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Adam Reeder

When you first open your child’s smart watch, go over the functions and features together, so you both understand its possible uses and limitations.

Do you get tired of asking your kids if you can borrow your own smartphone? We all do. Thankfully, smart watch manufacturers have started making models specifically for kids.

Kids' smart watches give your little one the freedom to use the apps they want, when they want to use them. Even better, they'll let you get reacquainted with your own smartphone, at least for now.

If you're as desperate as every other parent to reclaim your smartphone from your child, then read on to find out how to pick the perfect kids' smart watch. Check out our top pick, the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX, which can take photos as well as videos.

Considerations when choosing kids' smart watches

Pros and cons

While there is a real need to balance the world of technology with the real world, we can't deny that our children are being shaped by the modern machinery that surrounds them. As such, it's imperative that we understand its role and try to wield some control over it.

Although overdependence on electronic devices can lead to social-development issues, further attachment to material things, and concerns of "big brother" tracking them, kids' smart watches have a number of advantages. If used properly, smart watches can expand your child's horizons and work as a learning tool. And perhaps most importantly, they can serve as a safety tool through GPS tracking, and the ability to store emergency information. As with everything in life, use of a kids' smart watch is all about balance.


Activity tracker

This feature keeps tabs on your kid's physical activity. In a world where childhood obesity is on the rise, it's nice to have a piece of technology that can actually encourage kids to be active.


Some kids' smart watches have a calendar function. This is a helpful way to teach children about the importance of scheduling. It can also be a good way to remind them how to be patient when they're anxiously awaiting something. They can check the calendar every day to see how close the big event may be.


As a parent, this may be the best reason of all to buy your kid a smart watch. The GPS function can track your child's whereabouts at any time. As an added feature, you can also access the camera and microphone on the watch to see and hear your child's activities.


Although the cameras on kids' smart watches are not very high resolution, they do offer another activity for engagement. Most cameras on kids' smart watches will take photos and video, and be able to play them back as well.

Emergency info

Your contact info, your child's medical info, or anything else you feel is important can be loaded into a kids' smart watch in case of emergency. This can give parents peace of mind that their child is safe even when they're not around.

Kids' smart watch prices

Most smart watches for kids cost between $30 and $175. The vast majority will be on the lower end of the spectrum, between $30 and $60.


Q. Can my child wear a smart watch to school?

A. That depends on the school. Before allowing your child to wear their smart watch to school, check the regulations to see what the policy is. Even if it is allowed, keep in mind that such a piece of technology can cause a distraction in a school environment.

Q. Do I need to charge my child's smart watch every day?

A. Perhaps. Some smart watches need charging more often than others. Also, the way your child uses the watch will impact its battery life.

Kids' smart watches we recommend

Best of the best:  VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Our take: Three special activities, five games, and three action challenges, make for one fun smartwatch. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] 

What we like: The camera function can take both photos and videos, which is a nice feature.

What we dislike: Photos don't have very high resolution.

Best bang for your buck: Garmin Vivofit 3 Jr.

Our take: Fitness tracker is a great way to keep kids active.

What we like: Waterproof feature makes it great for kids who love to swim.

What we dislike: Older kids may not be able to fit into the small band.

Choice 3: OLTEC Smarturtle Smart Watch for Kids

Our take: Looks great and has lots of features that kids and adults love.

What we like: The GPS system is a favorite safety feature for parents.

What we dislike: Some parents reported eventual battery failure.

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