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Stephanie Jarrett

Teething necklaces are stylish, wearable teething toys that might help soothe your teething baby's sore gums.

Teething can be a trying time for babies and their parents alike. Teething babies have a tough time sleeping, drool everywhere and immediately want to put everything they see in their mouths to feel some relief on their aching gums. To soothe your teething baby, you may benefit from teething necklaces. 

Teething necklaces are fashionable, wearable teething toys for your baby that will be en vogue long after your baby has all their teeth. These inexpensive accessories ensure you always have something safe and soft for your teething baby to gnaw on, whether you are at home or on the go. The Greenwich Necklace from Chewbeads is versatile and trendy enough to wear with any outfit day or night, and the BPA-free silicone provides a soft chew surface for your teething baby to gnaw on to find some teething relief. 

What to know before you buy a chew necklace

Teething products for your baby should always be made from soft materials and designated for your baby’s mouth. You shouldn’t let your baby chew on anything that is covered in paint or other materials that can possibly flake off and be ingested. Teething necklaces are a great, safe, fashionable choice for your baby. 


Teething necklaces come in several different style types, much like fashion necklaces do. Some teething necklaces include just a few chew beads toward the front of the necklace while others include chew beads all the way around. You can purchase teething necklaces that include one large pendant in various shapes and colors that is meant for your baby to chew on. Some teething necklaces even have multiple strands hooked together. Which style you choose depends on your personal taste. 


Most teething necklaces are made from BPA-free silicone. However, you might want to double-check that your teething necklace is made without harmful chemicals because your baby will be putting it in their mouth. 

Your baby’s age

Babies start teething around 6 months of age, at which point a teething necklace might be beneficial to have on hand or around your neck. However, your baby might enjoy playing with this necklace long after they are done teething. These necklaces can be soothing to hold while your baby nurses or even nice for your toddler to hold as they fall asleep. Fidgety kids might enjoy running their fingers over the smooth beads, and you might enjoy the stylish look of these functional teething toys long after your baby is grown. 

Chew necklace features

Dishwasher safe

Because teething necklaces go in your baby’s mouth, you will want to keep them as clean as possible. Many teething necklaces can be washed on the top rack of a dishwasher for ultimate convenience and sanitation. 

Breakaway clasp

Breakaway clasps are great to have on necklaces that will be near babies because it allows you to easily untangle yourself or your child from a necklace that might be pulling too tightly around your neck because it becomes caught on something. A breakaway clasp on a teething necklace serves this very important purpose.

Dog tag

If you want a teething necklace for your baby but don’t want one that looks like jewelry, you might consider a teething necklace that has a silicone dog tag on it. The dog tag ensures that your baby has something soft and easy to chew on but makes the necklace look a little less like trendy jewelry and a little less showy while still being functional and easy to access. 

Teething necklace cost 

Teething necklaces are great to have because they are fairly inexpensive and easy to keep at the ready for your teething baby. A teething necklace will cost you between $10-$40.

Chew necklace FAQ

Are teething necklaces safe for babies to chew on?

A. There are many things babies shouldn’t chew on. Anything that is made of plastic and can possibly crack shouldn’t be put in your child’s mouth (such as a pen cap), or anything that has paint or varnish that could possibly chip off and be swallowed (such as silver coating on a necklace). However, teething necklaces, which are usually made from BPA-free silicone, are a safe alternative item for your baby to chew on. Just be sure to wash your teething necklace frequently so that no bacteria can linger and possibly harm your baby. 

Can toddlers use teething necklaces?

A. Yes. In fact, you can purchase teething necklaces in smaller sizes for your children. Chewing and teething necklaces can be a great alternative for your child who likes to chew on things such as pencils or pens. Unlike pencils and pens, which could possibly break in your child’s mouth or crack your child’s tooth, a teething necklace enables your child to safely chew on something without possible repercussions. 

Which chew necklace should I get?

Best of the best chew necklace

Chewbeads Greenwich Teething Necklace: available at Amazon and Buy Buy Baby

Our take: Trendy and available in several colors, this teething necklace offers multiple surfaces for your baby to gnaw on. 

What we like: Soft on your baby’s gums, this teething necklace offers chewable surfaces all the way around the necklace as well as a breakaway clasp for safety. The necklace is made from BPA-free silicone and can be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher. 

What we dislike: Because this teething necklace is shorter in length than others, you may need to fully remove this necklace before your child can chew on it. 

Best bang for your buck chew necklace

KidKusion Gummi Teething Necklace: available at Buy Buy Baby 

Our take: Inexpensive enough to own in all three available colors, this teething necklace might help soothe your baby’s aching gums. 

What we like: Non-toxic and BPA-free, this teething necklace comes with a breakaway clasp and silky cord. The pendant’s textured surface really helps massage sore gums. 

What we dislike: The cord on this teething necklace can easily become tangled around your baby’s fingers. 

Honorable mention chew necklace

Lofca Teething Necklace: available at Amazon 

Our take: Stylish and dishwasher-safe, this longer-style teething necklace is made from food-grade silicone. 

What we like: Cute and trendy, this teething necklace is available at a great price and fun for your baby to chew on. The breakaway clasp ensures you can easily remove the necklace if you need to. 

What we dislike: This necklace may feel bulkier than others around your neck.

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