The best Husqvarna weed eater

Samantha Loomis

An oft-overlooked yard tool that's worth its weight in gold: The weed eater. Every yard could use one, whether for those difficult corners where a lawnmower won't fit, flower beds with tall pesky weeds, or that hard-to-reach area next to the mailbox. And if not those scenarios, there's always somewhere with a few native grasses growing up to knee height, just asking to be cut down to size.

These areas all need to be conquered with a weed eater, and not just any weed eater. Conquer them with a Husqvarna; in particular, our top pick, the Husqvarna Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer. It will leave weeds cowering in fear from its power, and it will leave you stoked by its performance. 

Considerations when choosing weed eaters

How a weed eater is powered correlates to the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool. Consider which type is best for your weed-eater usage.

Battery-powered weed eaters are for occasional users who need to quickly trim near the mailbox or cut a few weeds near a fence line. A battery-powered model is practical because it's quieter and lightweight, but batteries have a limited charge life, and they require access to electricity to recharge.

Gas-powered weed eaters are for serious yard workers who need a high-powered machine to cut through thick growth. However, the gas engine will increase the weight of the device as well as create more noise and vibration.

Ease of use is also an important factor since, by nature, a weed eater has to be held and operated by hand. The construction of grips can affect a user's comfort and fatigue levels, so look for ergonomic designs that have a comfortable fit.


Smart Start engines are unique to Husqvarna products. The engine is designed to work together with the starter so it revs up quickly rather than having to pull a cord numerous times before the engine coughs to life.

Energy efficiency is an important feature to be aware of. Husqvarna designs each weed eater, whether gas- or battery-powered, to be energy efficient. A battery-operated weed eater will always be more eco-friendly than one that's gas-powered.

Husqvarna weed eater prices

Husqvarna's weed eater prices range from $150 to $350, with features increasing along with the price. Battery-powered weed eaters are less expensive than gas-powered models.


Q. Can my weed eater cut branches?

A. While it will cut through very thin branches, it isn't really designed for that job. It's possible if you encounter a small stick that it will cut it up, but attempting to cut through multiple branches or thick brush is not recommended.

Q. Should I wear safety equipment while operating the weed eater?

A. Absolutely. Weed eaters may fling debris that could injure your face or eyes, so always wear safety glasses. Likewise, when cutting weeds, your feet are directly in harm's way, so closed-toe boots or shoes are a must.

Husqvarna weed eaters we recommend

Best of the best: Husqvarna Straight-Shaft Four-Stroke Gas String Trimmer

Our take: With a four-stroke gas engine, this weed eater will get the job done -- big or small. It boasts an air purge system that increases the ease of starting it up. Recommended for those looking to upgrade their current weed eaters.

What we like: The X-Torq engine reduces exhaust emissions by as much as 60% and increases fuel efficiency by as much as 20%.

What we dislike: The priciest version of a Husqvarna weed eater. You may be able to get by with a slightly less expensive model, but you will sacrifice some features.

Best bang for your buck: Husqvarna 128CD Curved-Shaft String Trimmer

Our take: A great choice for first-time homeowners looking to build their tool arsenal, as it accepts multiple attachments (sold separately) that convert it into a hedge trimmer, tree pruner, tiller and more.

What we like: It includes a detachable shaft for easy transport and storage.

What we dislike: This model is one of the heavier ones, weighing in at about 11 pounds.

Choice 3: Husqvarna 115iL Brushless String Trimmer

Our take: The best option for short uses or small yards. Because it's battery-powered, this model is best for easy lawns that require quick trims.

What we like: Includes a "save" mode that allows users to maximize the run time because the motor works more efficiently.

What we dislike: After years of use, it will most likely require a new battery, which is an inconvenience.

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