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Sian Babish

If it feels like your iPhone 8 Plus jiggles around inside its case, discontinue use immediately and find one with a snug fit instead. Otherwise, your iPhone is simply getting knocked around inside it and may sustain permanent internal damage.

As the owner of an iPhone Plus 8, you can attest to the fact that your phone was a sizable investment -- which is why you want to protect it. Whether you require physical protection, a low-profile design, or something else, there's no shortage of iPhone 8 Plus cases on the market. Some cases excel in protection, whereas others are popular for their multifunctional designs. As far as style goes, you'll feel spoiled for choice when it comes to colors and designs, including themed cases featuring team logos or comic book characters.

Ready to find a new iPhone 8 Plus case? To help you find the right one, give our buying guide a read. At the end, we've shared some top recommendations, including our favorite, Tucch's iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case. This convenient design features three card slots as well as a kickstand to easily enjoy media.

Considerations when choosing iPhone 8 Plus case

Case type

Shell cases are typically one piece that pops over the phone and, depending on materials, may be rigid or flexible. Multilayer cases consist of a two-piece shell that snaps together, which is usually covered by an external plastic or silicone membrane. Wallet cases simply flip open and don't offer much in the way of protection, however they have a few convenient pockets to store cards and currency.


To find a well-fitting iPhone 8 Plus case, prioritize these two attributes: flush pieces and easy-to-access areas. Flush pieces means all interlocking parts of the case fit together seamlessly without much effort -- all of which should stay secure. It's also important that the case has accurate, laser-cut holes that make it easy to plug in the charger or access buttons.


Before you fall in love with any iPhone 8 Plus case, be realistic about the level of protection you require. If you're notorious for dropping your phone or regularly toss it in a bag with keys, it's a good idea to spend more money on multilayer protection. These cases often include more durable materials, tempered glass screens, and corner bump guards.

Screen protection

Cases generally fall into two categories: those with screen protection, and those without it. Some cases simply have a cutout around the screen, which means you can affix a screen protector of your own choosing. Others have integrated screen protectors, many of which are made with high-grade scratch-free plastic or tempered glass.



Most iPhone 8 Plus cases are available in a variety of colors, and some models come in as many as 20 options. As far as practicality goes, don't be so quick to dismiss bright colors and loud designs, as these are easier to identify. There are even glow-in-the-dark cases if you need a little help finding your iPhone more easily when it's buried deep inside your bag.


Depending on the design of your iPhone 8 Plus case, you may experience difficulty using it with other devices or accessories. Bulky cases may not fit in traditional car phone mounts, and some cases can obstruct wireless charging. Certain iPhone 8 Plus cases may need to be removed when it's time for charging, as the port is otherwise inaccessible.


While you can find a decent iPhone 8 Plus case for less than $20, you'll need to venture to the $30 to $50 range to find one that provides a better fit and far more protection. If you're pretty hard on your phone, it's worth spending $50 to $100 on a case that features multilayer construction and superior drop protection.


Q. What are some other popular materials for iPhone 8 Plus cases?

A. There are some leather cases on the market, in which leather wraps around a molded shell. These are durable and classy, though they might not excel at protection. Aluminum is also a popular material choice, as it's lightweight and offers protection against scratches.

Q. Are there any iPhone 8 Plus cases that come with belt clips?

A. Only more expensive cases will come with belt clips, such as those manufactured by OtterBox. Belt-clip cases essentially are in a category of their own, and given their advanced design, often cost more than other iPhone 8 Plus cases.

iPhone 8 Plus cases we recommend

Best of the best: Tucch's iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Our take: Convenient and versatile faux leather case with a relatively small footprint.

What we like: Features three card slots and a kickstand. Magnetic closure stays shut, even when jostled.

What we dislike: Card slots are very tight, so only one card fits in each pocket.

Best bang for your buck: Caseology's Parallax Series iPhone 8 Plus Case

Our take: Dual-layer protection and textured design for shock absorption.

What we like: Non-bulky design and precise cutouts. Affordable option for a moderate amount of protection.

What we dislike: Not rugged enough to protect against drops from several feet.

Choice 3: Saharacase's iPhone 8 Plus Case

Our take: Durable option with a tempered glass screen and accessible ports and buttons.

What we like: Available in clear and opaque colors. Responsible, scratch-resistant screen protector.

What we dislike: Better at keeping scratches at bay as opposed to protecting against drops or impact.

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