The best gifts for dogs that love bones

Courtney Love

Chew toys and bones promote your dog's optimal health but only when chosen wisely. Consider safety, health and optimal play by choosing toys with durable, natural and nontoxic ingredients.

Best bones for dogs 

Are you seeking a gift for a bone-crazy dog? If they love bone-shaped toys, snacks or simply anything to do with bones, then it’s not rocket science figuring out a gift that’ll leave them excited.  

That being said, whether you’re looking for a bone they’ll want to savor forever or a cute accessory, it’s important to consider options that are safe for your pup.

Keep reading to discover the top tips for choosing suitable and safe gifts that your dog is sure to love. 

What to keep in mind when choosing a gift for your dog

Everyone deserves to be spoiled, including your furry friend. Bone-like toys and chew toys are a great way of doing that. While indestructible toys and tasty bones have their health benefits and can help prevent shredded shoes, be sure to keep these key considerations in mind before you buy a new toy.

Boost your dog’s health with a regular chew

Having your dog gnaw on your favorite shoe isn’t ideal. Why not take advantage of your dog’s love for bones and get them to gnaw their way to good health while they are at it? There are several bones and chew toys designed specifically to support your dog’s natural behaviors and urges while promoting dental health, too. 

The act of chewing alone can also relieve puppies’ teething pain and anxiety while improving jaw strength and mental capabilities, all while reducing boredom and unwanted behaviors. 

Avoid dangerous ingredients and materials 

While chew toys and bones are great for dogs, not all of them are made from grade-A materials. When choosing from a variety of toys, bones and treats, pay attention to the materials and ingredients used. For example, when choosing chew toys, look for BPA-free and non-toxic materials. When choosing treats, be wary of: 

  • Cooked bones: Chewing bones may have their benefits, but it’s important to understand the potential danger too. Cooked bones easily split and crack and should be avoided, as this can cause dangerous effects, such as choking, mouth injuries, broken teeth, internal injuries, blockages, infections, constipation and even rectal bleeding.
  • Processed treats and rawhides: Rawhides may be popular amongst bone-lovers, but when not 100% naturally sourced, they often contain toxic chemicals which can cause digestive blockages and other health problems. This also applies to other manufactured treats with artificial ingredients.

When choosing the perfect digestible bones and edibles for your dog, it’s always best to go with the most natural options. 

Choose an appropriate size

One way to keep safety in mind is to acknowledge your dog’s size, habits and health. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, it may be more likely to chomp a chew toy or bone down to a hazardous size, increasing the risk of choking. Reduce any scary chances by ensuring the size is appropriate. A good way to do this is to always ensure it’s larger than their muzzle. 

Consider long-lasting materials

Whether you want to avoid having to buy a new bone regularly, or you’re in need of something that your dog won’t shred to pieces in one day, choosing a durable material is wise, particularly if you have an aggressive chewer. 

Long-lasting materials vary depending on the type of toy or chew stick you choose. However, it’s a good idea to stick to natural rubber and high-quality woods which are perfect durable options your dog will love to chew on.

The best gifts for dogs that love bones

The Antler Box-Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews: available at Amazon

These luxury antlers will make your dog feel like royalty. The sleek, eco-friendly packaging is filled with premium organic elk antler chews, which are natural and free from harmful chemicals. They come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Dash Dog Treat Maker: available at Amazon

This easy-to-use treat maker is a bone lover's idea of heaven. The plug-in baker is BPA-free, non-stick and allows for making eight treats at a time. It also comes equipped with pet-approved recipes. 

Small Dog Bone Pet Pillow: available at Bed Bath & Beyond

This bone-shaped personalized pillow is the perfect dog bed accessory. Choose from different fonts, colors and sizes. You can even get your dog’s name embroidered on it. 

Wickedbone Smart Bone: available at Amazon

This interactive smart bone has an active response of movements and noises to different types of touch. It easily dissembles for cleaning and is made of food-grade materials. It can provide interactive play for over 2 hours.

Willie Bones Modern Dog Chew Toy: available at Amazon

This rubber bone is perfect for aggressive chewers. It’s sized to suit all dogs and has an attractive design for convenient play. Made with 100% natural rubber, it floats and bounces, making it great for water play.

“Bizarre” Bully Sticks for Dogs: available at Amazon

These bully sticks come in exciting shapes, colors and sizes. They are made up of natural beef from grass-fed cattle and are free from artificial ingredients. They are low-odor without losing their delicious flavor.

Choy All Natural Rope and Water Buffalo Bone: available at Amazon

This combined bone and rope is great for chew-time and playtime. It’s made up of natural materials which are safe and durable. While not suitable for aggressive chewers, it is great for dogs that love bones, playing fetch and tug-of-war. It is available in a variety of sizes, too.

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