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Stacey L. Nash

Leggings made with luon attract cotton lint, so avoid washing them with towels, hoodies, or other cotton clothing that pills.

Whether you're relaxing on the weekend or training for your next race, a pair of Lululemon leggings not only make you look great, they keep you comfortable. They come in a wide array of colors, prints, fabrics, and cuts, which means you've got some decisions to make.

Our guide helps you wade through the choices until you find the perfect pair. We've also given you our top picks, including our favorite, Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga High-Rise Pant. It covers problem areas and provides slimming compression up to the natural waist.

Considerations when choosing Lululemon leggings


Luon: This nylon/spandex blend feels incredibly soft and more like cotton than a synthetic. You can find "light" and "seriously light" versions of this heavy fabric, too.
Luxtreme: Runners, this smooth, lightweight fabric is for you. The slick surface reduces friction and pilling.
Nulu: Nulu is perfect for lounging or low-impact workouts. It's the most lightweight option and has a slick texture. It's not meant to compress or shape, making it less durable and supportive than either of the other fabrics.

Size and length

Sizes run from 0 (XXXS) to 14 (XXL). However, Lululemon leggings run on the small side, so take your measurements and check the size chart before you order. There are numerous length options: 3/4 crop, 7/8 crop, below the knee, and full length. Luckily, they're listed with the inseam, so you can get a good idea of where they hit on your leg before you buy.


Lululemon "sensations"

Lululemon uses the term "sensations" to describe the fit of their leggings. It's really just another way to categorize them according to what you'd like them to do and how you'd like them to fit.

Relaxed: These are the leggings for you if you prefer a loose fit. The fabric isn't tight against your skin, but rather sits comfortably next to it.
Naked: Ultra-lightweight Nulu gives these leggings their "naked" feel. They're designed to provide the ultimate in freedom of movement and mobility.
Hugged: Do you need a lift in the back and full support in the belly? Then hugged leggings are for you. They target problem areas and give you more confidence while you work out.
Tight: Athletes may prefer the compression of tight leggings. These leggings keep all the muscles in your lower body warm, compressed, and activated.
Held-in: These leggings have more overall compression than a hugged pair but are more targeted than tight leggings. They compress the traditional problem areas around the hips, thighs, bottom, and abs.

Colors, prints, and style

Lululemon creates their prints in limited quantities, so if you see some you like, act fast. There's a wide variety of styles and colors as well as printed waistbands and extra design features like mesh panels for improved ventilation.

Lululemon leggings prices

Lululemon leggings cover a wide price range, from $50 to $150 per pair. Fabric, length, "sensation," and print can factor into the price.


Q. Do Lululemon leggings have any special washing instructions?

A. Check the washing instructions inside the leggings and follow them. Manufacturers know how to make their products last. Most Lululemon leggings should be washed in cold water and laid flat to air dry. You should also make sure to wash them with like colors and avoid fabric softener, as it can destroy any moisture-wicking properties.

Q. Are there any Lululemon leggings that don't attract pet hair?

A. Luxtreme is the best option for pet owners. It naturally attracts less pet hair than other Lululemon fabrics. However, it doesn't repel pet hair entirely.

Lululemon leggings we recommend

Best of the best: Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga High Rise Pants

Our take: These leggings are comfortable, sleek, and give you extra control in the tummy and bottom.

What we like: The compression goes all the way to the waistline, which sits at or just below the belly button. Luon gives them a more substantial feel while maintaining a comfortable stretch over the body.

What we dislike: The colors may fade with washing.

Best bang for your buck: Lululemon Wunder Under Crop III Yoga Pants

Our take: These are comfortable leggings with a cropped length perfect for those warm day workouts.

What we like: A soft, wide waistband provides extra control over this trouble spot while the fit leaves nothing to be desired.

What we dislike: Even at the first wearing, pilling can be a problem.

Choice 3: Lululemon Inspire Crop II Mesh Leggings

Our take: Athletes who sweat more than most love these leggings, since they feature extra ventilation and moisture-wicking fabric.

What we like: The mesh and pockets provide extra air to stay cool and a place to stash a key or ID.

What we dislike: The fabric doesn't provide the support found in other designs.

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