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Megan Oster

You might want to consider a Disney princess dollhouse that includes furniture and other related pieces.

The only toy more fun than a standard dollhouse might be a Disney princess dollhouse. The Disney theme is a hit among children and lends itself to some pretty enchanting details. In fact, some of these dollhouses can be quite thoughtfully designed to incorporate details from the characters’ storylines. And even if they don’t reference a specific movie, the attention paid to detail on some is impressive. 

Take the Disney Princess Dance and Dream Dollhouse by KidKraft. A curving staircase, a mechanism that makes Disney princess dolls “dance” and harp music create a magical atmosphere for your child’s imagination. 

What to know before you buy a Disney princess dollhouse

Your child’s age group

Not every Disney princess dollhouse is created equal. If a dollhouse isn’t appropriate for your child’s age group, it can cause several problems. First and foremost, small parts pose a choking hazard for small children. The same is true of sharp edges and corners, along with some types of material. 

Functionality is another potential issue. If the pieces or activities are too complex for your child to master, it could result in frustration ― or at the very least, boredom. On the other hand, if the toy isn’t challenging enough for your child’s skill level, they might lose interest in the dollhouse altogether. 

General vs. specific story

Disney princess dollhouses tend to fall into one of two categories: themed after certain movies and characters or a general design that’s relevant to any Disney princess. Specific themes are best for children who are big fans of a particular movie or character, while a general design offers more versatility. A general design might still incorporate elements from movies; they just won’t be limited to that movie. 

Solo vs. pieces included  

If you want your child to be able to play with their Disney princess dollhouse straight out of the box, you should consider one that includes the furniture and other related pieces. These dollhouse sets are also typically less expensive than purchasing all of the pieces separately. Most of these sets are sold with furniture and accessories but without Disney princess dolls themselves. 

Disney princess dollhouse features


Many Disney princess dollhouses are made of plastic, but not all. Plastic is an ideal choice for young children, as it presents fewer hazards. Metal is a material that’s most frequently used for the frame or supports of a dollhouse. Some dollhouses are constructed of wood, with certain types of wood offering better quality than others. 


Two aspects of size are important to consider with regards to dollhouses. The first is the dimensions of the dollhouse: its length, width and height. They’ll affect where your child can use it, along with where you can store it. 

The number of rooms and floors also matters, to a lesser degree. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference. Your child might desire a Disney princess dollhouse with multiple floors, bedrooms and bathrooms. And if they have a large collection of dolls, they might need more square footage to fully play out scenes. 

Design details 

When it comes to Disney princess dollhouses, the little details make a big difference. These might include furniture, dishes and cups, artificial food, window dressings, fireplaces and wall art. It depends entirely on the individual dollhouse. Intricate designs help spark your child’s imagination, but a dollhouse with them isn’t necessary if your budget doesn’t allow for it. Your child can enjoy a simple dollhouse as much as they would an ornate one. 

Disney princess dollhouse cost 

Prices for a Disney princess dollhouse run the gamut from $15 at the low end to upwards of $125 at the high end. In general, the lower the price, the fewer features it’ll include. 

Disney princess dollhouse FAQ

What are Disney princess dollhouse safety tips? 

A. Common sense will guide you when it comes to keeping your child’s experience a safe and happy one. Small parts should be closely inspected on a daily basis for damage. Discard any loose pieces immediately. If the dollhouse is on the tall side, make sure none of the pieces at the top could break off and fall on your child. You should always supervise your child when they play with the dollhouse. 

Are Disney Princess dollhouses hard to assemble? 

A. The answer to this question varies from one dollhouse to another. These toys range from simple, with few components, to extremely complex. Some arrive fully assembled, while others require some degree of assembly. You might be able to put it together without tools, or it might require several tools. 

Which Disney princess dollhouse should I get?

Best of the best Disney princess dollhouse

Disney Princess Dance and Dream Dollhouse by KidKraft: available at Kohl’s

Our take: This 4-foot tall wooden dollhouse, inspired by Disney princess castles, is replete with design details and pieces. 

What we like: Your child will get swept up in the magic of this dollhouse. Their Disney princess dolls will spin around to the music it plays. The castle-themed dollhouse has three levels, with a staircase ascending to the second floor. 20 pieces of furniture come with the dollhouse. 

What we dislike: Poor quality was cited by at least one buyer, who reported that the condition of the dollhouse deteriorated rapidly. 

Best bang for your buck Disney princess dollhouse

Disney Princess Play and Go Castle by Little People from Fisher-Price: available at Kohl’s

Our take: There are plenty of easy-to-master activities on this castle that’ll keep your child occupied and happy.  

What we like: If you’re looking for a dollhouse with simple functionality for your child, this one fits the bill. A pull-out stable, water slide, clock spinner, peek-a-boo rose and pop-up slider provide hours of fun. The castle also includes a kitchen, dining area and two built-in beds. 

What we dislike: While they didn’t have any major grievances with the dollhouse, a couple of buyers reported that it didn’t hold their child’s interest for long. 

Honorable mention Disney princess dollhouse 

“Frozen II” Elsa's Fold and Go Ice Palace: available at Macy’s

Our take: Young fans of the “Frozen” movie franchise will love this dollhouse, which is modeled after Elsa’s breathtaking ice palace. 

What we like: Constructed using an approach that allows it to fold up, the portable design of this dollhouse makes it easy to take along. Elsa’s ice palace comes with an Olaf doll and 20 accessories that include Elsa’s throne, two chairs, a bed and a vanity. You can store the pieces in the folded dollhouse. 

What we dislike: A lack of stability for the included cups was noted by one buyer, who reported the cups kept falling off the table.

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