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Doing kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor is a great way to improve both your bladder control and your sexual health.

Which kegel exercise balls are best?

Kegel exercises can help you improve your pubococcygeus or PC muscle health and strengthen your pelvic floor. While you can perform them without any tools, kegel exercise balls help boost the intensity and efficiency of your workout. The Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights feature six weight levels that work well for both experienced users and novices.

What to know before you buy a kegel exercise ball


Kegel balls are vaginally inserted, so buy products composed of top-quality materials. The material of the ball needs to be simple to clean and smooth. Choose a ball composed of glass, metal or FDA-approved, medical-grade silicone. Inexpensive materials can place your body at risk, so select your product with caution. 

Take a look at the packaging, and make sure the materials are marked body-safe, medical-grade or FDA-approved. It can also help to choose a medical-grade silicone ball with a string attached if you’re a beginner since it makes it simpler for your kegel muscle to grip the exercise ball.

How to use

Follow the following steps when using your kegel exercise ball:

  • Practice good hygiene. Make sure your kegel balls are cleaned properly to avoid infections, particularly with first-time use. Sterilize the ball as soon as you take it out of the packaging.
  • Lay on your back. Start by lying on your back in a comfortable spot, then slowly proceed and pay attention to your body for any signs of discomfort. Grab some water-based lubricant and add a tiny amount to the balls, if you feel any pain or have trouble inserting the balls, before trying again.
  • Assess your body. Once the balls are securely placed inside, assess your body. Are you relaxed? Do you feel confident and comfortable? Do you notice the weight of the ball? Do you feel a stimulating sensation? Adapt the workout and the position of the balls if you feel uncomfortable in any way.
  • Stand up. After you’ve properly positioned the kegel balls, clench your kegel muscle open and closed as you stand up. Try a variety of movements with the kegel balls, including squeezing and holding them in place or moving them up and down.
  • Remove the balls. Take your time when removing the kegel balls. If the ball has a string attached, grab the string, slowly release your kegel muscle and pull the ball out slowly. If you don’t have a ball with a string attached, don’t just let go of the ball. Instead, you need to have full, steady control. 
  • Clean the balls. After removing the balls from your vagina, clean them immediately to prevent bacterial growth. Then dry them and put them away in a cool, dry location.


Some people don’t clean their kegel exercise balls often enough. Not cleaning the balls frequently enough can place you at risk of a pH imbalance, irritations and urinary tract infections, so it’s crucial to clean the whole ball thoroughly. If the ball comes with a string, keep the string as clean as possible, since it can pose health issues over time, even if it’s not fully inside you.

What to look for in a quality kegel exercise ball


Some kegel exercise balls come with lubricants, and using a lubricant can help you insert the kegel exercise ball. That being said, using lubricant can also make your workout more difficult, since the lubricant removes the grip in your vaginal canal, forcing your muscles to work harder to keep the balls in place.


If you are a beginner, start with a large kegel ball. A big kegel ball will stay in place with little effort, but with smaller kegel balls, your kegel muscle needs to tightly contract to hold the ball in place. 


Most kegel exercise balls weigh less than half a pound, which makes them the perfect weight to begin training your kegel muscle. Kegel balls help you determine where your kegel muscles are and how to contract those muscles. 

That being said, light kegel balls are not sustainable, since your body has the potential to lift more than half a pound, and you might outgrow the balls quickly. To boost the difficulty of your workout, add more weight by purchasing new, heavier kegel balls.

How much you can expect to spend on a kegel exercise ball

Kegel exercise balls range in price from about $15-$50, depending on the quality, features, construction, materials and what’s included in the set.

Kegel exercise ball FAQ

What are kegel exercise balls?

A. Kegel balls are tools used to boost the intensity and efficiency of a kegel workout, and many people make them a consistent part of their pelvic fitness routine.

Are kegel balls effective?

A. Kegel exercise balls are effective in the proper conditions. Kegel balls range in weight from about 20 to 150 grams, which offers enough resistance to see some benefits.

When do you see results from kegel exercise balls?

A. It takes some time to see results from kegel exercise balls even with regular use, because of a lack of proper resistance. Train your kegel muscle just like you would any other muscle, and buy heavier balls regularly or pair the kegel balls with other kegel exercise tools. Practice kegel exercises consistently to see results.

What’s the best kegel exercise ball to buy?

Top kegel exercise ball

Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights

Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights

What you need to know: This comfortable kegel ball system features six weight levels that work well for both experienced users and novices.

What you’ll love: This set of six kegel balls comes with varying weight levels and is composed of medical-grade silicone without any BPA. The product also includes access to online support and instructional videos, and just 15 minutes a day can reduce bladder leakage and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

What you should consider: A few people say that these exercise balls aren’t challenging enough, which makes them question the effectiveness of the product.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kegel exercise ball for the money

Adorime Kegel Exercise Weights

Adorime Kegel Exercise Weights

What you need to know: This set is versatile for consumers who want to try various weight options.

What you’ll love: These balls are composed of BPA-free, medical-grade silicone and soft. Users report fewer urinary leaks and tighter muscles after use, and the unique system comes with four weights that allow for six adjustable combinations to suit your needs.

What you should consider: The exercise balls are a little too big and uncomfortable for some people. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Joy On Kegel Exerciser with App

Joy On Kegel Exerciser with App

What you need to know: This product is worth considering for people who like tracking their kegel exercise progress with a free app.

What you’ll love: This kegel exercise ball is comfortable to use, which works well for people who are new to this kind of ball. The silicone construction is free of BPA, soft and simple to clean, and the product strengthens and tightens your pelvic floor muscles with a training app that pairs with the ball through built-in Bluetooth.

What you should consider: There are some software and connectivity issues with this product, and the app is a little confusing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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