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Sian Babish

Clear toiletry bags are durable and withstand modest heat exposure, but it's best to keep them away from direct heat sources to prevent melting and damage to contents.

For many individuals, clear toiletry bags are essential travel accessories. The versatile carry cases lend themselves to plenty of use, considering they can hold anything from small beauty and hygiene products to baby food and medicine.

Even if you don’t plan on using a clear toiletry bag in the near future, it’s a worthwhile investment if you intend to travel, road trip or commute at some point. Rough Enough TSA-Approved Clear Travel Organizer, for example, has an innovative design that is highly regarded among business travelers and digital nomads. 

What to know before you buy a clear toiletry bag

Why clear toiletry bags are popular

Clear toiletry bags are used for a variety of reasons, from everyday storage to travel. Some people simply prefer using them over other types of carry cases. Because clear toiletry bags are made with PVC, which is easy to wipe down or even immerse, they’re easier to keep clean than cotton, satin, leather and polyester toiletry bags

Other individuals use clear toiletry bags for travel, particularly TSA-compliant designs. Not only do these toiletry bags make going through security checkpoints a breeze, but their leakproof designs may prevent spills from spreading inside carry-on luggage.

Depending on a workplace’s security or safety protocol, professionals entering the office may be required to use transparent bags only — including clear toiletry bags. While the policy is growing in popularity, it has been used in retail environments and event venues for over two decades. 

Clear toiletry bag vs. other clear bags

Clear toiletry bags are a subset of an exhaustive transparent bags category that includes backpacks, handbags and totes. While size is an obvious difference among them, it’s not the only one.

  • Clear toiletry bags are less likely to include colorful details or embellishments, whereas other bags often have stylish accents. 
  • Clear bags often have several compartments and pockets, yet most toiletry bags are fairly limited in terms of organization.
  • Some clear toiletry bags are more expensive than other transparent bags because they often have better construction or more involved designs.
  • Transparent bags are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but most clear toiletry bags share similar dimensions.

Clear toiletry bag features


In general, clear toiletry bags are plain accessories, but a few designs have a splash of color. In some bags, stitches are reinforced with colorful material or ribbon. Other clear toiletry bags come in neon or iridescent colors. Although they’re still transparent, the color can make it more challenging to see the items inside the bag. 


Basic clear toiletry bags have a single compartment, which is why they’re often classified as “dump bags.” Simply put, these designs let you “dump” your belongings inside them without fussing to keep them organized. However, more advanced clear toiletry bags may have half a dozen pockets or zipper compartments. Because their designs are more involved with a higher level of organization, they’re usually more expensive. 


According to the Transportation Security Administration, air travelers are allowed to bring one quart-size resealable bag onto planes. Instead of using disposable bags, TSA-approved clear toiletry bags are practical, eco-friendly alternatives. Designs in this category are usually marked as TSA compliant, though it’s still recommended to cross-reference their dimensions with the TSA’s current requirements. 

Clear toiletry bag cost 

Basic clear toiletry bags, including several TSA-compliant designs, start at $8. Mid-range options, including bag pairs and sets, cost $10-$18. There are a few clear toiletry bags with unique designs that fall in the $20-$35 range.

Clear toiletry bag FAQ

Should I use a travel lock on my clear toiletry bag?

A. You can, but it’s not necessary. In fact, if you’re using it on a clear toiletry bag going through TSA checkpoints, it may slow down inspection. Generally speaking, it’s not necessary unless you need to prevent zippers from coming undone inside your handbag or carry-on. 

How do I fix a tear on a clear toiletry bag?

A. The quickest way — and usually the most affordable — is to use duct tape. While it’s not aesthetically pleasing, duct tape will hold the bag together temporarily. Clear packing tape can also be used, but it’s more likely to peel off the bag because the adhesive isn't as strong as duct tape. 

Which clear toiletry bag should I get?

Best of the best clear toiletry bag

Rough Enough TSA-Approved Clear Travel Organizer: available at Amazon

Our take: The space-savvy, durable-made design withstands the rough and tumble of everyday use or heavy travel. 

What we like: Made with heavy-duty PVC, the organizer is puncture-resistant. It’s TSA-approved and has a slender, rectangular shape that fits easily in carry-ons. It has an accessible, dual-sided design so you can retrieve items quickly. It also comes with ID tags. 

What we dislike: Given its small size, the bag is only suitable for storing a limited number of items. 

Best bang for your buck clear toiletry bag

Cable in the Bay TSA-Approved Clear Toiletry Bag: available at Amazon

Our take: If you’re shopping on a budget, this toiletry bag is worth picking considering it’s more durable than other affordable designs. 

What we like: The quart-sized bag complies with TSA’s 3-1-1 requirements and fits TSA-approved bottles. It has an upright design, which may minimize the potential for spills if containers open in transit. The bag is also made with environmentally friendly PVC. 

What we dislike: It has a tight design that can make it challenging to dig out items that fall to the bottom. 

Honorable mention clear toiletry bag

Louise Maelys Clear Makeup Organizers: available at Amazon

Our take: This deluxe clear organizer is ideal for storing many cosmetics or several beauty products.

What we like: It has a low-profile, stable design that won’t fall over. The full-length zipper lid makes it easy to retrieve items. The organizer has a reinforced handle that holds strong without ripping, including when it’s filled with heavy items. 

What we dislike: Because it’s a larger design, it’s not suitable for use in carry-on luggage. 

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