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Adam Reeder

It’s a good idea to purchase a second battery for your flip phone, so you can always have an extra one on hand.

Finding current information on the best flip phones is not easy. The last time you attempted an internet search on the topic may have been so long ago that it was via dialup connection. However, if you're tired of dealing with complicated smartphones and seeking the divine bliss of social-media ambivalence, then get yourself a flip phone.

Read the following buying guide and reviews to help you pick the one that's right for you. We've even included information on our top pick, the GreatCall Jitterbug Flip.

Considerations when choosing flip phones

Flip phones have a number of benefits over smartphones that are making some people question their mobile-phone allegiances. For starters, flip phones are less likely to be damaged when dropped. They also have a longer battery life than smartphones. Perhaps the greatest advantage they have over smartphones is their reasonable price tag. All of these pluses combine to make flip phones a viable alternative to the perhaps overrated smartphone.

When choosing a flip phone, whether you already know what carrier you want will have an impact. If you've chosen a carrier, then you are fine to purchase a locked phone to work on that carrier's network. However, if you still don't know which carrier you want to use, then you'll have to get an unlocked phone.

Some flip phones come with data packages just like the ones on smartphones. Although it can be awkward to maneuver, you can access the internet and email on data-enabled flip phones. If you think you might need this feature, then seek it out in a flip-phone model.


A qwerty keyboard is extremely useful in a flip phone if you text a lot. It is a keyboard similar to that on a computer, which allows you to compose text messages without the cumbersome hassle of doing so on a number keypad.

Many flip phones come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. This is a good feature to have if you want to connect to a wireless earpiece or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Hands-free mode is a feature available on some flip phones that allows you to make phone calls and sometimes dictate text messages through a voice-recognition program. This makes using your phone safer and easier when on the road.

Though not common, a touchscreen option is available on some flip phones. This feature allows you to control your phone via the touchscreen on the inside, similar to how the standard smartphone functions.

Flip phone prices

The average range for a flip phone is between $10 and $130. For that price, you can get a very basic bare-bones model, all the way up to one that has features similar to modern smartphones.


Q. Are the flip phones I see for sale refurbished, or are they newly manufactured?

A. Although refurbished models are available, many new models continue to be developed and manufactured. Flip phones are making a comeback in a big way, and cell phone manufacturers don't want to miss this opportunity.

Q. Am I able to be tracked on a flip phone the same way I am on a smartphone?

A. Yes. Although some of the technology built into a flip phone is more basic than that in a smartphone, it is still run off of the same network. This means that your flip phone pings off of cell towers the same way a smartphone would.

Q. Are flip phones mostly for the elderly these days?

A. Absolutely not. Although flip phones are good for seniors because of their simplicity, they are a good option for anyone. There is now a movement of people who are choosing to embrace 1990s technology and go back to basics with classic flip phones.

Flip phones we recommend

Best of the best: GreatCall Jitterbug Flip

Our take: The perfect option for those who want to simplify their life.

What we like: The large screen, coupled with the large buttons, make this a great pick for seniors.

What we dislike: The price is somewhat high for a flip phone, and some had difficulty with activation.

Best bang for your buck: LG AT&T Basic Flip Phone

Our take: Good sound quality, for an equally good price.

What we like: The battery life is impressive, and the enhanced audio feature is helpful for those with difficulty hearing.

What we dislike: Texting on this phone can be a hassle.

Choice 3: Kyocera DuraXV (Verizon)

Our take: Rugged good looks and a few modern features.

What we like: The phone has a built-in flashlight. The Bluetooth feature makes it feel closer to modern cell phone technology.

What we dislike: Some users complain that their phones arrived without SIM or SD cards.

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