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Amber Van Wort

Mattresses are a huge investment, so replacing them isn't always a feasible option. Mattress toppers are an easy and budget-friendly way to bring comfort, support, and life back into an old bed. In addition to the added comfort and support, a quality topper helps regulate body heat, reduce motion transfer, and relieve back pain.

You can find mattress toppers in a number of different materials, varying levels of thickness, and in a wide price range. Dual-layered comfort combined with cooling gel properties put the Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper at the top of our list.

Considerations when choosing mattress toppers


Memory foam: Memory foam mattress toppers are known for being soft and comfortable. The foam conforms to the shape of your body, which some find helps with back pain. However, the material does retain heat, making it less comfortable for people who sweat at night.

Latex: Much like memory foam, latex mattress toppers conform to your body, which helps alleviate back pain for a better night's rest. However, latex doesn't trap heat the way memory foam does, making it a cooler alternative.

Gel: You can find memory foam toppers that are infused with gel. They combine the comfort and support of memory foam with the cooling properties of latex. Gel toppers tend to sit at higher price points.

Egg crate foam: Egg crate foam is another popular option. These toppers are lightweight and roll up easily, making them convenient for travel. While they do add some extra comfort, they don't do much in the way of support or durability.

Down/feather: These toppers resemble and feel more like a blanket. They are quite soft but not ideal for those with allergies.

Cotton/polyester: Has a similar look and feel to down or feather toppers but without allergens. 


Mattress toppers range from ultra-soft to exceptionally firm. This choice mainly comes down to personal preference, but if you're trying to bring life into an old lumpy mattress, something on the firm side is recommended.


You also need to take thickness into consideration. Typical mattress toppers are about one to three inches thick, but can sometimes be as thick as six inches. Thicker may feel like the better choice, but make sure your sheets still fit around the topper.

Motion transfer

Anyone who shares a bed with their partner knows how annoying it can be to be startled awake by their tossing and turning. Memory foam and latex toppers are best for reducing the transfer of motion. This means when one person moves around, the other won't feel it.



Mattress toppers can be surprisingly heavy and hard to handle. If you plan on bringing your topper along on a camping trip, look for a thinner, lightweight option that can be rolled up for easy transport.

Washable covers

Your sheets cover the topper, but some toppers come with an additional cover that you can remove and wash. These covers provide protection from spills and stains, but are not necessary.

Mattress topper prices

The price range for mattress toppers is wide: you can pay anywhere from $15 to $800. Memory foam, gel, latex, and down mattress toppers usually start at $40 to $50 and reach up to $800, making them the more expensive options. On the less expensive side, polyester, cotton, and egg crate foam typically start at $15 to $20, and sometimes reach $200.


Q. Do I really need a mattress topper?

A. You don't need one, but they do add comfort and support and can delay your having to buy a new mattress by a few years.

Q. How do I clean my mattress topper?

A. Think of your mattress topper as a second mattress. You won't clean it directly, just the sheets or covers that are on top of it.

Mattress toppers we recommend

Best of the best: Sleep Innovations 4" Dual Layer, Gel Memory Foam

Our take: A medium-support mattress topper that sits at an affordable price point without compromising on quality.

What we like: Cooling gel prevents you from overheating. Dual layers add more comfort. The low price point and extended warranty are a huge bonus.

What we dislike: Dual layers means this topper is more likely to slip and move around while you sleep.

Best bang for your buck: Dreamfoam Bedding 2" Gel Swirl Memory Foam

Our take: A budget-friendly mattress topper that provides softness and comfort.

What we like: Sits at a low price point. Ultra soft memory foam envelops your body.

What we dislike: Doesn't provide much support; not ideal for those who prefer a firm bed.

Choice 3: Memory Foam Solutions 3" Visco Elastic

Our take: This affordable topper provides comfort and soft to medium support, especially for back sleepers.

What we like: High-quality memory foam that is responsive to temperature. Meets or exceeds PURGreen standards.

What we dislike: Not great for side sleepers.

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