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Megan Oster

What differentiates loungewear shorts from pajama shorts? The material should be soft enough to be comfortable, but substantial enough to be suitable for public consumption. The fabric shouldn't be too transparent, either.

Luxury loungewear wasn’t always the fashion staple it became in the late 20th century. Originally, this clothing was intended solely for wearing at home. Dressing gowns for women were one of the earliest iterations. Ladies and gentlemen of a certain stature wore them exclusively to get ready in the morning or for social events in the evening. They were basically unstructured jackets.

Clearly, loungewear styles have changed quite a bit since the 1700s. Take the MICHAEL by Michael Kors Women’s Logo-Tape Jogger Pants, for example. The slim silhouette and logo tape on the outer seams give these joggers stylish flair. 

What to know before you buy luxury loungewear

Staying in vs. going out

Loungewear, even pieces that fall into the luxury category, can’t be worn everywhere. Not all loungewear is appropriate for wearing outside of the house, even if you’re just running errands. Think about whether you plan to wear yours outside of your house and choose pieces accordingly. Some pieces are designed with thin, semi-sheer material, others closely resemble pajamas and a small number look very much like underwear. 

Of course, this decision is a largely personal one. Yes, the world has become increasingly casual in terms of what society views as suitable for public consumption. That said, you’ll need to be confident in your decision to wear the types of pieces above in public. If you even suspect you’ll feel uneasy about the potential that others will judge this clothing, it’s probably best to choose another outfit. 

Safe bets for loungewear to sport in public include joggers, hoodies and T-shirts. While these pieces aren’t appropriate for some office environments and all dressed-up settings, they’re perfectly fine for outings like school pick-up and drop-off, a trip to the grocery store and a doctor’s appointment. 

Level of insulation

There’s luxury loungewear on the market that’ll provide the level of insulation you need, regardless of the climate in which you live and the time of year. This is because retailers sell a large variety of pieces that include those with long sleeves and short sleeves, shorts and long pants like joggers, sweatshirts and T-shirts or tank tops. 

Type of material

In addition to sleeve length and pant leg length, the type of material used makes a huge difference in how warm or cool luxury loungewear is. If you want a higher level of insulation, look for pieces made of materials like cashmere, wool and terry. If you crave a cooler effect, focus on pieces constructed of modal, cotton, satin and silk. 

The material also affects how the piece feels against your skin. For example, some people have sensitive skin that might react to wool. And at the opposite end of the spectrum, silk is gentle on most skin types thanks to its natural properties. If you’re not willing to splurge on silk, modal made of high-quality materials is another sensitive skin-friendly option. 

Don’t leave your feet out of the equation. A nice pair of merino wool socks will pamper your feet while keeping them toasty on chilly winter days and nights. You can start shopping for yours by checking out these merino wool socks

Luxury loungewear features


Widely considered one of the most fashionable loungewear pieces, joggers got their start as sports pants. While they’ve retained an athletic appearance, joggers are now constructed of a variety of materials and designed in a wide range of fits. With a more lightweight material than sweatpants, joggers are a great option for spring and fall in colder climates and the winter season in warmer climates. 


What differentiates loungewear shorts from pajama shorts? The material is the key difference. It should be soft enough to be comfortable, but substantial enough to be suitable for public consumption. The fabric shouldn’t be too transparent, either. 

Sweatshirt or hoodie

A sweatshirt or hoodie is made of a heavier material than a T-shirt, but a more lightweight material than a sweater. These pieces are great for layering over a T-shirt or tank top. 

T-shirt or tank top

As some of the most lightweight loungewear pieces, T-shirts and tank tops are ideal to wear solo during the hot summer months. If you want to continue wearing yours when the temperatures drop, simply layer a sweatshirt or hoodie over it. 

Luxury loungewear cost 

By its very definition, luxury loungewear will be more expensive than other types of loungewear. Depending on the type of item, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$200 for a luxury loungewear piece. 

Luxury loungewear FAQ

How should you care for luxury loungewear?

A. It may be casual, but since luxury loungewear is pricey, you probably want yours to stay in good condition long term. You can greatly improve the chances of this happening by caring properly for it. This means hand-washing your luxury loungewear or washing it on the delicate cycle in the washing machine. You should use cold water in both cases and place it in a mesh bag if it’s going into the washing machine. Air-dry your luxury loungewear because heat from the dryer can degrade its quality. 

How can you identify luxury loungewear? 

A. You should never assume that because a loungewear piece is sold at a high price point, it’s a luxury item. Instead, examine the piece closely. Quality of workmanship is a telling indicator of luxury loungewear. Pieces that fall into this category will have secure and symmetrical stitching and seams. The thickness of the material will be even throughout the garment, as well. The color won’t be faded or washed out in certain areas unless that’s the intended design. 

Which luxury loungewear should you get?

Best of the best luxury loungewear

MICHAEL by Michael Kors Women’s Logo-Tape Jogger Pants: available at Macy’s

Our take: Logo taping on the outer seam distinguishes these jogger pants from their counterparts. 

What we like: Designed with a slim silhouette, these joggers are universally flattering and the elastane-blend fabric gives them stretch. The pants feature logo taping on the outer seam that adds interest in a subtle way. Pull-on styling makes getting in and out of these joggers fast and easy. 

What we dislike: A couple of buyers reported the material of the joggers felt rough and scratchy. 

Best bang for your buck luxury loungewear

Calvin Klein Men's Modern Cotton Lounge Shorts: available at Macy’s

Our take: Constructed of a soft cotton-blend material that has stretch courtesy of elastane, these shorts are ideal for lounging. 

What we like: Perfect for relaxing at home, the relaxed fit and skin-friendly cotton-blend fabric are the epitomai of comfort. Whether you’re laying on the couch or cooking in the kitchen, the elastane gives you full range of movement. The signature repeating logo waistband adds an element of style. 

What we dislike: Due to the waistband design, which creates the appearance of underpants, these shorts aren’t appropriate for activities outside of the home. 

Honorable mention luxury loungewear

Calvin Klein Women’s Pure Lounge Hoodie: available at Macy’s

Our take: If you want to lounge in style, slip into this hoodie, which features a draped open front and asymmetrical hem. 

What we like: One part hoodie and one part shirt, this top is a great lightweight alternative to a sweatshirt. The attached hood will keep your head cozy, at home or on the go. The draped design of the open-front creates a polished effect, elevating the look of your loungewear. 

What we dislike: This hoodie isn’t a good choice for people who want the option to wear the front closed.

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