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Adam Reeder

Car floor mats take a lot of use and abuse. Most people get in and out of their cars multiple times each day, which puts a tremendous amount of strain on them. That's why you want something durable ... and nice-looking, too. We can help you find exactly what you need.

Read the following buying guide for advice on how to pick the best car floor mats for your vehicle. We've included reviews of a few favorites, like our pick for Best of the Best, the WeatherTech Trim-to-Fit AVM Front and Rear Universal Mats. These patented mats contain no PVC, and they can be trimmed down to precisely fit your vehicle.

Considerations when choosing car floor mats

Set size

Floor mat sets come in sizes of two, four, or five mats. Sets with only two mats usually cost less. The most common set size is four, including two for the front and two for the back. Some include a fifth mat, which is generally designed for the rear of an SUV or truck.

Carpet vs. rubber

While carpet floor mats look a little more polished than rubber ones, they tend to wear down faster. Carpet also absorbs smells and grime, whereas rubber keeps these things on the surface, making cleanup easier. While rubber mats aren't as stylish as carpet, they will stay looking new for a longer period of time.

Universal vs. custom

Universal car floor mats are designed to fit most standard vehicles. They generally don't fit perfectly; they tend to be cut slightly smaller than the area they are intended to protect. Custom mats, on the other hand, are designed with your specific vehicle model in mind. Custom mats cost more because they are designed to fit your car's floor perfectly, regardless of wheel moldings and other design features.

Basic vs. premium

Basic car floor mats are similar to the ones that came with your car when it was first delivered to the dealer. However, premium mats are often rubber-based with a finished edge. They generally have thick layers of carpet over the rubber base, and they may have other features, such as a raised edge to help control spills.


While the most common approach is to match your floor mat color to the color of your vehicle carpeting, this is not the only way to do things. Some floor mats are made with textures or designs that enhance the interior of your car. Consider whether you want the color of your car floor mats to blend in or to stand out.


Anti-slip backing

While some less-expensive car floor mats have a tendency to slide around, others have a rubberized anti-slip backing. This backing holds tightly to the carpet and keeps the mats from sliding around, even if they are cut smaller than their designated space.


Some car floor mats are sold with vehicle logos printed, molded, or embroidered on them. Most times, these are considered premium features, and they tend to cost more than standard mats. Although logo mats can usually be purchased from a dealer, a number of third-party manufacturers are licensed to make them, as well.


Most car floor mats cost between $15 and $100. The lower price range, around $15, includes basic mats without non-slip backing. Mid-range options that cost around $30 are made of thicker materials and include heavy-duty rubber. The most expensive mats cost greater than $50. Many are custom fitted.


Q. My car mats are giving off an odor. What is it?

A. It's probably rubber. Car mats that are less expensive tend to have a chemical odor, especially when you first purchase them. It may help to air them out in the open so the smell can dissipate.

Q. Can't I just leave my vehicle carpet exposed?

A. You could, but that's probably a recipe for disaster. Carpeting in your vehicle is like any other carpeting. It absorbs dirt and grime, and it can develop a bad odor. If you don't protect it with car floor mats, it won't last very long.

Car floor mats we recommend

Best of the best: WeatherTech Trim-to-Fit AVM Front and Rear Universal Mats

Our take: The exceptional durability is worth the high price tag.

What we like: Will probably outlast the vehicle.

What we dislike: Only two colors available.

Best bang for your buck: Armor All All-Season Rubber Floor Mat

Our take: A great price for solid mats.

What we like: The mats have anti-slip backing and are easy to trim.

What we dislike: They have a strange smell in hot weather.

Choice 3: BDK Universal Fit 4-Piece Metro Auto Carpet Mat

Our take: Inexpensive with lots of color options.

What we like: Designed in such a way that they fit most vehicles well.

What we dislike: Some owners say they slide around too much.

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