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Ana Sanchez

Heated electric sinus masks are great stress relievers to travel with on an airplane. Just be sure your seat is supplied with a USB outlet or bring along a power bank for your flight.

For sufferers of sinus headaches, insomnia, or eye discomfort, there's an all-in-one solution: heated electric sinus masks. Similar to sleep masks, these products fully cover the eye area and then some. They plug in and quickly heat up to customizable temperatures to provide cozy warmth and sinus relief. Some even have compression, massage, or aromatherapy features for maximum relaxation.  

Read our shopping guide for more information on heated electric sinus masks, whether you plan on purchasing one for self-care or for therapeutic purposes. We've also included our top product recommendations, like ARRIS Electric Heated Eye Mask, which offers five heat settings.

Considerations when choosing heated electric sinus masks


Typically, heated electric sinus masks cover both eye sockets and the bridge of the nose. If you want more coverage, opt for a mask that also covers the temples, forehead, and cheeks. These full-coverage masks are excellent for therapeutic purposes.


Unlike an electric blanket, heated sinus masks are powered by a USB cord. These cords can either be plugged into your laptop, a power bank, or an outlet. USB cords are lightweight and pliable and are more convenient for travel. Consider where the cord is located on the mask for your comfort, and also consider the cord's length, depending where you plan to use the mask.


Select a mask that has both temperature and time settings. These settings are selected via a remote control attached to the USB cord. More expensive models have digital LED displays and offer up to five settings for both time and heat, with temperatures ranging from 90° to 140°F and times ranging from five minutes to one hour. Less expensive models have fewer settings.



All heated electric sinus masks have a fabric exterior cover; fabrics used include blends of satin, polyester plush, and velour. The materials should feel soft and gentle on the eye area. It's worth noting that plush and velour are good at retaining heat for up to an hour.


Basic electric sinus masks are filled with polyester stuffing. More advanced ones have memory foam or gel padding inside. Loose fillers are also popular, like flaxseeds, lavender (which also smells soothing), synthetic pellets, and rice. These provide a more customizable fit and pliable placement over the face.


Lower-priced heated sinus masks come with elastic bands or hook-and-loop closures. Be aware that elastic can stretch over time and inexpensive closures can be stiff or uncomfortable. Mid-priced and premium masks offer a more ergonomic fit and adjustable, comfortable closures similar to a bra strap.

Advanced features

More advanced therapeutic masks may include far-infrared therapy, emitting FIR wavelengths, which improves circulation among other healing benefits. Masks with lavender or eucalyptus fill have aromatherapy properties that boost relaxation. The most expensive heated masks have compression or massage features designed to reduce tension and eye puffiness and may even feature built-in speakers.


Depending on how many advanced features are offered, heated electric sinus masks range in price from $12 to $100.


Q. How do heated electric sinus masks help with dry eyes?

A. Many users with dry eyes experience relief with these products because they open up clogged oil glands around the eyes (a condition called blepharitis). You can also experience dry eye relief by spritzing lukewarm water on the eye area before applying the mask. As the heat distributes through the mask, you experience moist warmth.

Q. Can I sleep with my heated electric sinus mask on?

A. While these masks can help you fall asleep, we don't recommend falling asleep with one that doesn't have auto shut-off, an important safety feature.

Heated electric sinus masks we recommend

Best of the best: ARRIS' Electric Heated Eye Mask

Our take: A blackout mask that provides ultimate comfort and therapeutic relief.

What we like: Soft material completely blocks out light. Timer settings in 10-minute increments. Heats up to 140ºF. Settings controlled on an extra-long USB cord.

What we dislike: Elastic headband runs large.

Best bang for your buck: Aroma Season's Heated Eye Mask with Steam

Our take: Spa treatment for the eyes without the spa prices.

What we like: Lavender aromatherapy and steam make for a relaxing experience. Adjustable head strap and overall comfortable fit. Five heat settings.

What we dislike: If you don't like lavender, this mask isn't for you.

Choice 3: Creatrill's Heated Eye and Sinus Mask

Our take: An extra-large, full-coverage heat mask for fast-acting relief.

What we like: Maintains heat for long periods. Large coverage provides maximum sinus relief and effectively blocks light. Made from soft high-quality fabric.

What we dislike: USB cord located at the front of the mask is easy to get tangled.

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