Easily stands on its own. Chunky.

What we dislike: This high-end plush toy is a little pricey.

Best bang for your buck: Minecraft's Animal Six-Pack

Our take: The best way to fill out a toy chest with a full set of Minecraft's friendliest animals, and since their legs, heads, and wings move so well, they will hold the attention of young fans.

What we like: Includes pig, cow, chicken, sheep, wolf, and ocelot figures. Lots of articulated motion. True-to-the-game designs. Sturdy figures. Great value.

What we dislike: It would be nice if the animals were a little larger.   

Choice 3: Minecraft's Transforming Diamond Sword/Pickaxe

Our take: Not only does this sword and pickaxe combo perfectly represent their Minecraft game counterparts, this two-in-one toy is a great value for pretend playtime.

What we like: Easily transforms from pickaxe to sword and back again. Looks just like the game's iconic tools. Large and hefty. Quality construction.

What we dislike: It's made of hard plastic, so be careful where you swing this toy.

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