Best cheap Chromebooks

Anthony Marcusa

Best inexpensive Chromebooks

For 10 years, Chromebooks have offered users affordable, efficient laptops designed for easy and portable usage. These laptops use Chrome OS and integrate with Google programs including Cloud Platform and Play Store. This allows the laptops to sacrifice storage and some speed in order to be lighter, thinner and less expensive.

While so much of the use comes from being connected, Chromebooks typically feature powerful Wi-Fi and most are designed with a varied lifestyle in mind, balancing work, school and entertainment.

Chromebooks are manufactured by most major electronics companies, which means there are plenty of options available. For those on a budget, this roundup showcases the best Chromebooks under $300.

Best Affordable Chromebooks

Dell Chromebook 11 3000: available at Amazon and Dell
Compact and light, this option by Dell boasts an impressive battery life of up to 14 hours, allowing you to use it across the day wherever you are. The durability and resilience built-in is handy, particularly for students — the keyboard withstands spills and tampering, while the unit itself can survive falls and drops that may come with frequent usage.

Acer Chromebook 311: available at Acer and Amazon
Though featuring a smaller screen, this model by Acer offers plenty of value for its lower price, particularly with its fast boot times and pair of rapid USB-C ports. It’s thin and lightweight, offering terrific convenience, and 10 hours of battery should be plenty for most users.

Dell Chromebook 11 3100: available at Dell
This advanced option boasts all the power and convenience of Dell’s Chromebook 3000, but increases usage with its ability to turn into a tablet. This 2-in-1 model features a durable hinge that allows you to flip the screen and work more closely and creatively.

HP Chromebook 14: available at HP
This balanced Chromebook comes at a mid-range price with a decent screen size of 14 inches. In addition to the quality HD display, this model also features impressive sound for the size, ideal for streaming and light gaming. The fast-charging capability allows you to fill up the battery halfway in less than an hour.

ASUS C523 Chromebook: available at Amazon
This model by ASUS features one of the best displays on the list, with a 15.6-inch HD screen and ultra-thin bezels to allow for immersive viewing. The sound is rather impressive for those streaming content. While it doesn’t quite flip over completely, the hinge allows for the laptop to lay flat at 180 degrees for sharing and collaboration.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet: available at Amazon
The smallest model in the roundup, the Lenovo Duet features a 10.1-inch display for those who want a light, thin and portable laptop. It functions as a tablet as well, with a keyboard that can be removed and reattached with ease as needed. It’s also ready to start up in under 8 seconds, so it’s just about ready when you are.

Samsung Chromebook 3: available at Samsung 
This slightly older Samsung model still provides plenty of value and quality performance at a lower price. Thin, light and with a battery life of up to 11 hours, this versatile Chromebook allows you to flatten to screen to 180 degrees to share and collaborate with others. Well-made, it’s also a quality investment, expected to stay fast and efficient across years of usage.

HP Chromebook x360: available at HP 
This versatile touchscreen model from HP is great for creatives, designers and anyone seeking the utmost convenience. The ability to change into tablet mode or rest on a stand allows this model to be used where you are, whether working in a library or streaming content in bed. It also features one of the more powerful batteries, with a charge lasting over 13 hours.

ASUS 11.6-Inch Chromebook: available at Amazon
For those wanting a smaller, more portable option, this ASUS model is light and slender but doesn’t sacrifice power. Thin bezels and backlit display offer immersive, bright visuals while the battery lasts up to 12 hours, keeping you covered throughout the day.

Lenovo Chromebook 3: available at Amazon
Another model from Lenovo, this one is a smart choice for younger students, with a slim design and integrated webcam and microphone to help stay connected. It allows for easy multitasking as well as portability and has a relatively low price.

Samsung Chromebook 4+: available at Amazon and Samsung
With one of the larger screens available, this 15.6-inch Samsung model offers durability and fast performance while still maintaining a lightweight and portable design. It features powerful WiFi connection, over 10 hours of battery life and one of the faster processors available, making this option a quality, long-term investment.

Lenovo Chromebook S345: available at Lenovo
Though approaching the budget limit, this Lenovo Chromebook is one of the most powerful on the list, with a fast processor that allows efficient multitasking for busy users. It includes powerful WiFi and Bluetooth connections along with a pair of fast USB ports. The HD display, thin bezels and quality audio cater to those who want to stream and game as well.

Acer Chromebook 512: available at Acer and Amazon
Lastly, this option is for those who may need a slightly tougher laptop to stand up to their lifestyle. This model is designed to withstand drops and spills, which may be useful for younger users, though it's somewhat heavier and thicker as a result. Still, the powerful WiFi, long battery life and low price provide plenty of value.

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