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The Mobile Link feature allows you to connect your Casio watch with an Android or iPhone.

For years, Japanese manufacturer Casio has been an innovative brand in the watchmaking game. While they offer everything from traditional linked dress watches to options with durable resin sports bands, they're probably best known for the wide array of unique features that many of their timepieces offer, such as solar-powered batteries, GPS positioning, and built-in thermometers. Casio may not have quite the same reputation as luxury-watch brands, but its timepieces provide high quality and novel features at a more affordable price point than much of the competition.

Take a look at our buying guide to pick up all the tips you need to choose the best Casio watch for your style and needs. We've included some specific watch recommendations like our top pick, the Master of G Digital Quartz Solar Watch, which features a solar-powered battery, water resistance, and a built-in compass that comes in handy for anyone who enjoys exploring the great outdoors.

Considerations when choosing Casio watches

Watch type

Casio offers analog and digital watches. Both types effectively provide the time, so you should choose based on personal preference.

Casio analog watches have a traditional clockface, as well an hour hand and a minute hand. Some models also feature a second hand. You can choose from watches with traditional Arabic numerals or those with Roman numerals.

Casio digital watches feature a small electronic display screen that provides the time in hours and minutes. Some models may also include seconds. A Casio digital watch may also offer features that an analog model doesn't, such as a stopwatch and/or calculator.

Watch style

Casio's line of watches includes styles for both men and women. While the overall style is often similar across genders, you'll often notice important size differences.

Casio women's watches tend to have shorter wristband lengths than men's models to accommodate smaller wrists. If your wrist is seven inches or smaller in circumference, a women's style is your best bet.
Casio women's watches are usually narrower in width.
Casio men's watches typically feature dials or cases with a larger diameter. Most men's styles have a 37- to 44-millimeter case, while women's watch cases range from 26 to 29 millimeters.


Band material

Casio watches feature bands in several different materials:

Resin bands are often used for Casio sports watches because they're durable and lightweight. They also have a more casual appearance.
Leather bands usually have a strap-like design and are also used for casual Casio watches.
Stainless steel bands typically feature a bracelet-like design with a series of connected links in a gold or silver finish. They're usually used for Casio dress watches.

Battery life

Most Casio watches feature a replaceable battery that usually lasts two to three years. Some models have a rechargeable battery, though, which can offer up to five months of battery life on a single charge.

You can also find some Casio rechargeable watches that are solar-powered. If the watch gets some sunlight every day, it can hold its charge for up to two years without recharging.

Mobile link

If you're someone who doesn't want to miss a single text or phone call, opt for a Casio watch that offers the Mobile Link feature. It allows you to wirelessly connect your watch to your phone via Bluetooth, so your watch provides alerts whenever you get a call, text, email, or social media app message. Your watch can also help you find your phone if you can't remember where you left it.


If you spend time exploring the outdoors, you may want a Casio watch with a compass-bearing sensor. It's able to identify which direction you're going based on your movement. The compass sensor can also help you find your location when you're in foggy or otherwise low-visibility conditions.


Some Casio watches have a GPS feature, which allows them to provide the time and your location or position based on satellite information. Even if you're traveling in another time zone, you'll be able to determine the correct time quickly and easily, without changing any settings.

Water resistance

Anyone who enjoys swimming, boating, or working out regularly will appreciate a water-resistant watch. Most Casio watches offer some amount of water resistance, so they can be splashed without worry. The most water-resistant models, however, can withstand depths up to 200 meters.


Many Casio watches offer special features designed for individuals who spend time outdoors and enjoy an active lifestyle. You can find models that feature:

An altimeter, which provides your altitude.
A barometer, which gives you useful weather information.
A thermometer to give you the current temperature.

Casio watch prices

Casio watches can range from $15 to $950. The most basic digital or analog models usually cost between $15 and $65, but you'll pay between $65 and $300 for a Casio watch with extra features, such as Mobile Link. Casio watches with the most features and highest-quality materials can run from $300 to $950.


Q. Can links be added or removed from a Casio metal band watch?

A. You can add or remove links to a Casio stainless steel watch to get the size just right. Special tools are required, though, so you should have a jeweler or watch store handle the task.

Q. Can a Casio watch be used in low-light situations?

A. If you need a watch that you can read even when there isn't much light, opt for a model with a backlight. It illuminates the face of the watch, so it can be read anywhere.

Casio watches we recommend

Best of the best: Casio Master of G Digital Quartz Solar Watch

Our take: A highly durable watch with a solar-powered battery that offers all the basic features and even some special extras that are ideal for outdoor adventures.

What we like: Battery can be charged through solar power. Offers water resistance up to 200 meters, a compass, an altimeter, a barometer, and a thermometer. Provides sunrise and sunset times. Resin band is rugged enough to hold up to wear and tear.

What we dislike: Face is smaller than many other Casio models.

Best bang for your buck: Casio G-Shock Sport Watch

Our take: Isn't as feature-packed as other Casio models, but its durability and affordability still make it a great option for an active lifestyle.

What we like: Provides the G-Shock shock absorption feature at an affordable price point. Offers an alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer, and calendar. Water resistant to 200 meters. Features a backlight for reading in low lighting situations.

What we dislike: Doesn't have as many features as other Casio G-Shock models. Not suitable for scuba diving. Display is on the small side, too.

Choice 3: Casio G-Shock Frogman Watch

Our take: An excellent Casio model for those who dive, particularly because it's a more affordable option in that category.

What we like: A highly durable watch with G-Shock shock-absorption ability. Water resistant up to 200 meters. Features a dive timer and also provides moon and tide information. Also offers a backlight, alarm, countdown timer, and calendar. Boasts a solar-powered rechargeable battery, too.

What we dislike: Display is cluttered with information you may not need to see underwater.

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