The best Harry Potter Christmas sweater

Ashley Britten

Harry Potter Christmas sweaters are a fun and cozy way to celebrate your Hogwarts pride this holiday season at home or at your office Christmas party.

Whether you are attending an office Christmas party with an ugly sweater dress code, or you are planning to binge the Harry Potter series over the Christmas break with friends and family, a Harry Potter Christmas sweater is the perfect article of clothing for the occasion. Not only will it show off your Hogwarts pride, but a Harry Potter Christmas sweater is also warm, cozy and fun without being completely over the top.

The Harry Potter Owl Deathly Hallows Sweater has ugly Christmas sweater vibes without actually being ugly and can still be worn comfortably after the holidays and throughout the winter.

What to know before you buy a Harry Potter Christmas sweater

House and school pride

The majority of Harry Potter Christmas sweaters are designed to show off the school colors. Some sweaters will feature the Hogwarts’ crest in various alternating designs, while other sweaters will feature the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin crests and corresponding colors. Be prepared to wear your house colors with pride, regardless of how you’ve been sorted or to which house you best identify. Your Harry Potter Christmas sweater guarantees to catch the attention of other fans and will always be a conversation starter.

Christmas sweaters in the books and films

A recurring theme in the books and films are bespoke sweaters knit by Molly Weasley, known lovingly within the Harry Potter fandom as Weasley jumpers. A Weasley jumper is often gifted to the Weasley children or very close friends, like Harry Potter, at Christmas. They feature the first initial of the child’s name and come in many colors. This is significant in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, as Harry’s jumper is one of the first kind and meaningful Christmas gifts he ever received. 

Ugly Christmas sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a longstanding tradition for holiday parties. The sweaters first hit the scene in the 1950s as “Jingle Bell Sweaters.”  They became much more prevalent in 1980s pop culture with Chevy Chase’s famous “National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation” Clark Griswold holiday style. By the late ’90s and early 2000s, they exploded in popularity and were worn by celebrities often in support of charity organizations. 

Within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there are a number of ugly Christmas sweaters on the market that often feature significant objects and themes from the series that are instantly recognizable, i.e., the snitch, the hallows, patronuses and much more.

Harry Potter Christmas sweater features


The fabric of your Harry Potter Christmas sweater is likely to be composed mostly of acrylic rather than wool and may also include rayon. Modern acrylic sweaters are very soft and comfortable, they are made to be quite warm and thick, should fit comfortably without being scratchy and should last a very long time without noticeable fading.

Unisex design

Harry Potter Christmas sweaters are almost always made in a unisex design and pattern. Therefore, once you’ve determined the correct sizing for your order, the sweater you select should be suitable for any and all Harry Potter fans.

Winter wear

One of the greatest benefits to selecting a Harry Potter Christmas sweater is that unlike other Christmas sweaters, it is perfectly suitable to wear all winter long in colder weather. Harry Potter sweaters aren’t blatantly printed with Christmas themes as most Christmas sweaters tend to be.  For this reason, you’re getting a lot more wear and value out of the sweater for your money.

Harry Potter Christmas sweater cost 

A well-made Harry Potter Christmas sweater of quality materials and fabrics will run anywhere from $39 on the lower end to upward of $75 on the higher end. The majority of Harry Potter Christmas sweaters will run you approximately $45. Custom-made wool Harry Potter Christmas sweaters are usually quite a large cost and time investment and are therefore budget prohibitive.

Harry Potter Christmas sweater FAQ

Should I order a size up from my usual shirt size?

A. The size of the Harry Potter Christmas sweater you order depends on the manufacturer. While many Harry Potter sweaters are unisex, if you select a sweater that is marketed specifically as men’s or women’s you’ll need to adjust the sizing according to whom you’re ordering it for. Also, some sweaters are meant to be a loose comfortable fit, while still others are designed to be a form-fitting, or smaller, make. If the sweater runs small but you’re looking for a loose fit, then order up a size or two from your standard size. The best and safest bet is to refer to manufacturer’s sizing charts when selecting your Harry Potter Christmas sweater.

Is my Harry Potter Christmas sweater machine washable?

A. Some acrylic sweaters are machine washable, while other labels might recommend dry cleaning to preserve the inner lining of the sweater. If your sweater is machine washable as indicated by the manufacturer, a delicate cycle is recommended for long-term care of the garment to prevent pilling. Always lay acrylic or wool clothing flat to dry as they are typically not dryer safe and could shrink.

Which Harry Potter Christmas sweater should I get?

Best of the best Harry Potter Christmas sweater

Harry Potter Owl Deathly Hallows Sign Ugly Christmas Sweater: available at Amazon

Our take: This 100% acrylic Harry Potter ugly Christmas sweater features eye-catching symbols from the books and films and can be worn all winter long.

What we like: This Harry Potter officially licensed Christmas sweater is heavy and thick without feeling bulky, is soft to the touch, warm, comfortable and looks great!

What we dislike: The sizing can be a little confusing for this unisex sweater. Refer to peer reviews and sizing specifications for advice on ordering the correct size.

Best bang for your buck Harry Potter Christmas sweater

Bioworld Gryffindor Harry Potter Sweater: available at Amazon

Our take: Gryffindor wins with this Harry Potter Christmas sweater from Bioworld. With a reasonable price point this 100% authentic sweater is a guaranteed party favorite this holiday season.

What we like: The print, detail and colors on this Gryffindor Harry Potter sweater are just gorgeous, it makes a fabulous gift for fans of Harry Potter, it is available in all sizes and is made of acrylic and rayon for comfort and durability.

What we dislike: While most people felt this sweater fit true to size, some felt it runs small.

Honorable mention Harry Potter Christmas sweater

Bioworld Harry Potter Hogwarts Ugly Christmas Sweater: available at Amazon

Our take: This classic black Hogwarts Crest ugly Christmas sweater is suitable for fans of Harry Potter that have been sorted into any house and is very budget-friendly.

What we like: This unisex Harry Potter Christmas sweater from Bioworld is a smooth, warm sweater that is extremely comfortable to wear and has fine detailing which sets it apart.

What we dislike: Some customers felt this sweater runs a little big.

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