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Kellie Speed

A dog bandana is a stylish way to keep your dog warm or cool, reduce anxiety and provide night safety protection when walking your pet.

A dog bandana is a stylish way to reduce your pet’s anxiety, keep them warm or cool and provide night safety protection. Whether you opt for one with a floral design or prefer a more rugged outdoorsy look, there are numerous styles to choose from. If you’re looking for one made of durable fabric with a trendy design, Remy+Roo dog bandanas are a good choice.

What to know before you buy a dog bandana

Reduce anxiety

A dog bandana has a calming effect that may help to reduce your pet’s anxiety. You can even spray the bandana with a stress-relief pheromone to keep your four-legged friend calm and happy. 

Keep your dog warm or cool

If you want your dog to wear a bandana in the warmer months, you can keep your pet cooler longer by wetting the bandana before you take them on a walk to provide extra cooling. Be sure to remove it from your pet after their walk and allow it to air dry to prevent skin irritations or infections. In the cooler months, a bandana can keep your pet warmer by trapping their body heat underneath, offering a thermal layer.

Night safety

A dog bandana can provide added night safety protection if you choose a reflective style. This makes your pup easily detectable to drivers when out for an evening walk. A brightly colored bandana can also be chosen to ensure your dog is seen at night.

Dog bandana features


Look for a dog bandana that offers a comfortable fit for your dog without a lot of excess fabric and that has a contoured design around your pet’s neckline. While they can also be fashionable, your pet’s comfort should be at the forefront when buying the right dog bandana. Be sure to measure your dog’s neck before you purchase the bandana to ensure you find the proper fit.

Quick drying and lightweight

If you plan on taking your pet for walks and swims during the warmer months, find a dog bandana that’s not only quick-drying but is lightweight as well. If your dog tends to drool a lot, a bandana can be used as a bib to wipe it away and it will air dry quickly.


Most dog bandanas are machine-washable, but check the label to avoid having it lose its shape or color in the wash. If you prefer to hand wash, you can clean it with a little bit of detergent and cold water, then let it air dry.


Many dog bandanas are designed to wick moisture away from your pet to prevent them from overheating. Since dogs don’t sweat and most are sensitive to heat, one made of breathable fabric provides the most cooling for your pet.

Dog bandana cost

Dog bandanas cost about $8 for a single bandana and up to $25 for a multi-pack.

Dog bandana FAQ

Is it safe to put a bandana on my dog?

A. One of the most important ways to keep your dog safe while wearing a bandana is to put it loosely around the neck to avoid choking. If you notice your dog isn’t comfortable wearing it and is constantly scratching at it, a bandana may cause your pet undue stress. Keep an eye on your dog at all times when they’re wearing a bandana.

How do I tie a bandana on my dog?

A. The easiest way to tie a bandana on your dog is to create a triangle with it by folding it in half. Place the bandana with the triangular point at the front of your dog’s neck pointing toward the ground and secure it loosely around the neck. You can also turn the bandana around once secured and they can wear it like a cape. Another way for your dog to wear a bandana is by folding it into a triangular shape, rolling it and securing it around the neck.

Which dog bandanas should I get?

Best of the best dog bandanas

Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas: available at Amazon

Our take: These bandanas are well-made with quality fabric, offer fashionable patterns and fit nicely with their contoured shape.

What we like: Four different colors come in each pack and they’re available in both small and large sizes. The brightly colored bandanas are not only stylish but also wrinkle- and stain-resistant for long-lasting wear.

What we dislike: The ties can be somewhat long on some of the bandanas. 

Best bang for your buck dog bandanas

Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandanas: available at Amazon

Our take: This budget-friendly pack comes in four different buffalo plaid colors designed for extra-small to large dogs.

What we like: The lightweight cotton fabric is soft, durable, machine-washable and doesn’t shrink in the wash. These bandanas can be worn daily, retain their shape when washed several times and provide your pet stylish color.

What we dislike: The bandanas are not designed for extra-large dogs weighing over 100 pounds.

Honorable mention dog bandanas

Lionet Paws Dog Bandanas: available at Amazon

Our take: There are numerous styles to choose from and two sizes (small and large) if you’re looking for just one bandana that’s both soft and comfortable.

What we like: The lightweight cotton bandana can be worn every day, even in warmer temperatures. There are many different bright patterns and colors to choose from, like blue plaid or red and yellow flowers.

What we dislike: The bandanas run big and are white on the reverse side.

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