Best DC action figures

Anthony Marcusa

It may be useful to narrow down an action figure search by source material. DC heroes and villains have sported various outfits, looks and attitudes across film, TV and comics.

Top Detective Comics toys

One of the oldest comic book companies, Detective Comics introduced readers to an imaginative, vast world of superheroes and supervillains over 80 years ago. Decades of stories introduce scores of heroes, villains, creatures and myriad iconic characters that now feature in TV, film and toys.

Fans of all ages and interests can embrace their favorite characters, such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, with DC action figures. From interactive toys for kids to high-end collectibles for adults, these are the best DC action figures available.

Best DC action figures

DC Comics 12-inch Action Figure Set: available at Amazon

Inspired by the classic comics, this set of four action figures features Batman and Robin along with arch nemeses Joker and The Riddler standing at one foot in height. With 11 points of articulation, they can be easily moved and positioned and as they are made of plastic, they are suitable for ages 3 and up, particularly for youngsters who embrace interactive play.

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Superfriends: available at Amazon

This large set of colorful and safe toys from a trusted name is geared for toddlers and younger users, welcoming them to the imaginative world of superheroes and supervillains. It includes popular characters like Batman and Superman, as well as some lesser-known figures such as Reverse-Flash and Firefly. Each comes with a sizable accessory and boasts moveable joints.

McFarlane DC Multiverse Wonder Woman: available at Amazon

This stunning vision of Wonder Woman is detailed and colorful and comes at terrific value for its 7-inch height. Warrior Diana boasts armor and can wield various included accessories, including a matching shield and sword. The figure also includes 22 points of articulation, allowing for a variety of movements, as well as a base for when you’ve settled on a pose.

DC Comics 2-inch Scale Collectibles Set: available at Amazon

A just two inches tall, the collectibles in this set appeal to young kids but may hold some value for older fans who embrace classic DC looks. There are eight characters in all, including Joker, Catwoman, Batman, Robin and Copperhead. Each is showcased in an action pose ready to fight and is designed to be put on display.

McFarlane Hal Jordan vs. Dawnbreak Action Figures: available at Amazon

This action figure scene is bursting with color and excitement as the Green Lantern faces off against a villainous version of Bruce Wayne. Each character features 22 points of articulation to create any desired battle on their shared base. The Light Protection accessories, including a bat, add fun detail to the stunning set.

Kotobukiya Wonder Woman Action Figure: available at Amazon

From a popular Japanese toy company, this stylish vision of Wonder Woman features her classic outfit including her tiara, red class and lasso of truth. The high price comes in part due to the incredible detail and color as well as the inventive vision of the famed princess, making it best reserved for serious collectors.

DC Comics Shazam! Darla Action Figure: available at Amazon

After Billy Batson gained superpowers, his foster siblings followed suit, including the precocious Darla. This action figure stands at 6 inches in height and offers myriad points of articulation for play time. While there are five others to collect in the series, Darla also comes with a Greed action figure as her Deadly Sin demon pairing.

Jada Toys DC Comics Die-Cast Figurines: available at Amazon

This large set of DC Comics figurines features a range of characters including Mr. Freeze, Two-Face and Martian Manhunter. The 20 characters all stand just under two inches in height and are made from durable metal and finished in brilliant color.

Big Figs Tribute Series Harley Quinn: available at Amazon

This unique action figure goes back to the comics to offer a vision of Harley Quinn in her famous jester outfit. Standing at a staggering 18-inches tall, it’s an imposing and faithful action figure that’s part of a limited series honoring six famed DC characters. Fans can take out Harley and pose as desired or leave in the stylish box that boasts a display window.

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