The best gifts for type C personalities

Courtney Love

While type B personalities tend to be easy-going and' coast' through their days, keep in mind that type C's require structure and crave the rush of overcoming a challenge.

How to choose a gift that encourages type C creativity and aligns with their best traits

Buying a gift for somebody — no matter who the recipient is — isn’t always easy. With an overwhelming number of options available, it’s sometimes difficult to know if you’re choosing something they’ll actually like. 

If you’re finding yourself stuck on gift ideas, one way to narrow down the selection is by buying for the person’s personality type. This will help ensure that the recipient likes the gift you’re getting since it’s tailored to their traits. If you have some type C personalities in your life, there are many thoughtful and useful gifts they’re sure to love. 

What is a type C personality?

There are four personality types: A, B, C, D. Most people are a combination of these types and exhibit a variety of traits and skills throughout their lives; however, people do tend to be dominant in one type.

The basic traits of the four personality types: 

Type A: Dominant, fast-paced, entrepreneurial, independent
Type B: Ideal, friendly, down-to-earth, passionate
Type C:  Perfectionist, organized, imaginative, creative, analytical, critical thinker
Type D: Sincere, reliable, trustworthy, observant

Potential weaknesses of each personality type:

Type A: Stubborn, abrupt, workaholic, easily irritated
Type B: Whimsical, trouble finishing work, dislikes being alone
Type C: Skeptical, disengaged, bossy, critical, antisocial
Type D: Easily used and hurt by others, negative self-image

Things to consider when buying gifts for type C personalities 

Type C personalities are quite common and often seen in people who hold titles such as CEO, manager, scientist, creator/artist, critics, designers, engineers, game developers, musicians or other entrepreneurial or unique roles that involve precision, patience and creativity.

Type Cs are people who enjoy accuracy in all aspects and are also very detail-oriented. Typically, somebody with a type C personality likes to be prepared — rather than totally spontaneous or in ‘winging it’ situations — and tends to make their decisions based on logic, rather than impulse.

While a lot of these traits relate to workplace performance and personal endeavors, they can be tied to gift ideas quite easily. If you’re shopping for the type C in your life, consider the following gift ideas:

  • Books that are likely non-fiction and related to their areas of interest.
  • Games and puzzles that require logical, concise thinking.
  • Organizational materials for their office or home.
  • Technology: Type Cs tend to stay on top of current trends and enjoy useful tools.

Another gift possibility could be purchasing something that helps them tackle their bad days or the negative traits associated with type C personalities. A typical type C individual craves control and thrives on overcoming obstacles and challenges. As mentioned above, type C people also tend to become disengaged, skeptical, and short-tempered when faced with difficult situations. To help tackle this consider gifting them:

  • Journals.
  • Self-guided workbooks.
  • Insightful material, art, literature, etc.
  • Other items that may help them relax when they’re faced with tension or a lack of control like essential oils that can help them relax or unwind. 

The best gifts for type C personalities available now

Bliss Collections Daily Planner: available at Amazon
This 50-pack of daily planning sheets features a very organized, clearly laid-out page to track daily progress, goals, appointments, breaks, thoughts and even space for a reflection/daily gratitude. This is an ideal gift for any busy type C who craves organization or for the type C who may be overwhelmed and too busy, as it offers space for them to plan out their entire day and prioritize their top tasks.

SimpleHouseware 3-Pack Stackable Desk File Compartments: available at Amazon
Having this multi-level, five-compartment organizer on their desk will surely help them breathe a sigh of relief when they’re swamped with work. With space for folders, files, envelopes, pens and other office materials, this organizer takes up minimal space and its simple design goes with any office decor.

Wallies Peel-and-Stick Chalkboard Labels: available at Bed Bath and Beyond
These chalkboard labels add an element of sophisticated fun to organization whether it’s on mason jars in the kitchen, storage containers or office materials. The peel-and-stick adhesive sticks to any surface and can be repositioned over time. Chalk is not included.

Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo: available at Amazon
If your type C person is a PC gamer or uses a PC for working on their projects — especially when it’s dark outside — this backlit keyboard and mouse combo might be perfect for them. It features beautiful, multi-colored backlighting (that isn’t too bright) and is ergonomically designed to ensure comfortability. It is compatible with most PCs and gaming systems.

simplehuman® Stainless Steel Frame Dish Rack in Grey: available at Bed Bath and Beyond
This is a very practical choice for anybody who dislikes clutter and has minimal counter space; the type C person in your life will thank you. This stainless steel dish rack provides an organized layout and adequate room for dishes to dry, including a separate space for cutlery, cups and wine glasses.

Brain Teasers Metal and Wooden Puzzles for Kids and Adults 9 Pack: available at Amazon
For type C’s young and old, this collection of wood and wire puzzles (including a Rubik’s cube) will surely provide engagement and satisfaction. Many of these require skill, critical thinking and can serve as a challenging game or even one they may use to unwind and take a break after a long day of work.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: 30th Anniversary Edition: available at Amazon
A New York Times bestseller and also voted the No. 1 most influential business book in the world, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a great read for entrepreneurs, business people or any type C personality who is thirsty for knowledge and looking to improve their personal habits.

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