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Kevin Luna

If you want the best-looking touchscreen laptop, choose a laptop with an OLED display. OLED screens provide the deepest blacks and the richest colors.

It wasn’t too long ago that cell phones had physical buttons on them. Eventually, smartphone designers began utilizing touchscreens for practically every function. Laptop manufacturers caught on to this display standard and started implementing them in their technology. And while it’s not a deal breaker for most consumers, touchscreens are still a nice feature to have.

Hewlett-Packard, or HP, manufactures some of the best touchscreen laptops available today. Touchscreen laptops like the HP ENVY 13-Inch 4K Laptop are powerful and have an elegant design that everyone can appreciate.

What to know about HP touchscreen laptops

Operating system

HP produces laptops that either run on Windows or Chrome OS operating systems. Most run Windows, which isn’t as user-friendly as Chrome OS. However, Windows is much more versatile. Chrome OS relies on an internet connection to run its web apps, so if you plan on working offline most of the time, it’s best to look for a laptop that uses Windows.


HP touchscreen laptops come in several different screen sizes, which can affect their portability. Laptops with smaller displays ranging from 11-inches to 14-inches are lightweight and much easier to carry around. Larger laptops have screens anywhere from 15-inches to 18-inches wide. While these laptops are still portable, they’re generally bulkier and take up more space.


You can purchase an HP touchscreen laptop with a traditional design. However, you can also opt for a two-in-one laptop. Two-in-one laptops can convert into tablets, making them excellent for watching videos, reading and gaming. For more information on different HP laptop models, check out the full HP laptop buying guide from BestReviews.  

Battery life

It’s important to recognize the importance of a laptop with good battery life. Smaller laptops like Chromebooks tend to have better battery life and can last up to ten hours, depending on the model. Regardless of size, however, a laptop should be able to run for at least five hours off a full charge.

HP touchscreen laptop features

Random-access memory

Random-access memory (RAM) determines how responsive a laptop is. Laptops with more RAM can run programs that require more processing power at an efficient rate. 8GB of RAM is enough to run basic tasks, but it’s best to get a laptop with more RAM if you’re a gamer or run graphic editing software.


Cloud storage is all the rage these days, but it’s still good to have a laptop with built-in storage. HP manufactures touchscreen laptops with significant hard-disk drive storage capabilities so you can store your data files locally. 

Display and resolution

A touchscreen display should be responsive without any lag. Also, while a touchscreen is a great feature, some have a glossy finish, which makes them difficult to see in bright environments. However, many manufacturers are aware of this issue and have improved their touchscreens to be less susceptible to glare.

When it comes to screen resolution, most laptops have at least a 1920x1080-pixel resolution HD display. But the most expensive laptops will support a 4K UHD resolution. If you’re a gamer, be sure to get a responsive touchscreen laptop with a fast refresh rate.

HP touchscreen laptop cost

Laptops with touchscreens are more expensive than those without them, but you can find a touchscreen laptop for as low as $300. Models with high-end features and specs can cost up to $2,000.

HP touchscreen laptop FAQ

Are touchscreen laptops better than traditional laptops?

A. It’s a matter of personal preference. Some users don’t feel it’s a necessity, while others argue it adds a degree of versatility. In any case, it depends on how you use your laptop. A touchscreen can be useful for reading, sketching and gaming.

How often should I clean the touchscreen?

A. You don’t need to clean a responsive touchscreen very often. However, touchscreens are prone to smudging and leftover residue. So, it’s best to clean your touchscreen as often as you see fit with a soft, dry lint cloth.

Why are HP Chromebooks cheaper than HP laptops?

A. Laptops either run on Windows or Chrome OS, but Chromebooks exclusively run Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a stripped-down operating system that’s designed to provide a simple user experience. Chromebooks generally have lower hardware requirements, fewer premium features and aren’t as responsive as traditional laptops. This is what reduces the cost.

Which HP touchscreen laptop should I get?

Best of the best HP touchscreen laptop

HP ENVY 13-Inch 4K Laptop: available at Amazon

Our take: This is a premium HP touchscreen laptop with high-end graphics and super-fast performance.

What we like: This laptop is excellent for gamers who will love the NVIDIA GeForce MX350 graphics. It also has a beautiful edge-lit display, an end-to-end keyboard and a fingerprint reader.

What we dislike: It’s more expensive than other similar touchscreen models.

Best bang for your buck HP touchscreen laptop

HP 14-Inch Chromebook: available at Amazon

Our take: This is an excellent budget Chromebook with a vivid full HD touchscreen that’s perfect for both work and leisure. 

What we like: It features a dual-core AMD a4 Series processor that provides enough processing power without sacrificing battery life.

What we dislike: Some customers complained of washed-out colors.

Honorable mention HP touchscreen laptop

HP Pavilion x360 14 Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop: available at Amazon

Our take: It’s expensive but remarkably versatile. This two-in-one touchscreen laptop is great for multitasking and streaming video content.

What we like: This laptop has an ultra-fast quad-core i5 processor and a vibrant 14-inch touchscreen. It features 8GB of RAM and up to ten hours of battery life off of a full charge.

What we dislike: It’s quite expensive for a touchscreen laptop and doesn’t support a 4K UHD resolution.

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