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The Hanen Centre reports that engaging in pretend play helps children develop social skills as well as increase empathy, as it teaches the ability to imagine the experiences of others.

Playing make-believe is something children have been doing for centuries. It’s actually great for their development. The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that make-believe games have all sorts of benefits for kids, from developing their language skills to improving social skills and even learning math. 

Realistic playsets with quality materials and plenty of attention to detail like the KidKraft Wooden Farm to Table Play Kitchen can help bring imaginary games to life and enhance the many benefits of playtime.

What to know before you buy a KidKraft kitchen

Kitchen sets teach domestic responsibility 

There are many children’s toys that mimic adult items that can teach kids social skills and real-life tasks. Tea party kits and vanity tables are some examples, and play kitchens also fit the bill. However, what makes KidKraft kitchen sets special is they’re remarkably true-to-life and resemble real, functioning kitchens in many ways. For this reason, they can provide great opportunities to talk to your kids about actual domestic chores. With a KidKraft kitchen, you can demonstrate for your children how to do certain tasks that might not be safe for kids in a real kitchen, such as how to cut vegetables or boil water. The many realistic features and functions of a KidKraft kitchen allow your child to practice and get acquainted with certain kitchen tasks in a way that’s safe. 

KidKraft kitchens are built to last

KidKraft kitchens are made with durable materials and built to last. Many are built with real wood. Overall, the company is known for high-end craftsmanship and attention to detail on every feature. While it can feel like you have to throw out and replace toys for each new child you bring into the family, a KidKraft kitchen is one thing you can hold onto for generations. Your grandchildren might even get to enjoy the same set you purchase for your children. 

Find one to match your décor

Because KidKraft kitchens are available in such a large selection of styles, it’s easy to find one that matches your home décor. Children’s toys can sometimes look so youthful that they’re an eyesore; since a kitchen playset is a rather large toy, it’s nice to find one that blends in. From modern, industrial styles to charming vintage designs, there’s a KidKraft kitchen set that should look good in just about every home.

KidKraft kitchen features 

Realistic features

The more realistic the features, the longer your child will remain engaged in their games of make-believe and the better the set will be at teaching real-life skills. Some KidKraft kitchens have functioning features such as ice machines that actually dispense small plastic ice cubes or stovetops that light up when turned on, imitating a real flame. Others have oven dials that can be turned and operated like real ones and chalkboards children can use to write shopping lists. Features such as these can help your child see how it feels to use the items in a real kitchen and prepare them for adult life.


Consider how much space you have for a play kitchen. There are KidKraft kitchens available in several sizes, ranging from small kitchens with one-burner stoves and miniature refrigerators to two-panel designs with full refrigerators and a proper chef’s sink. Be sure to measure the area you hope to place the kitchen in advance and find the one that will best fit those dimensions. 

Thoughtful accessories

While you can always purchase more toys and accessories later, it can be convenient to find a KidKraft kitchen that’s already equipped with plenty of these items. Things like toy food, silverware, pots and pans, cutting boards, spatulas and dishware can help bring the game to life.

KidKraft kitchen cost 

KidKraft kitchens are constructed with high-quality materials and contain many realistic accessories, so they’re priced accordingly. Smaller sets might be around $120 while larger, more detailed sets might cost as much as $280.

KidKraft kitchen FAQ

Are KidKraft kitchens safe?

A. KidKraft relies on independent labs to test their playsets for safety and their items meet rigid safety standards. They only use BPA-free materials and non-toxic, oil-based paints.

Is a KidKraft kitchen worth it?

A. While you can find more affordable kitchen playsets on the market, many are made with lightweight plastic that can crack easily. KidKraft playsets are known for their durable materials and tough construction, so while they may cost more than others, they’re worth it. Plus, KidKraft offers replacement parts for free in most cases under their 90-day warranty.

Which KidKraft kitchen should I get?

Best of the best KidKraft kitchen

KidKraft Wooden Farm to Table Play Kitchen: available at Amazon

Our take: The mixed materials of this playset give it a modern but rustic appearance. In addition to teaching about cooking, it also teaches gardening with its planter boxes.

What we like: This set has wooden bins for storing the included pots and pans, which helps keep things organized. The ice dispenser is a working one that drops out fake ice cubes when pressed against.

What we dislike: Assembly is time-consuming.

Best bang for your buck KidKraft kitchen

KidKraft Vintage Wooden Play Kitchen: available at Amazon

Our take: This kitchen playset has fun retro details like a thermometer on the ice box and stainless steel-appearing features. 

What we like: A built-in telephone adds another element of make-believe and the open design makes it easy for kids to chat with a friend while pretending to cook. The oven knobs make a realistic clicking sound when turned.

What we dislike: It feels wobbly once assembled.

Honorable mention KidKraft kitchen

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds: available at Amazon

Our take: This kitchen playset comes fully equipped with nearly everything you need for a quality game of make-believe, including a modern-looking microwave and dishwasher.

What we like: It has a space-efficient corner design and minimalist aesthetic that should fit into most décor. All of the appliance doors open and close and there are several shelves for storing accessories.

What we dislike: The plastic parts scratch easily.

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