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Allen Foster

Since drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to your plants' root zone, it limits the water that is available for weeds and can help you create a weed-free garden.

Tending a garden of any type is a labor of love. You nurture your plants so they blossom, and your reward is beauty and/or food. You are also helping pollinators like bees and butterflies. The best way to care for your plants is proper watering. A drip irrigation kit is specifically designed for that purpose.

A drip irrigation kit delivers a precise amount of water directly to your plants' root zone so they can thrive. Our favorite, which you can read about below, is the versatile Raindrip Drip Irrigation Kit, which can even work with hanging plants.

Considerations when choosing drip irrigation kits

What makes a good drip irrigation kit?

Besides quality parts that provide a durable fit that is easy to assemble, a drip irrigation kit is all about the included parts. In order to create the best watering system for your plants, you will need certain items. The following are the most essential ones you'll want your kit to have.


This is the main part of your drip irrigation system. It carries the water to all of your plants. You will need a kit that has enough tubing to reach all the areas of your garden.


These are the parts which allow you to connect and change the direction of the tubing. Couplings, elbows, tees, and end closures are all possible options. The greater the variety in your fitting, the greater variety you can have in your design.


An emitter is a general term for the part that lets the water out. These can trickle or spray. The best ones are individually adjustable so you can fine-tune your system. Again, the greater the variety, the more adaptable your irrigation system can be to your individual needs.


These parts hold your tubing in place, whether it be along the ground or above your plants.

Other considerations

Besides the essential parts, there are a few more items that can make your drip irrigation kit a more desirable purchase.

Faucet connector

Tubing is not the same size as an outdoor faucet, so you will want a kit that allows you to easily connect that tubing to your hose bibb.


Whatever it takes to put your irrigation system together, you'll want in your kit. These tools can include but are not limited to: cutters, a hole punch, Teflon tape, and plugs (in case you make a mistake).


A timer allows you to automate your watering so the task can be accomplished at the ideal time of day (morning) and it will take care of your watering chores even when you are on vacation.

Pressure regulator

Most drip irrigation systems can only handle 25 psi of water pressure. Homes, especially in an urban area, can have water at 60+ psi. In order for your drip irrigation system to work, you will need a pressure regulator, which you may only find in the highest end kit.


For $10 to $18, you can get a basic drip irrigation kit, but these tend to be very limited. $18 to $25 is where you will most likely find what you need, a kit with a sufficient amount of fittings, emitters, and tubing. As you move above $25, you don't tend to get more parts - instead you get a better build quality so the system you design is more durable.


Q. How do I know what I need in my drip irrigation kit?

A. Before considering anything else, you need to map out your plans on paper. This will reveal precisely which fittings and emitters you will need as well as how much tubing it will take to reach all of the plants you want to water.

Q: Is there a limit to how large a drip irrigation system can be?

A: Yes. There are equations that help you work out exactly how big your system can be while still maintaining an adequate water flow. However, as long as you can keep all your tubing to under 400 feet, you should be fine. If you need more than 400 feet, consider setting up a second drip irrigation system.

Drip irrigation kits we recommend

Best of the best: Raindrip Drip Irrigation Kit

Our take: An extensive kit that includes all the items you need to set up an efficient drip irrigation system for your garden.

What we like: This kit contains ample tubing, numerous fittings, emitters, and fasteners, as well as a timer. Assembly is easy and you can even use the kit to water hanging plants.

What we dislike: Although the system is easy to assemble if you are covering a large number of plants, it can take a long time to set it up.

Best bang for your buck: Koram Drip Irrigation Kit

Our take: An affordable kit that contains a large assortment of parts which offer a considerable amount of versatility in setting up a drip irrigation system.

What we like: This irrigation kit includes 50 feet of tubing along with 20 fittings, 20 emitters, and more. The water flow can be individually adjusted using the nozzle on each emitter.

What we dislike: Like most drip irrigation systems if your water pressure is too high, the fittings and emitters will pop off (about 25 psi is tops).

Choice 3: moistenland Drip Irrigation Kit

Our take: One of the largest, most versatile drip irrigation kits you'll find in the middle price range.

What we like: With over 150 pieces ranging from a variety of couplings and emitters to holding stakes and Teflon tape, this drip irrigation kit is highly customizable. Additionally, it includes 50 feet of 1/4-inch tubing.

What we dislike: The quality of the tubing is slightly lacking when compared to the other parts of the kit.

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