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Peter McPherson

Ultrawide monitors support a 21:9 aspect ratio, which gives you even more real estate, allowing you to keep several windows open at once.

For many PC gamers, a curved monitor is one of the most coveted pieces of hardware. These sleek displays offer an extremely immersive gaming experience that fills your vision with imagery. These widescreen monitors have designs that curve to keep the screen in your peripheral vision, and some ultra-widescreen models take this to the extreme.

Our favorite model by LG features an ultrawide display that can be easily adjusted to find the right angle and height. To learn more about the types of curved monitors available, continue reading our buying guide.

Considerations when choosing curved monitors

The two screen sizes among curved monitors are widescreen and ultra-widescreen.

Widescreen models are the more common option and use a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is compatible with most video games. This is generally the more affordable option.

Ultra-widescreen models, viewed by many as the ultimate gaming experience (especially if you shy away from multi-monitor setups), use a 21:9 aspect ratio for maximum peripheral vision. Some video games may not support a 21:9 aspect ratio.


Like any monitor, curved monitors vary in their screen size, resolution, refresh rate, and response time.

Most curved monitors measure 22 to 40 inches diagonally. In general, you can expect prices to increase with size.

Curved monitors have resolutions from 1,080p to 5K, with higher resolutions corresponding with higher prices. Which resolution is right for you depends on your preferences, but if you are planning on investing in a curved monitor, image quality is probably high up on your list of must-haves.

The frequency at which your monitor can display a new image is known as the refresh rate, which ranges from 60Hz to 240Hz for most curved monitors. A lower refresh rate may result in issues such as lower frame rates or screen tearing.

The response time of a monitor, measured in milliseconds, measures the amount of time it takes a pixel to turn off and on again. The fastest response times in curved monitors are as low as 1 to 2 ms.

Take note of which video ports are available in the curved monitor you are considering. Many models offer DVI, displayPort, and HDMI ports. Some monitors may also have additional USB ports for connecting and charging peripherals.

Curved monitor prices

The most affordable curved monitors cost from $180 to $350 and have lower resolutions, though some monitors in this range may have fast enough refresh rates for gaming. Most gamers opt for curved monitors from $350 to $700, which boast higher resolutions and more features, while the most expensive models cost from $700 to $1,000.


Q. How should I clean my curved monitor?

A. Screens can be very delicate. You should wipe your screen down first with a microfiber cloth, then add a bit of vinegar and water to the cloth to remove remaining dust and grime.

Q. What happens when a game doesn't support a 21:9 aspect ratio on an ultrawide monitor?

A. Similar to when you try to watch a widescreen movie on a standard 16:9 display, you will experience "pillarboxing " -- two black bars will appear on the sides of your screen to effectively create a 16:9 display.

Curved monitors we recommend

Best of the best: LG 34" 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor

Our take: A popular ultrawide monitor with very few issues.

What we like: This high-performing monitor offers vibrant images and split-screen functionality at a moderate price. The USB 3.0 Quick Charge feature is convenient for charging peripherals, and adjusting the monitor is easy.

What we dislike: There are a few less-expensive ultrawide monitors available.

Best bang for your buck: Samsung 32" Curved Monitor

Our take: The compact design and vivid display make this a great monitor for those with limited space.

What we like: Image quality is this monitor's strong suit, and its price point makes it a great option for gamers with a limited budget.

What we dislike: The white color of the frame may take some getting used to. Some adjustments may be necessary to achieve the sharpest picture possible.

Choice 3: Viotek 24" 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Our take: This low-priced curved monitor has great specs for gaming.

What we like: The 144Hz refresh rate is an excellent speed for a monitor of this price. The monitor is easy to wall mount, and its colors are vivid and crisp.

What we dislike: Out of the box, the settings of this monitor need some adjusting.

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