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Kyle Schurman

Golfers know that the game of golf requires a lot of equipment to play successfully. At a minimum, you need clubs, balls, gloves, and a bag to play.

Men's golf shoes are another type of item that you need to enjoy your round of golf and to play your best. The right shoes allow you to maintain your balance on the course, surviving mud, wet grass, sand traps, and anything else the course throws at you.

Our favorite men's golf shoes are the Nike Golf Lunar Command 2 shoes. They deliver the best combination of style and performance.

Considerations when choosing men's golf shoes

When searching for the proper style of men's golf shoes for your game, you have three primary options for the look of the shoes. Some high-end private courses may not allow athletic or sandal-style golf shoes, so choose carefully.

Athletic: The athletic style of golf shoes is popular. They're comfortable and are offered in multiple color choices. Athletic-style golf shoes come in materials like leather, synthetic, and a blended design.
Traditional: The traditional style of golf shoes is considered a saddle style. It often consists of leather, although some modern traditional style shoes have a synthetic material. There are both two-tone and single-color designs.
Sandals: Like traditional sandals, men's golf shoes with a sandal style allow airflow for your feet. However, sandal-style golf shoes don't have as much support for your feet as other styles. It's also not a desirable design on wet grass.


After you've chosen your favorite style of men's golf shoes, you should focus on the specific features you want. Some features on golf shoes improve your game, while others are aimed at improving your comfort level as you play.

Spikes: Modern spikes for golf shoes consist of a strong plastic. Each individual spike has several ends that make contact with the ground. You can usually replace a worn out spike by unscrewing it from the sole of the shoe and attaching a new one.
Spikeless: Some golf courses don't allow spikes of any kind, although this is rare. Some golfers don't like the feeling of walking on spikes. In these cases, spikeless golf shoes are available. These have multiple bumps or nubs on the sole that provide a little bit of grip for players without penetrating the ground.
Waterproof: Waterproof materials are common in golf shoes. The grass on a golf course may be dewy in the morning. Courses run sprinklers on and off throughout the day, which can leave grass damp. You may find yourself playing during or after a rainstorm. For all of these reasons, waterproof shoes are a smart idea.
Fastening system: Laces are common for men's golf shoes, but you may also find models of shoes with Velcro-like straps. Laces work better for achieving a precise fit, but straps work for putting on and taking off the shoes quickly.

Men's golf shoes prices

Expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $300 for a pair of men's golf shoes. Lower priced shoes usually are not waterproof and don't stand up to regular use. Those who play a few times a week will want higher-end shoes.


Q. What advantages do golf shoes have over wearing regular shoes on the course?

A. Golf shoes are made to support your feet and lower body as you shift your weight during your golf swing. They also help you grip the ground as you swing, avoiding slips.

Q. I ride a golf cart when I play. Is comfort actually that important?

A. Even those who ride around the course spend quite a bit of time walking and standing. Comfortable golf shoes are always important on the golf course.

Men's golf shoes we recommend

Best of the best: Nike Golf Lunar Command 2

Our take: A high level of style, performance, and comfort sets these golf shoes apart from the competitors.

What we like: Consist of waterproof materials, which is important for early morning rounds. Lightweight materials make it easy to walk the course.

What we dislike: Shoe sizes seem to run larger than standard shoes.

Best bang for your buck: Skechers Performance Go Golf Drive 2

Our take: Considering the price tag, you'll be impressed with the level of comfort you receive.

What we like: Supportive design means you can wear them for 18 holes and beyond. Recently updated design improves on the original.

What we dislike: Style is not a priority with this model of golf shoes.

Choice 3: Adidas Golf Adipower S Boost 3

Our take: Works nicely for all kinds of course conditions you encounter, as the waterproof design is trustworthy.

What we like: Multiple styles all look great. Shoes consist of lightweight materials and are comfortable to wear all day.

What we dislike: Sizing concerns make it tough to find the right fit.

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