The best Etekcity scale

Courtney Love

To get accurate readings, you must only use Etekcity scales on hard surfaces, such as tile or wood floors.

Best budget-friendly Etekcity scales 

Tracking the weight of yourself and your family members is a good way to ensure children are growing at an acceptable pace or help you meet health or fitness goals. Having a scale at home also comes in handy if you want to weigh your pets or even a suitcase before a big trip. 

Since Etekcity is a well-known, trusted brand, it’s a great option if you’re looking to purchase an at-home scale that’s accurate and easy to read, as most designs display your weight digitally.   Plus, it comes in a sleek, modern design, so you’re sure to find one that matches your bathroom.

Features to consider before buying an Etekcity scale

While many scales are alike, some include features that may be more beneficial over other models. 

Warning indicators 

Scales featuring the ability to show the “Err” or “ERROR” message are helpful to avoid overloading the scale. Additionally, scales that show “Lo” indicate when the batteries are low, so you can remember to change them. 

Easy calibration

Some scales require calibration upon purchasing or after the batteries are changed. Specific models will notify users digitally if something is off. 

Weight limit

Placing too much weight on a scale can damage or break it. Most scales typically allow for 300-400 pounds as a maximum. Keep this in mind during your search.

Scale size

Not all scales come in a standard size. Some Etekcity scales have a larger base than your typical bathroom scale would. Deciding if you’d prefer a standard, smaller scale or one with a large base depends on your preference and the amount of space available to you.

Color, design and other features

Most Etekcity scales have a minimalistic, modern design, allowing them to blend into your bathroom décor (or wherever you keep your scale). You may also want to look for smartphone compatibility if you’d like to track your weight-related data easily. This is a common need for athletes, those on strict diets and pregnant women.

Etekcity scale cost  

The best Etekcity scales range from $15-$30, depending on the extra features you need. Even if you decide to go for a more modern design that syncs up with your smartphone, you won’t need to spend more than $30 in total. 

Best Etekcity scales 

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale: available at Amazon

Our take: This scale features a sleek design, with clear blue backlighting so you can read your results with ease. It is ideal for those weighing under 400 pounds, and you must use it on a hard surface.

What we like: The scale has 6 mm thick tempered glass and provides ample sturdiness as it has a platform larger than typical bathroom scales.

What we dislike: The large size of this scale may be beneficial to some. However, although it is sleek, it may be too large if you’re living in a small space and don’t wish to store the scale away between uses.

Etekcity Bathroom Scale for Body Weight BMI Scale, Upgraded Bluetooth Digital Scale: available at Amazon

Our take: This is a perfect scale for large households, as there are various settings to help you get the most accurate weight measurement of multiple people.

What we like: The scale includes the ability to connect to your smart device and track the BMI and weight for unlimited family members. It can bear up to 400 pounds and has auto-calibration ability and warnings for low battery and errors. The battery is pre-installed.

What we dislike: Because it has clear tempered glass, you need to handle this scale with care. If the weight exceeds 400 pounds or if you handled the scale roughly, the glass base may break.

Etekcity Scales for Body Weight Bathroom Digital Weight Scale: available at Amazon

Our take: This scale syncs to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. It’s ideal for somebody looking to track more than just their weight progress.

What we like: This sleek, black scale has a slightly larger base than your average scale and uses tempered glass. When synced with your smart device and app, the scale measures 13 essential components to your health, from weight to BMI to protein and muscle mass.

What we dislike: While this scale has numerous features, it may be a bit overwhelming for a user looking to weigh themselves casually or a few times a year.

Etekcity Smart Digital Bathroom Scale: available at Amazon

Our take: This scale has a tempered glass platform, uses Bluetooth technology, is well priced and is perfect for those serious about tracking their fitness progress.

What we like: This scale not only auto-calibrates and is simple to use, but it also offers the ability to track 12 essential measurements along with weight by connecting with your cell phone.

What we dislike: Although this scale offers a wide range of unique progress-tracking features if you opt not to connect it to your phone (or you do not have access to one), unfortunately, all you can tell from the scale itself is your weight.

Etekcity Smart Digital Bathroom Weight Scale with Scales for Body Weight and Fat and a Wellness Bluetooth Health Monitor: available at Amazon

Our take: This scale is excellent for tracking your weight but also your entire body composition analysis. You can track your fitness progress easily as the Bluetooth option allows you to connect to your device.

What we like: The secure, well-lit design of this scale makes it easy to use for individuals up to 400 pounds. It’s sleek, compactable and straightforward.

What we dislike: This scale is not for those with medical devices or implants, such as pacemakers. It is also not made for professional athletic use.

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