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Jennifer Blair

Do an allergy test with your eyebrow dye before using it to make sure it won’t irritate your skin. Apply a small dab on an inconspicuous spot like the inside of your wrist and wait 24 to 48 hours to see if your skin reacts.

Bold, well-defined brows can frame your face and give it more structure. If you're tired of filling in your brows with makeup every day, eyebrow dye is a convenient alternative. The dye can darken your brows so they appear fuller and thicker without any need for a brow pencil, powder, or pomade. It's important to use dye specifically formulated for use on the brows to make sure you don't risk injury to your eyes.

Check out our buying guide, which has the tips you need to choose the best eyebrow dye for your beauty routine. We've also included specific product recommendations, like our top choice from Wunderbrow, which is available in five colors and offers one of the easiest applications around.

Considerations when choosing eyebrow dyes


It's important to get the color right when it comes to eyebrow dye because you don't want your brows to look too harsh. Many dyes have somewhat limited color options, only offering two shades, which are usually brown tones. You can find some brands that offer a wider shade range, including auburn, black, and gray options as well.

If you're not sure which color to choose when you're buying eyebrow dye, go for a lighter shade. You can always dye your brows again to get them darker, but it's much more difficult to take the color off once it's already on.


For safe use in the eye area, most eyebrow dyes feature vegetable-based dyes. They're semi-permanent and are much less likely to irritate your eyes than other colorants. Be careful to check that any dye you're considering is specifically meant for use on the brows to avoid serious injury.



To prevent eye damage, eyebrow dyes are weaker formulas than the dye you'd use on your hair. That's usually not an issue unless your brows have started to turn gray and you want to darken them to give your face more structure -- gray hair often doesn't absorb dye as well as other hair colors. If you want to color gray brows, opt for a stronger formula specifically formulated for gray hair to make sure it can get the job done.


Even though eyebrow dye is formulated specifically for use in the eye area doesn't mean you can't use it on other areas of the body. You get more use and a better overall value from a dye if you can also use it to darken your roots in between salon touch-ups or help disguise the grays in your beard or mustache.

Eyebrow dye prices

Eyebrow dyes cost between $7 and $25. A basic kit that allows you to dye your brows 10 times or fewer typically costs from $7 to $15, while a kit that lets you color your brows 20 times or more can cost between $15 and $25. 


Q. Is it safe to dye my eyebrows?

A. You're probably nervous about using any type of dye near your eyes, and since no brow dyes are actually approved by the FDA, you've got good reason. But if you use a non-permanent, vegetable-based dye meant for use on the brows and follow the manufacturer's instructions, it's usually perfectly safe.

Q. How often should I use eyebrow dye?

A. You should re-dye your brows whenever you notice they're starting to fade. This can vary based on your hair type and other factors, but in most cases, you can usually go two weeks between dying your brows.

Eyebrow dyes we recommend

Best of the best: Wunderbrow Wunder 2

Our take: Effective, easy-to-use brow dye kit that produces lasting results the competition can't match.

What we like: Includes everything you need for brow dying in one kit. Only requires two minutes to color your brows. Formula is vegan and cruelty-free. Available in five different colors to match most hair shades.

What we dislike: Isn't as long-lasting as some other brow dyes.

Best bang for your buck: Godefroy Tint Kit for Spot Coloring

Our take: A kit that provides more applications than most products on the market and delivers long-lasting, bold color, making it a great value.

What we like: Contains 20 dye applications at an extremely affordable price point. Formula is ammonia-free and drip-free. Easy to apply. Can be used on other areas of the body for touch-ups. Doesn't have an unpleasant odor.

What we dislike: Shades can sometimes be lighter than expected. Doesn't work as well on coarse hair or stubborn grays.

Choice 3: Swiss O Par Eyebrow and Eyelash Color

Our take: A budget-friendly dye that works well for those who want long-lasting, darker brows.

What we like: Thick gel formula makes mixing easy. Only requires a few minutes to dye your brows. Can also be used on your lashes. Allows for 12 brow applications. Includes comb to apply the dye.

What we dislike: Color can be darker than expected. Some users experience skin irritation.

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