The best garden hose for small yards

Morgan Tyler Freeman

Garden hoses for small yards 

Garden hoses can be cumbersome and hard to maneuver if you are in cramped garden quarters. Many hoses on the market are made for larger yards and require significant storage space. However, there are quality products that help alleviate some of these challenges, making gardening easier for the city dweller, small homeowner or intricate gardener. When selecting a garden hose for a small yard, it is important to choose a product with the right material, length and compactness for your needs.

What to consider before buying a garden hose 

Garden hose material

Garden hoses are constructed from a variety of materials. The material the hose is made of can affect its durability and cost. Some of the most common types are vinyl, rubber, nylon and stainless steel. Vinyl hoses tend to be cheaper and lighter in weight, but they lack the durability of other materials. Rubber hoses are heavy, but highly durable. Nylon hoses are great for compact storage because they collapse when emptied of water. 

Garden hose diameter

The most common hose diameter is 5/8 of an inch, but they can vary from 3/8-3/4 of an inch. The diameter of the hose will impact its water pressure and thus its effectiveness at certain tasks. The wider the diameter of the hose, the more water pressure the hose can produce. If you’re looking to use your hose for lighter operations such as watering, then a smaller diameter will work. If you’re looking for a hose for washing your car or house, you might want to get a hose with a wider diameter. 

Garden hose length

Typically, garden hoses available for purchase range anywhere from 25-100 feet in length. It is important to purchase a hose that is the correct length for your yard. A hose that has the reach you want without too much extra length is ideal. Larger hoses are heavier, more difficult to maneuver, cost more and can have lower water pressure — not to mention the pain of snaking it around a garden

Garden hose compactness

When dealing with a small space, it’s important to consider a garden hose’s compactness. Does it come with a spooling apparatus? Or will you have to coil it yourself and find a place to stack or hang it? Consider how the hose stores to ensure it doesn’t take up too much space when it’s not in use.  

Best garden hoses for small yards 

Best of the best garden hose 

Water Right PSH-100-MG-1PKRS 400 Series (7/16") Slim Garden Hose: available at Amazon

Our take: This is a mobile, lightweight and drinking-safe hose with excellent customer reviews.

What we like: We love the slim design of this hose, its kink resistance and its toxin-free polyurethane material. Get it in a variety of lengths with a smaller diameter for a number of applications. Users will appreciate the forest green exterior for a hose that doesn’t clash with gardens or your home’s paint. 

What we dislike: The price is high for a garden hose. 

Best garden hose for light use 

Aqua Joe 50-Foot Stainless Steel Garden Hose: available at Amazon and Home Depot

Our take: This is a great mid-length hose that is lightweight, easy to handle and durable. It is a useful hose for lighter tasks like watering outdoor potted plants. 

What we like: This hose does not kink and is easy to pull across surfaces. Despite its metal casing, the Aqua Joe does not get hot to the touch. This model comes in various lengths to suit a range of garden or lawn sizes. And users will appreciate its rugged, leak-proof exterior. 

What we dislike: The water pressure is lighter than other hoses. 

Best retractable garden hoses

GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel: available at Amazon  

Our take: This hose is conveniently stored off the ground, making it easily accessible for quick use.

What we like: The included wall brackets allow you to store your nozzles and sprayers. We also love the easy, automatic roll-up of the mounted, plastic-encased spool. The hose is 88 feet and frost-proof for year-round use. 

What we dislike: With all of its features, the hose is pricey. 

G Good Gain Retractable Garden Hose Reel Wall Mounted: available at Amazon

Our take: A cheaper retractable hose that is heavy-duty, and it can be wall-mounted for easy storage. 

What we like: The wall bracket allows the reel to pivot 180 degrees for full-yard coverage. The hose will lock at any length along its 66-foot spool. Diameter is half an inch making it serviceable for most garden and lawn-care needs.

What we dislike: The loud orange plastic of the casing may conflict with house aesthetics. 

Best compact garden hoses

TomCare Garden Hose 50-Foot Expandable Garden Hose: available at Amazon 

Our take: This is an excellent expandable garden hose that is compact and comes with an assortment of accessories. 

What we like: Weighing only 2.2 pounds, this hose is light and comes with a hanging hook and storage bag. It expands up to 50 feet and compresses all the way down to only 17 feet. The included nozzle has 10 settings and is perfect for gardeners. 

What we dislike: This hose does not have the durability of some other brands. 

Flexi Hose Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose: available at Amazon

Our take: This garden hose automatically expands to three times the size with normal water pressure. 

What we like: This hose’s durability comes from its four-layered fabric, protecting the inner tube and it is tangle resistant. Shrinking enables easy storage. 

What we dislike: It takes time for the hose to drain as it shrinks back to its retractable size. 

Best soaker garden hose

Smart Pots 12503 Liner: available at Amazon

Our take: This is a great hose for soaking containers or small beds.

What we like: The hose takes the water directly to the roots of plants and reduces water waste. Use it to wrap or line garden beds and let the weeping construction nourish your fruits and vegetables.

What we dislike: Some customer reviews complain about hose longevity. 

Best bang for the buck garden hose

Big Boss Super Strong Copper Xhose: Available at Amazon and Home Depot 

Our take: This is an excellent expandable garden hose for a good price. 

What we like: We like the copper, crush- and kink-resistant fiber weaving that has the hose weighing in at just 1 pound. It comes in four different lengths in increments of 25 feet. 

What we dislike: This hose should only be used for lighter jobs.

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