Best Funko POP! horror toys

Anthony Marcusa

While most Funko POP! vinyls stand at 3.75 inches in height, some options, including those depicting monsters and villains, stand at 10 inches and make for a most impressive display piece.

Top scary Funko POP! toys

The foundation of Funko POP! toys is that despite their small stature and exaggerated proportions, these figurines are instantly recognizable as the characters they are trying to portray. While that proposition is more difficult when it comes to human characters, Funko vinyls modeled after creatures, monsters and other scary figures are immediately imposing and eye-catching.

Funko mines a wide swath of film, series and comics for inspiration. For fans of pop culture’s many menacing beasts, murderous villains and possessive demons, there are plenty of scary figurines available. These are the best horror Funko toys.

Best horror Funko toys

Frankenstein: available at Amazon

A classic monster that has been featured again and again in horror stories, this vinyl depicts Frankenstein’s monster as initially envisioned. While perhaps not the scariest offering, there is a lot of pathos and existential dread here with a vinyl inspired by the 1931 film, as the doomed creature holding a flower for a little girl. On the bright side though, this Funko glows in the dark; no electricity required.

“Trick ‘r Treat” Sam: available at Amazon

Even for those not quite familiar with the movie reference, this figurine is plenty disturbing. From the “Trick ‘r Treat” film, Sam is the essence of Halloween with both charming innocence and violent menace. His costume is simply terrifying — he doesn’t look too great underneath, either — and this patient, precocious vision of him here will make sure you follow the rules of the night.

Chatterer: available at Amazon

The “Hellraiser” series features plenty of violence and horror, with the films increasingly seeking to disturb viewers. They likely succeeded with the Chatterer, a creepy, viscous cenobite that is pretty accurately depicted in this figurine. Horror fans may embrace it, but others may want to look away.

The Invisible Man: available at Amazon

Another classic monster from a bygone era of horror, the Invisible Man figurine is an essential collectors item for any genre fan. This stylish toy features the tortured, selfish soul in black and white with his iconic bandaged head.

Pinhead: available at Amazon

We return to the “Hellraiser” series for this vinyl of the classic villain, Pinhead. The lead Cenobite, as his name suggests, has countless pins stuck in his head, a disturbing and uncomfortable vision of a masochistic antagonist. This enduring nightmare makes for a pretty startling Funko POP! Just be sure to keep your distance.

The Demogorgon from “Stranger Things”: available at Amazon

A nostalgic genre trip, “Stranger Things” offered both style and substance in its homage to creature features and 80s kid adventure flicks. The first season culminates in a battle with the Demogorgon, a vicious, nasty demon from a realm called the Upside Down. Even at the standard height, the Demogorgon with his mouth open is an imposing vision.

The Creep: available at Amazon

The guide of “The Creepshow,” which has spanned both film and television, The Creep is an  uncomfortable image of horror. This vinyl depicts his earlier incarnation as a gray-haired skeleton ready to delight viewers with tales of terror, complete with his book in hand.

Jason Voorhees: available at Amazon

While Jason Voorhees of “Friday the 13th” is best known for wearing a hockey mask, often splattered with blood, one of his earlier looks offered a very different and disturbing vision of a serial killer. In “Friday the 13th Part 2,” Jason is grown up and wearing a burlap bag over his head with a hole cut out so he can see out with his one eye while donning a pair of overalls and wielding a deadly axe.

Leatherface: available at Amazon

A staple of pop culture horror, Leatherface is an enduring and disturbing horror movie monster. His appearance has changed slightly among the many films the character has featured in over the decades, but the terrifying essence is the same. Inspired by a recent remake, this vinyl features all the key components, right down to the sharp teeth and blood-splattered apron.

The Creeper: available at Amazon

“Jeepers Creepers” was one of many slasher films of the late 90s and early 2000s era, but it broke free of the pack with its clever premise, intimate setup and disturbing results. The monster in the film is The Creeper, as seen in this vinyl, a violent entity that needs human flesh and organs to replenish himself. He only appears every 23 years, but this figurine can be displayed indefinitely.

Annabelle: available at Amazon

There is always something creepy about dolls, a concept that the film series “Annabelle” expertly exploited. Fans of the horror film can enjoy their own version of Annabelle in their home, though it may be worth giving pause since owning the doll doesn’t bode well for those in the movie. Chances are, though, that it won’t come to life (probably).

Barbara from “Beetlejuice”: available at Amazon

Tim Burton is known for crafting unforgettable creatures throughout his films, both live action and animated, and it’s surely the case with his beloved “Beetlejuice.” When Barbara and Adam attempt to scare away the new residents of their home, they take to manipulating their bodies in twisted ways. Barbara’s result, as seen in this vinyl, is mighty uncomfortable to watch — unless you’re Lydia, of course.

Pennywise: available at Amazon

Another iconic horror villain that went from page to screen, Stephen King’s terrifying killer clown Pennywise takes a lot of different forms, and they're all scary. This vision, from the more recent film, shows the wild entertainer enjoying a tasty, bloody snack while smiling devilishly. It’s one of the more uncomfortable figurines to keep out on display.

Pluto from “Us”: available at Amazon

There are horror film characters that span decades and forever ingrain themselves in cultural lore, and then there are those frightening figures that burst on the scene and scare instantly. The latter is the case for Pluto, the young doppelganger in Jordan Peele’s horrifying “Us,” who is seen here with his creepy mask, but also offered in as a chase edition with his masked lifted, which is equally as terrifying.

The Alien: available at Amazon

The Xenomorph from the “Alien” film series is perhaps the most iconic of horror film monsters, a terrifying creature that bleeds acid, implants a parasite in your body and can punch a hole right through you with its violent inner jaw. This vinyl is both cute and frightening in equal measure, a worthwhile homage to a fantastic monster from another world.

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