The best men’s golf club set

Kyle Schurman

Buying a set of golf clubs helps you develop a consistent swing, as all of the clubs are weighted and sized similarly.

If you're ready to pick up the game of golf, you probably know there's quite a bit of equipment you need to have -- the most important decision being the golf clubs. You need clubs that fit your body size and your game. Beginning players can find a decent set of men's golf clubs for a reasonable price.

Our favorite men's golf club set for beginner or intermediate players is the Callaway Men's Strata 16-Piece Golf Club Set. It has a large number of clubs for the price, all from a trusted brand name.

Considerations when choosing men's golf club sets


Three types of woods exist. Nearly all golf club sets include a driver, which is the longest club in the bag. You use the driver off the tee, attempting to gain the greatest distance

Fairway woods and hybrids are two other options in a golf club set. A hybrid is a newer style of golf club that combines the best features of woods and irons. Beginners can hit with these clubs successfully. Some sets also may include a fairway wood, which is a little shorter than a driver.


Irons are clubs designed for when you're trying to make a shot of a precise distance. Irons are numbered 2 through 9, with the higher numbers delivering shorter distance shots with additional elevation on the ball.

Some men's golf club sets only have odd-numbered irons. This reduces the cost of the set for beginners, who probably don't have the precise shot-making ability needed to successfully use a full set of irons.

Wedges are also considered irons, but they're made for specific shots around the green. They have an extremely sharp loft angle.


Beyond the irons and the woods, you may receive some other components in your men's golf club set. For beginners who probably own no golf gear, this is a helpful feature. For those who've played a bit, some of these items may be duplicates of gear they already own.

Bag: A set usually includes a golf bag, which is where you carry all your clubs and other gear. Even if you ride in a golf cart, you need a bag to transport your gear from one hole to the next.
Putter: Some sets include a putter, which is a club that is specifically made for putting on or near the green. Because the putter involves such precise shot-making and because it's so different from other clubs, some golfers prefer to purchase a putter separately from the set.
Headcovers: To keep your woods in prime condition, some men's golf club sets include headcovers. These protect the heads of the clubs from scratches and other damage.

Understand that when a golf club set manufacturer says the set has a certain number of pieces, it's counting everything -- it even counts small pieces of gear, like headcovers.

Men's golf club set prices

Sets of golf clubs for men vary widely in price. Beginners can spend anywhere from $200 to $750, while advanced players may spend $750 to $1,500 or higher.


Q. Do I need a full set of clubs to start playing?

A. Not necessarily. Some beginning golfers only use five to seven clubs regularly. As a golfer improves their game, adding more clubs to the bag is beneficial for making certain shots.

Q. Why are my irons so difficult to hit accurately with?

A. For beginners, a cavity back style of iron is easier to use. Experienced players want to use blade-style irons to obtain better control over the shot.

Men's golf club sets we recommend

Best of the best: Callaway Men's Strata 16-Piece Golf Set

Our take: Trusted and popular name brand in a set that has a nice variety of clubs to help beginning and intermediate golfers.

What we like: Reasonable price for this many Callaway clubs. Has two hybrid clubs, which are easier for beginners to hit with.

What we dislike: Reports of durability issues on some clubs.

Best bang for your buck: Confidence Men's Power Hybrid Club Set

Our take: A nice starter set for those who want to begin playing the game of golf but who have a small budget.

What we like: Design of these clubs is aimed at helping beginners develop accuracy. Includes a hybrid wood.

What we dislike: Does not include long shaft irons, which are challenging for beginners to use properly.

Choice 3: Wilson Men's Ultra Golf Set

Our take: Beginning golfers can appreciate the quality and value this golf set provides.

What we like: Irons are designed to help golfers keep the ball in line by minimizing the effect of off-center ball strikes.

What we dislike: Experienced players probably want to look elsewhere.

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