The best electric can openers

Adam Reeder

Opening cans with a poorly made opener can be an immensely frustrating experience. Thankfully, electric can openers have become more mechanically sound, and even intuitive, in the past decade. If you're looking for the best electric can opener money can buy, you've come to the right place. There are many good options to choose from, and we can help you navigate that sometimes-daunting choice.

Read the following helpful buying guide for advice on how to pick the right electric can opener. We also included reviews of some favorites, like our Best of the Best pick, the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener.

Considerations when choosing electric can openers

Lid removal

Most electric can openers use a magnet to grab and remove a jagged lid. However, an increasing number of electric can openers now open cans using a second method. They cut the lid on the opposite axis, making it a smoother cut, and leaving you with the option of making it semi-sealed to store the can.

Can opener tasks

Some electric can openers are now able to perform a number of different tasks in addition to simply opening aluminium cans. Removing bottle caps, sharpening knives, and opening bags are just a few of the additional functions now available on some electric can openers.


You need to consider where in your kitchen you plan to place your electric can opener. There are all sorts of electric can openers, some of which can be mounted under a cabinet, and others that are countertop models. Consider exactly where you plan to store your electric can opener before choosing which model you want.

Battery vs. electrical

Battery-powered can openers offer a level of versatility over those that plug into the wall. While they are more portable than their corded counterparts, they also have their limitations. Batteries only last so long, and you will have to continually recharge or replace them. Battery-powered models also aren't as uniformly powerful.

Ease of use

Take into account who will be using your electric can opener when choosing which one to purchase. If you have elderly people or children in your family who will be using the can opener, then you'll want one with extra safety features, such as blade guards. Less-able users will also benefit from electric can openers that are easier to use, such as a portable "one-touch" can opener.


Any piece of equipment for the kitchen that will be either kept on the counter or mounted under a cabinet needs to look nice. Not only should your electric can opener be pleasant looking on its own, but it should also not clash with the style of the kitchen. When shopping for an electric can opener, imagine it in the very spot you'll place it in your kitchen to see if it will look good.

Tall-can option

If you purchase an electric can opener with a magnetic lid holder, you'll need to find out what the clearance height of the magnet is. Some extra-tall cans can not be opened by magnetic can openers if they do not clear the magnet.


Most electric can openers will cost between $10 and $50. While the models in the $10-$25 range have a variety of different options, many of those over $25 will be under the counter models. These sit in a drawer underneath your counter, making them easier to keep out of sight when not in use.


Q. Do electric can openers that double as knife sharpeners work as well as standard knife sharpeners?

A. While they can give your knife a sharp blade, knife sharpeners on can openers have a tendency to over-sharpen, thereby shortening the life of the knife.

Q. How should I clean my electric can opener?

A. First, you need to determine if your blade can be removed. If it can, then remove it carefully before washing it with a soapy sponge. If the blade is not removable, you can clean it using the same technique, but be careful not to cut yourself as you will have to be more dextrous at cleaning a blade still connected to the machine.

Electric can openers we recommend

Best of the best: Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener

Our take: Looks great, and works even better.

What we like: Easy to operate, easy to clean, and not too expensive.

What we dislike: Some complained of tiny metal shavings after opening cans.

Best bang for your buck: Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Our take: Affordable can opener that's dependable.

What we like: Wide base makes this model highly stable.

What we dislike: Plastic cutting blade makes it lesser than its metal counterparts.

Choice 3: Handy Can Opener Automatic One Touch Electric Can Opener

Our take: Perfect for elderly and handicapped users.

What we like: It's highly portable and can handle cans of any height.

What we dislike: Requires batteries.

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