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Amber Van Wort

Apply wax in the same direction your hair grows and rip it off in the opposite direction. You can use baby oil to remove any excess wax after you’re finished. Don’t go over the same area more than two or three times, as it will increase your chance of ingrown hairs.

With such a wide variety of hair removal methods to choose from, it can be tough to find the right one for you. Waxing is an option that leaves you with smooth, hairless skin that lasts for weeks. If you can withstand the pain, waxing is certainly one of the more effective methods, but finding time to go to the salon often feels impossible. Enter at-home waxing kits. There are a number of quality at-home kits that provide salon-like results from the comfort of your own home.

When buying an at-home waxing kit, you first need to consider the type of wax you'll be using. There are two types available: hard and soft. Our top choice from Wokaar uses hard wax, but each type has its pros and cons.

Considerations when choosing at-home waxing kits

Hard wax

Hard wax must be heated prior to use. The warm wax is then applied in small patches on your skin. You'll have to wait for the patches to harden before ripping them off.

Pros: It is less messy than soft wax, and it efficiently grabs short, coarse hairs. The same strip of wax can be reused on areas where you may have missed a few hairs.
Cons: It must be heated prior to use, and you can only cover small areas at a time. It tends to be more expensive than soft wax.

Soft wax

Soft wax can be used directly out of the jar without heating. Simply apply the soft wax to the area in question, place a strip on your skin, and rip it off.

Pros: It's efficient and can cover large areas at once. You can use it straight out of the container without heating, and it's less expensive than hard wax.
Cons: Soft wax is sticky and hard to clean up. You can't use soft wax on the same area twice, and it may leave a residue on your skin.


Scented wax
Using scented wax beads is one way to make your at-home experience as calming as a salon. While the sweet smell of lavender wafting through your home is appealing, some find scented wax irritating to their skin. If this is the case for you, look or an unscented wax without synthetic ingredients.

Wax warmer

Not all at-home kits include a wax warmer, and those that do tend to sit at a higher price point. However, if you've decided hard wax is the way to go and don't want to utilize your microwave, a wax warmer is key. Since you'll be reusing this item over and over, it's important to invest in a high-quality model. Look for wax warmers that wipe clean easily and have multiple temperature settings.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 for an at-home waxing kit. For less than $20, there are basic kits that include wax and a few applicator strips or sticks. Between $20 and $40, you will find kits that include a wax warmer as well as other basic tools. If you decide to spend $40 or more, you'll will have your choice of kits with scented wax and advanced wax warmer settings.


Grow it out. Make sure your hair is long enough for the wax to grip onto. About two weeks of growth is ideal.
Check for wounds. Examine your skin thoroughly. Any open wounds or irritated skin should be cleared up prior to waxing.
Exfoliate. A day or two before you plan to wax, exfoliate the area. This will remove any dead skin and give the wax a better chance at grabbing your hairs.
Moisturize. You should avoid applying any lotions the day of, but leading up to the waxing it's important to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.



Q. How long after waxing will it be until my hair grows back?

A. This varies from person to person. Generally speaking, you won't see any regrowth for four to eight weeks.

Q. How do I avoid the pain of waxing?

A. There are a few tricks to lessen the pain. Try applying a numbing cream, or take an ibuprofen prior to waxing. Alternatively, you could put aloe on your skin afterward to soothe the burning sensation.

At-home waxing kits we recommend

Best of the best: Wokaar: Wax Warmer Hair Removal Kit

Our take: This kit has everything you need for at-home waxing. The wax warmer is one of the most reliable on the market.

What we like: Quality wax warmer, a wide range of accessories, and multiple wax bead scents available.

What we dislike: Nothing. We love this one.

Best bang for your buck: Kids Partner: Wax Warmer Portable Electric Hair Removal Kit

Our take: This kit includes the necessary waxing supplies and a well-designed wax warmer. The low price point is an added bonus.

What we like: Lavender scented wax beads, quality wax warmer, durable applicator sticks.

What we dislike: Not as effective at removing hairs as some other models.

Choice 3: Body Honee: Hard Wax Kit

Our take: This hard wax kit is perfect for small targeted areas like underarms or bikini lines.

What we like: Works well on short and coarse hair. Includes chlorophyll, which helps soothe pain, and is ready to use in just one minute.

What we dislike: Like most microwavable kits, this one can get messy quick.

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