The best kids’ golf clubs set

Sian Babish

It’s time to upgrade your kids’ golf club set once you notice they’re bending over too much as they tee up.

Is your kid excited to swing a club and see how far the ball will go? If your little one wants to become an all-star golfer, cultivate their talent with a kids' golf club set.

Kids' golf club sets usually consist of six or fewer clubs and a matching golf bag. There are woods, irons, and a putter for kids to develop their short and long games. Having a beginner set lets kids learn proper technique and personalize their grip and swing. Once they learn the basics, they can graduate from the driving range to the golf course.

Get ready to tee up with our buying guide for the best kids' golf club sets. We're including our favorite, Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set, which is a perfect set for the budding golfer.

Considerations when choosing kids' golf club sets

Frequency of use

If your kid is trying golf as a new activity and you're not sure they'll enjoy it, think twice before shelling out money for a set. If they have a continued interest, however, a kids' golf set is a sound investment to give them a solid foundation for golfing.

Age appropriateness

Some kids' golf club sets are perfect for novice players, but if they're more competitive, not having a full set can hold them back. Older kids may be better served by a full set, especially if they're ready for the golf course. It's likely more cost effective than buying clubs individually to supplement their set.

Club care

Golf is an expensive sport, especially considering the price of clubs. Make sure your kid understands that club care and playing go hand in hand.

In addition to proper maintenance and cleaning, kids must be responsible enough to keep track of their own clubs. It's important to teach them about golf safety, including things like not walking behind swinging golfers and staying hydrated on the green.

Clubs in kids' golf club sets

Woods/drivers: Woods are long clubs with large heads used for long-distance shots. Most kids' golf club sets have one or two. They usually include a driver -- a type of wood designed for hitting the ball off the tee as opposed to the green.

Irons/wedges: Irons are shorter clubs with thinner, angled heads that are used to achieve more height in a shot. There are usually one or two irons in a set, namely a 5- or 7-iron. Wedges -- marked with a P or an S -- are also included in some sets. They're intended for very short, very high-lofted shots.

Putters: For kids to work on their short game, there's usually a putter in every set. These clubs have a rectangular head and flat face. Kids may be most comfortable with these at the very beginning, especially if they've played mini golf before.

Hybrid clubs: Hybrid clubs are a combination wood and iron. These clubs are ideal to teach kids how to develop their swing. As they progress and learn to swing through the ball, they may notice the ball goes much farther.


Beginner sets with three or four clubs cost $100 and below. For sets with four to six clubs, expect to spend closer to $150. Full club sets for avid young golfers cost well over $150 and in some cases can reach as much as $500.


Q. About how long will my child be able to use their golf club set?

A. These golf club sets are quality made, so kids will outgrow them long before they break. With that said, growth spurts are surprises, which means it's not unusual to replace a set soon after you buy one.

Q. Can I get my kids' golf clubs regripped?

A. Yes, a pro shop can do that for you. It's not common to regrip clubs for younger players, but middle school players who play golf regularly or on teams will appreciate the improved grip.

Kids' golf club sets we recommend

Best of the best: Intech's Future Tour Junior Golf Set

Our take: Learning set for ages five and below that includes two irons, a driver, and a putter.

What we like: Sharp red and black colorway has the look of an adult set. Bag is lightweight enough for kids to carry.

What we dislike: Doesn't come left-handed. Kids can outgrow set quickly with a growth spurt.

Best bang for your buck: Nitro's Blaster Kid's Golf Club Set

Our take: Great for preteen beginners with decent quality at a low price compared to others for this age group.

What we like: Comes with two drivers, two irons, and a putter. Bag has a convenient compartment layout for accessories.

What we dislike: Not available as a left-handed set.

Choice 3: Golf Girl's Junior Golf Set

Our take: Set for girls ages eight and younger with pink accents for club and bag. Nice grips for a beginner set.

What we like: Includes a driver, three irons, and a putter. Available also as a left-handed set.

What we dislike: Still a bit pricey for a starter set that will be outgrown.

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