Best Halloween costumes of 2020

Anthony Marcusa

As Oct. 31 approaches, it's time to start thinking about the right costume and settle on a choice.

Whether you're planning on going out or staying in, Halloween is the best time of year to embrace your creative and festive spirit. 

We've rounded up the best costumes for the whole family: There are timeless picks and new favorites, as well as some that are funny and others that are spooky. We've highlighted the best choices for kids, adults and pets. 

There's plenty from which to choose, and all of them can be ordered online so you won't have to leave home to get this year's costume. Trick or treat!


Best kids costumes for Halloween 2020

Baby Faux Fur Lil' Elephant Costume: $29.99 at Spirit Halloween

An entry into the cutest costume category, this baby elephant outfit features soft material, big ears, and even a large, plush peanut.

Toddler Wonder Woman Dress: $29.99 at Spirit Halloween

We always love a Wonder Woman costume, and this time it's the classic outfit from days gone by. The size is meant to fit a toddler -- but it will require adult assistance to fly, though.

Toddler Cute Witch Costume: $29.99 at Spirit Halloween

Many children are a witch at least once for Halloween. We love this classic look that features frills, stripes, and -- of course -- the iconic hat.

Toddler Olaf Costume -- Frozen: $29.99 at Spirit Halloween 

For those interested in comic relief, the Olaf costume is a worthy choice. This costume can surely serve double duty come Christmas time -- just don't break it out in the summer unless you have your own personal snow cloud.

Kids Elsa Costume Deluxe -- Frozen 2: $34.99 at Spirit Halloween

A beloved Disney princess, Elsa's ice queen attire is a costume of choice for many youngsters. We're not sure if it will keep kids magically warm when the weather turns cold, but it's sure to be a hit nonetheless.

Kids Bounty Hunter Costume -- The Mandalorian: $36.99 at Spirit Halloween

The Disney series returns on Oct. 30, so it's the perfect time to don the outfit of everyone's favorite guardian and bounty hunter, the Mandalorian. Fortunately, it won't be as heavy as actual beskar armor.

Kids Mummy Costume: $29.99 at Spirit Halloween

There's any number of old-time Halloween monsters, and the mummy is among the most iconic. While the basic costume is enough in itself, you can step it up with some creative makeup.

Kids Black Widow Costume: $34.99 at Spirit Halloween

Another heroine audiences are eagerly awaiting to see on the big screen this year is Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow. The great thing about this cool and comfy costume is that it supports any hairstyle or wig, as fans know that Natasha has sported a lot of stylish looks over the course of many movies.

Kids Miles Morales Spider-Man Costume: Into the Spider-Verse: $34.99 at Spirit Halloween

No Halloween season would be complete without a Spider-Man costume. We love Miles Morales's signature look, featured in the popular animated movie and coming soon to a gaming console this winter.

Teen Ezio Costume -- Assassin's Creed: $59.99 at Spirit Halloween

Speaking of video games, the hero of many an Assassin's Creed story, Ezio, makes for a great costume for teens. Complete with a cape, hood, gauntlets, and belt, this iconic look will set your kid apart on Halloween while keeping them warm.


Best adult costumes for Halloween 2020

Adult Winifred Sanderson Costume -- Hocus Pocus: $49.99-$54.99 at Spirit Halloween

If you're feeling nostalgic, look to a widely enjoyed Halloween film from the 90s: "Hocus Pocus." There's a costume for every personality, as you can choose between the three wicked Sanderson sisters: Winifred, Sarah, and Mary.

Adult Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume: $49.89+ at Amazon

This costume is a favorite every year, and for good reason: It's always funny and entertaining. If you haven't tried it out yet, this is the year. You may want to practice your movements ahead of time though.

Adult Triceratops Inflatable Costume -- Jurassic World 2: $119.98 at Spirit Halloween (was $159.99)

The T-Rex attire may be timeless, but this Triceratops costume is innovative. Check out this large, impressive costume that may take some getting used to but will surely catch attention and clear your path on Halloween.

Adult Edward Scissorhands Costume Dress: $44.99 at Spirit Halloween

A seminal film from 1990, "Edward Scissorhands" delivered some iconic imagery and a chilling, beautiful story. The title character also makes for a timeless costume; just exercise some caution when using your hands.

Adult Oogie Boogie Costume: $97.49+ at Amazon

There's a number of Tim Burton characters that make for great costumes, though Oogie Boogie is surely near the top of the list. The Halloween villain from "The Nightmare Before Christmas," Oogie Boogie can be pretty terrifying on a dark, chilly night.

Adult Starlight Costume -- The Boys: $49.99 at Spirit Halloween

"The Boys" is one of the hottest shows on Amazon Prime, with its second season underway just in time for Halloween. Among the popular characters of The Seven is Annie January, and you can dress just like her with this Starlight costume. You'll have to provide your own boots, though.

Adult Homelander Costume -- The Boys: $59.99 at Spirit Halloween

Also from "The Boys," this Homelander costume pairs well with Starlight or stands out just on its own. It's perfect for those who want the heroic, Superman-like look, but prefer to stress their darker, anarchic side.

Adult Huntress Costume -- Birds of Prey: $39.99 at Spirit Halloween

One female-fronted action movie that was released this year was "Birds of Prey," and there's no shortage of costumes to go around from that film. Check out The Huntress, though you'll have to supply your own faux weapon of choice.

Harley Quinn Caution Moto Jacket -- Birds of Prey: $59.99 at Spirit Halloween

One version of the beloved Harley Quinn was a popular Halloween costume years ago, so perhaps this new look will be as well. Also modeled after "Birds of Prey," this costume is colorful, chaotic, and wildly entertaining, just like the character and the film.

Adult Louise Costume -- Bob's Burgers: $36.99 at Spirit Halloween

The adorable Belcher child who's too smart for her own good offers a charming and simple costume come Halloween. It even comes with Kuchi Kopi, who will keep you safe when things get scary.


Best pet costumes for Halloween 2020

Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog & Cat Costume: $22.99-$24.99 at Chewy

Your pet may not know it's Halloween, but dress them up anyway because it's adorable. We love this dinosaur outfit that comes in a variety of sizes for both dogs and cats and will make for a great photoshoot.

Octopus Dog & Cat Costume: $14.99-$16.99 at Chewy

This octopus costume, and those similar to it, really come through when your pet starts to move around. Since it has two parts, you can still leash your dog and head outside to show off the look.

Spooky Ghost Dog & Cat Sweater: $12.99-$14.99 at Chewy

An option that might be a little more practical for pet owners, this spooky Halloween sweater gets you and your furry friend into the spirit of the season and also doubles as a warm layer for walks on colder nights. Your pet is likely to be more agreeable with it, too.

Ariel Disney Princess Dog & Cat Costume: $22.44-$25.99 at Chewy

You'll have to decide how comfortable your pet is wearing a wig, but if it's even for a few seconds, this Ariel costume will be worth it. 



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