The best golf ball of 2020

Kyle Schurman

Advanced golfers needing more control over the ball flight want a golf ball with a high compression rating of 100 or more.

Golf is one of the few sports where the players can choose the type of ball they want to use. In sports like baseball and soccer, for instance, all players in the game use the same ball.

So, why not take advantage of the ability to personalize the ball to fit your game? With the right ball in hand, you'll be able to shave a few strokes off your golf score.

Our new list of the best golf balls is a fresh look at these products, and it includes two model updates of golf balls from our previous top picks, as well as a fun new model that's more durable than you'd think.

Best golf balls of 2020

1. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls: Players with a low handicap will be able to generate impressive control over their shots with this model, even though it has a high price. The newest generation of this trustworthy ball remains our top pick.

2. TaylorMade Noodle Neon Golf Balls: A newcomer to our list, this colorful ball gives you a high level of durability, which is great to find in such a low-priced ball.

3. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls: The latest generation of these Callaway golf balls give you even better distance. With the soft, low-compression design, you can precisely control accuracy.

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What you need to know to match your golf ball to your game

All golf balls must have the same diameter, the same weight, and the same round shape to conform to the rules of golf. However, that's where the similarities end.

Modern golf balls can consist of anywhere from one to five layers. The configuration of the layers is the most common way manufacturers differ their golf balls from others.

For an entry-level player who's looking to save money, a two-layer ball is adequate. This ball doesn't always go straight, as its side spin can exaggerate off-center ball strikes, but it's inexpensive. This type of beginner level golf ball may cost $10 to $20 per dozen.

A three-layer golf ball is the most common type of ball for average players. It has a soft plastic outer layer, a soft rubber middle core, and a solid rubber inner core. You sacrifice a little bit of distance with this ball while gaining quite a bit more accuracy versus the two-layer ball. Expect to pay $20 to $40 per dozen for a mid-range ball.

A four-layer golf ball works well for an advanced player who needs the best spin control and distance consistency. It adds a second rubber middle layer versus the three-layer golf ball. This addition yields extremely precise spin control. These advanced level golf balls cost $40 to $60 per dozen.

Although the majority of golf balls appear in white, you can purchase almost any color of golf ball these days. The rules of golf do not require a certain type of color in the ball. Some players find a certain color easier to follow as it travels through the air and to find after it lands in the rough.


Q. Should I pay attention to the compression level of the golf ball?

A. A ball with a high compression rating compresses more at the point of impact than a low compression ball. High compression delivers better spin control, while low compression helps the ball fly straighter.

Q. How long will my golf ball last?

A. Most players can use a ball for a few rounds before they lose it or before it has a nick appear in the cover. Nicked balls don't travel as straight as a clean ball.

In-depth reviews for best golf balls

Best of the best: Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

What we like: For the advanced player, the ability to precisely control distance and spin provides an ability to make almost any shot required. This is an updated generation of the V1, and it builds on the excellent performance of its predecessors.

What we dislike: Expensive. Probably not going to give high handicap players a good value.

Best bang for your buck: TaylorMade Noodle Neon Golf Balls

What we like: With multiple bright colors available, you can add some spice to your game. In addition to the fun colors, this ball has plenty of carry and durability for serious golfers, too.

What we dislike: Advanced golfers don't receive the spin rates or precise control they want.

Choice 3: Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

What we like: Considering its reasonable price, average golfers receive an impressive level of distance. Multiple colors are available in the latest generation of this model.

What we dislike: Advanced golfers may want a ball with a higher level of compression for greater control.

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