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Michael Pollick

Better-quality expandable hose sets should contain accessories, such as multifunction nozzles and storage hooks.

Practically every home needs a good garden hose, whether it's for watering the plants, cleaning a car, or pressure washing the home's exterior. However, traditional hoses have a few drawbacks: they can be bulky to carry, easily damaged by lawn mowers and car tires, and challenging to store. This is why many people are now considering the benefits of an expandable hose. Expandable hoses still provide the length and ruggedness required for many outdoor tasks, but they will not kink or tangle like traditional water hoses.

Our guide will help you find the right one for your needs. We especially like the 50-Foot Flexible Expanding Hose by Hospaip because of its rugged polymer construction, solid metal components, and high-quality multipurpose nozzle.

Considerations when choosing expandable hoses


When shopping for an expandable hose, total length is an important consideration. The stated length of an expandable hose is a direct comparison with traditional water hoses, but the actual length is much smaller. A 25-foot expandable hose may compact down to 10 feet when stored on a reel, for example. Many household chores require lengths of 50 feet or more, so users should shop accordingly.


Another consideration is overall weight. A traditional 50-foot garden hose can weigh three or four times more than an equivalent expandable hose, and it can retain water between uses. Several expandable hoses can be joined together and still be lighter than a 100-foot traditional garden hose.

Construction material

What the hose is made of is also an important consideration. Less expensive expandable hoses are generally made from a form of vinyl, which can be prone to leaks and wear. Some manufacturers overcome this problem by adding more layers to the core. Others use a higher grade polymer that is more resistant to the effects of rough handling and the outdoor environment.



Perhaps the biggest selling points of an expandable hose are its abilities to drain water and compact itself between uses. Some entry-level models can lose their ability to retract over time, but the better models, like the ones on our shortlist, will continue to perform this trick for years.


The better expandable hoses generally offer features not found on cheaper mail-order sets. For one thing, the original couplings and nozzles on early models were often constructed from plastic, which made them prone to breakage. The new generation of expandable hoses now offers solid-metal fittings, quite often rust-resistant brass or aluminum. The nozzles are also more likely to have metal components.


Many expandable hoses include multifunction nozzles that provide users with a wide range of spraying options. Instead of a simple on/off stream, these nozzles also offer light misting for watering plants, a shower for washing windows, and a power spray for heavy-duty cleaning.

Expandable hose prices

Inexpensive expandable hoses under $20 do exist on the market, but the quality of these models is notoriously variable. Consumers should expect to spend at least $25 for a 25-foot hose with metal fittings and at least $50 for a durable 100-foot model.


Q. Can my damaged expandable hose be repaired?

A. Unfortunately, most expandable hoses cannot be repaired if a leak or tear develops. You may be able to replace the hose if a product warranty is in effect, however.

Q. Do expandable hoses weigh as much as traditional hoses?

A. No, an expandable hose is noticeably lighter than a standard garden hose and takes up far less space on a storage reel between uses.

Expandable hoses we recommend

Best of the best: 50-Foot Flexible Expanding Hose with Metal Eight-Function Spray Nozzle by Hospaip

Our take: This high-quality expandable hose has the length to handle most assignments and solid-metal components that will last for years.

What we like: Versatile eight-position brass nozzle included. Durable fabric sheathing and high-grade polymer construction.

What we dislike: Product warranty is limited to two months.

Best bang for your buck: Glayko 25-Foot Expandable Garden Hose

Our take: The Glayko is ideal as a dedicated hose for car washing or small garden hydration. It is noticeably lighter in weight compared to other 25-foot models.

What we like: Includes a number of useful accessories, including metal nozzle, washers, brass fittings, and a storage bag. Very lightweight at under two pounds, making it easy to transport and store.

What we dislike: Lacking in durability, it may spring a leak. 

Choice 3: GrowGreen Garden 50-Foot Expandable Hose

Our take: This hose is a good choice for users who seek a lighter-duty model that will fit their budget. We like the triple-layer core construction.

What we like: Generous hose length for its price point. Solid-metal components, including a multiposition nozzle.

What we dislike: Hose material is not durable, prone to developing leaks and splits. May lose its ability to retract over time.

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