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Lauren Corona

Although it isn't a replacement for eating whole fruits and vegetables, juicing is a great way of getting extra nutrients into your diet. Masticating juicers are generally considered the best, so it's worth splurging on one if you're serious about juicing.

Our guide teaches you about the important features to look for in a masticating juicer. Our top choice is the Omega Nutrition Center, a high-quality juicer that can take on almost any fresh produce you can throw at it.

Considerations when choosing masticating juicers


Masticating juicers are configured horizontally or vertically. Models with a horizontal configuration are longer than they are tall. They tend to extract juice a little more slowly than their vertical counterparts but are more effective at juicing leafy greens and other delicate produce. Masticating juicers with a vertical configuration are taller than they are long, so they can be tough to fit on a counter where a cabinet is positioned above. They're slightly quicker at juicing than horizontal options but are less versatile. 


Augers are similar to screws or cogs and are the parts that turn to crush produce and press the juice out from it. Masticating juicers can have one or two augers. Single-auger machines tend to be slightly less effective at getting all the juice out of fruits and vegetables, plus they tend to have a shorter shelf life than double-auger, since the auger must work harder, putting more strain on it.

Dual stage

Dual stage masticating juicers first crush the fruit to extract the juice from it, then go on to juice the pulp to attempt to get every last drop of juice from it. Not only do dual stage models extract more juice overall, they can work more slowly and gently since they don't need to get all the juice out on the first pass, meaning they preserve more nutrients.


Chute width

The wider the chute on your masticating juicer, the larger the pieces of fruits and vegetables you can feed into it. If you choose a model with an extra-wide chute, you can juice the majority of fruits and veggies without any chopping, saving time and effort.

Juice container

Your masticating juicer is more than likely to include a jug or juice container to catch the juice as it pours out of the machine. It should be clear so you can keep an eye on the juice level to avoid overflow and have a large enough capacity to hold all the juice you require.

Pulp regulator

Some masticating juicers have pulp regulators so you can set the amount of pulp that goes in your juice.

Masticating juicer prices

Although you can find masticating juicers from as little as $50, models under $100 usually aren't worth it. High-end masticating juicers can cost over $500.


Q. What's the difference between a masticating juicer and a centrifugal juicer?

A. Masticating juicers use screw-like augers to slowly press the juice from fruits and vegetables, whereas centrifugal juicers use a combination of blades to chop the produce into small pieces and centrifugal force to extract the fruit. Due to the high speed of centrifugal juicers, they produce heat which can destroy some of the nutrients in juice. Masticating juicers preserve more nutrients in addition to being quieter and more versatile.

Q. Are masticating juicers effective at juicing leafy greens?

A. Yes, masticating juicers are far more effective at juicing leafy greens than other juicers. If you want to make wheatgrass juice or add greens such as kale or spinach to your mixed juices, a masticating juicer is the way to go.

Masticating juicers we recommend

Best of the best: Omega Nutrition Center

Our take: It might be pricey, but this high-end masticating juicer is a pleasure to use and is built to last.

What we like: You can use this model to grind as well as juice, making nut butters and more. Quiet operation. Simple to use and easy to clean. Great yield from leafy greens.

What we dislike: Narrow chute.

Best bang for your buck: Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer Machine

Our take: Although it's fairly basic, this juicer does its job effectively and is reasonably priced.

What we like: Juicing parts are easy to remove and rinse clean and are dishwasher safe. Effective at juicing tough-to-juice produce, such as spinach and ginger. Runs quietly.

What we dislike: Single auger.

Choice 3: SKG Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Our take: A top-notch model that gives you high yields of juice with little oxidization.

What we like: The extra-wide chute equals less time spent on chopping. Sturdy, heavyweight design. Easy to clean.

What we dislike: More pulp in juice than some people like with no pulp regulation option.

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