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Ashley Britten

While flannel coats are a staple for many outerwear closets, they are an emerging any-season favorite due to their comfort, versatility and warmth.

Flannel coats are a great addition to your wardrobe for all-season wear. They can be worn on cooler evenings by a campfire in spring, summer and fall, or on a mild day in winter when a heavy jacket is too bulky and warm. Flannel coats are great for hikes, camping, fishing, family barbecues and any number of casual outdoor activities that call for extra warmth. 

The Legendary Whitetails Men's Camp Night Berber Lined Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket is a hooded shirt jacket that is warm, well-made and durable. It has become a cult favorite for everything it has to offer at a fair price.

What to know before you buy a flannel coat

Coat lining

The lining of your flannel coat is a major feature that separates higher-end options from coats that might require additional layering. A thick fleece, sherpa or Berber lining — especially if it’s poly-filled with insulation — will be considerably warmer and help keep the wind out. However, if you’re looking for a lightweight flannel coat as a top layer in milder climates, you’ll likely prefer a jersey-lined jacket that won't feel heavy and trap body heat.

Flannel coats with hoods

Hooded flannel jackets are beneficial and more versatile for cooler days, and it will likely get more wear overall. The hood helps retain body heat when worn. The neckline is also higher and thicker in hooded coats, which prevents cold air from entering around the neck. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in inclement weather, a hood is a great feature and is worth the oftentimes minimal additional cost.


Flannel coats typically feature button-down closures, snaps or a zipper. Flannel coats and shirt jackets that button down or snap offer a more traditional look.  They can be worn unbuttoned over a hoodie (if it isn’t already included) or on top of a cotton sweatshirt or T-shirt. Layering your clothing during the colder seasons can be a smart choice, especially if the weather tends to swing widely from cool to hot. Zippered closures on flannel coats, while convenient, can sometimes make the coat look bulkier when worn.

Flannel coat features

Size and washability

Some flannel coats and shirt jackets can easily shrink in the wash. Refer to the laundering instructions on the tag to prevent shrinkage, which can lead to an uncomfortable fit. Dry cleaning is usually unnecessary; machine washing in cold water and laying flat or hanging to dry is a good practice for all flannel and most jackets overall. 

If you plan to layer heavier clothing underneath your flannel coat, sizing up might also be a good option for overall comfort and fit. Flannel coats can fit the body like a shirt in some cases, so if you prefer a looser look, always review the sizing specifications before ordering.

Material and available colors

The majority of flannel coats are a combination of cotton and polyester. The sleeves can be quilted in some coats for additional warmth, and hoods are usually made of cotton or jersey knit.

Flannel coats come in a wide variety of plaids to suit your needs. Red or green plaids are very woodsy and have more of a winter vibe, whereas brown and orange plaids suit the fall season. Gray and blue plaid flannels are the most versatile for any time of year, and you’re less likely to tire of them as they will easily match a lot of other colors. That being said, any color flannel works any time of the year overall. The final decision of which flannel coat to buy comes down to your personal taste.

Flannel coat cost

Flannel coats are a relatively inexpensive article of rugged clothing that should last for a long time. The low end of the price range sits near $25 for a lighter flannel, and the higher end is closer to $70 or more for well-lined, thicker and heavier-duty jackets.

Flannel coat FAQ

How often should I wash my flannel coat?

A. Flannel can be a delicate material and is sometimes prone to shrinking. Since it’s a jacket, it shouldn’t need to be washed frequently unless it gets very dirty. When you choose to wash your coat, machine wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Once or twice a month should be often enough for washing your flannel, unless it’s being worn daily in harsher conditions.

Should I purchase this jacket a size up?

A. Whether or not to size up in a flannel coat depends on several mitigating factors. Firstly, refer to specific sizing specifications from the manufacturer, and then compare them to anecdotal feedback from customers. Once you have an idea of which size to order, consider if you’ll be layering it on top of heavy sweaters or long-sleeved shirts. Finally, wash according to instructions to prevent it from shrinking. 

If you like a tighter fit, ordering true-to-size is probably your best option. If you prefer comfort for lounging, ordering a size up in outerwear is worth considering.

Which flannel coat should I get?

Best of the best flannel coat

Legendary Whitetails Men's Camp Night Berber Lined Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket: available at Amazon

Our take: This is a higher-quality, well-made and attractive flannel coat, and it shows.

What we like: This jacket is made of a cotton and polyester blend that is Berber-lined for warmth with a thick comfortable hood and signature buck snaps. Insulated with poly-fill for protection from the elements, this ruggedly fashionable jacket will last a very long time.

What we dislike: It may shrink if machine-dried.

Best bang for your buck flannel coat

Wrangler Authentics Men's Long Sleeve Quilted Lined Flannel Shirt Jacket with Hood: available at Amazon

Our take: This trendy and inexpensive hooded flannel coat provides high value for the price and is a great wardrobe staple for anyone.

What we like: Wrangler Authentics uses a heavyweight material to fabricate this coat, yet it maintains a lightweight feel. This coat fits comfortably and is a relaxed jacket that can be layered with other clothes for additional warmth and style.

What we dislike: The lining of this coat might feel a little stiff at first.

Honorable mention flannel coat

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Long Sleeve Sherpa Lined Shirt Jacket: available at Amazon

Our take: This shirt jacket is a great middle-range flannel for people looking for a warm, lined, shirt without the coat-like feel. It is reasonably priced and machine-washable.

What we like: This flannel provides all of the sherpa-lined warmth of competing products without the higher price tag and bulky feel. It is a functional and comfortable piece of clothing with added chest pockets for additional storage.

What we dislike: There is no hood with this coat.

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