Best cheap laser tag sets

Stephanie Jarrett

Laser tag sets come with laser guns and vests that light up when a player is struck by an opponent.

What are the best laser tag sets for under $150?

Laser tag is a great game to play indoors or outdoors with friends and family. To play, each player straps on a vest, grabs a laser gun and tries to hit other players with their laser gun. Vests will light up or vibrate to let a player know when they’ve been hit.

Players can play as a team or individually, in broad daylight or once the sun goes down, inside the house or out in the yard. The more obstacles you include in your playing field, the more challenging the game becomes. All the laser tag sets on this list can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, so suit up and get ready for battle.

Something to keep in mind — most of the laser tag sets listed require batteries. Some require AA while others require AAA. Be sure to check the description on the set you plan to buy so you can be prepared.

Best two-player laser tag sets

Most of these sets can be purchased multiple times and then used together to engage in one big battle. Call all the neighbors and get ready for fun!

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
Suit up and be ready to run with this laser tag set! It comes complete with voice-guided directions as well as a night-vision flashlight to help you see (and defeat) your opponents, even in the dark.

ComTec Laser Tag for Kids: available at Amazon
This set allows each player’s vest to light up with their team color (choose from four colors), and you can add as many players to your game as you would like. Great for kids and adults, this laser tag set is fun for all ages.

Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
The smaller-sized guns in this set make them easier for younger kids to hold. Lights on the vests also keep track of which player wins the game — each player starts with six “lives,” and once the player is shot six times, they lose!

Laser X Two-Player Gaming Set: available at Amazon
Plug headphones into this laser tag set to hear a fun soundtrack as you try to eliminate your opponent from the game. The audio experience that accompanies this set is meant to make it feel as if you are in a laser-tag arena.

Histoye Lazer Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
Find an opponent and get ready to battle — the guns with this set make realistic shooting noises for the ultimate live gaming experience.

Best four-player laser tag sets

Prepare for a fun game with a couple of friends with these four-player sets that can also be expanded to include more players by purchasing additional sets.

ArmoGear Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
This laser tag set is great for big kids and adults. The laser guns have different settings (pistol, shotgun, machine gun and rocket) to give you choices when you play.

Tinoteen Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
If your younger child wants to play laser tag with you, this is a great set to consider. It is easier for young kids to use, costs less than $75, and each gun and vest combo comes in a different color.

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
Grab your AA batteries and your vest and get ready for a fun game of laser tag. This set can actually be used in conjunction with two other identical sets (purchased separately) so that 12 people can play at once.

Play 22 Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
Four players can play in this set. Each gun has three lives, depending on the type selected (pistol, shotgun, machine gun and rocket launcher), and the vests in this set will vibrate and light up to let a player know when they’ve been hit.

Kidpal Infrared Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
Each gun has four weapon-style settings and vests come with four team color choices so multiple players can engage in this game. Vests also light up at night, so, even the dark, your enemy should be easy to identify.

Best laser tag sets with bonus features

Each of these sets includes a feature not available on standard laser tag sets. If you are looking to elevate your game and change up your laser tag experience, consider one of these laser tag sets, all of which cost less than $150.

ArmoGear Rechargeable Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
This four-player set comes with rechargeable vests, meaning no need to worry about having enough batteries on hand for multiple players. This set also displays a player’s score directly on their vest.

ArmoGear Mini Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
This is a game for players who want to get wet. Strap a water balloon to your vest (or a regular balloon if you want to play indoors) and, after nine hits, your balloon will pop! Fun to play outside on a hot summer day.

EOYIZW Laser Tag Set with Drones: available at Amazon
If you don’t have an opponent around to play laser tag with, this set comes with a drone that flies around and acts as your moving target. The set comes with two drones and two laser guns, though, so this can be a one player or two player game.

Vatos Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
This is another game perfect for summertime — when you beat your opponent, they will be automatically sprayed with water to let them know they have lost that round of the game. Beating your opponent will be extra rewarding when you watch them get soaked!

The Adventure Guys Deluxe Laser Tag Set: available at Amazon
Want to work on your aim? This four-player set comes with Bitsy Bot, a USB-rechargeable bug that scrambles around the floor and enables you to practice trying to hit a moving target. Great for kids or adults who want extra target practice when others aren’t around to practice with.

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