Best gifts for the Fortnite fanatic

Andrew Hard

The world’ s army of Fortnite players reached nearly 18 million in the summer of 2018..

Fortnite came out just last year, but it's already one of the most popular video games ever made. Due to its free-to-play format, multi-platform accessibility, constant updates, and colorful, addicting gameplay, it appeals to both hardcore and casual gamers of all ages, and the proof is in the numbers.

As of November, the title reached a new concurrent player peak of 8.3 million, blowing all of its competition out of the water. Fortnite has also done something few games can do, and that's transcend the gaming industry for true mainstream appeal. In March, popular streamer Ninja played online with rappers Drake and Travis Scott, entrepreneur Kim DotCom, and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Duster, breaking the concurrent viewership record on Twitch with more than 628,000 people tuning in.

Fortnite's cultural influence has spread far and wide, and there are countless gift options outside of the game itself. So whether it's for you, your squad-mate, your spouse, or your little one, here are the best gifts for the Fortnite fanatic.

Fortnite Monopoly

At first glance, Monopoly and Fortnite couldn't be further apart. On the one hand, you have a slow, tactile board game where financial management and property acquisition take center stage. On the other, you have a flamboyant, fast-paced shooter that blends rapid movement and building with spastic combat. Instead of Chance cards and hotels, you have gravity-reducing glowing cubes, bombs that make people dance, and purple Supply Llamas that drop loot when you break them. As it turns out, though, when you put the two together, you get something pretty special.

Fortnite Monopoly is a much shorter game than traditional Monopoly, with each session lasting about 20 minutes or so. Instead of money, you start with 15 health and try to outlive your opponents by claiming towns, acquiring power-ups, and outrunning the uninhabitable Storm zone. Even the dice are different. Unlike a six-sided Monopoly die that facilitates movement, the Fortnite version gives players health boosts, resources, and attack options. It's less a Fortnite-themed Monopoly game and more a unique creation on it's own, and that's exactly why it's so great.

Fortress Night-Light

Remember those purple Supply Llamas we mentioned earlier? Yes, you can buy them in a lamp, because of course you can.

These Fortnite-inspired "Fortress" night-lights could be the perfect addition to any gaming area. Although they are physically 2D, the LED light below projects a 3D-like effect onto the flat acrylic panel, resulting in an image that would be right at home in Tomato Town or Tilted Towers. Choose from Supply Llamas, Rocket Launchers, Chug Jugs, Battle Buses, and a variety of player skins in multiple colors.

Fortnite Funko Pop!

If it's popular, you can bet there's a Funko Pop! figurine for it. With Fortnite's endless selection of in-game cosmetics and player skins, it's no surprise that there are dozens of Funko Pop! figures to choose from. From the classic Brite Bomber and Raptor to the menacing Black Knight, you can recreate your Battle Royale squad at home for less than $15 each.

Headphones with microphone

774K/Communication is important in any multiplayer video game, particularly ones based around squad combat and enemy callouts. Fortnite is no different, and having a good pair of headphones with a microphone for voice chat can elevate your playing to the next level.

We recommend the Runmus stereo gaming headset. These affordable headphones include a noise-cancelling anti-static microphone, LED lights, and two color options in a comfortable, lightweight package. Plug-and-play compatibility means you'll have no problem using this on PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, or Mac.

Fortnite coloring book

If your child lives and breathes Fortnite, but you're searching for a way to encourage their creative interests outside of electronics and screens, this How to Draw Fortnite coloring book could be the perfect stocking stuffer.

This fun book gives young kids 20 different instructional drawing and coloring guides for their favorite Fortnite characters -- Desperado, Rabbit Raider, Sky Stalker, Codename E.L.F., and more. The best part? No batteries required.


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