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Adam Reeder

Large birdbaths are preferable in warm climates. This is because a larger body of water will take longer to evaporate in high heat.

Birds need a bath every now and then just like you do. So, why not give them the best one you can find? If you love birds, you can provide fresh water for bathing, and many also like to drink from them.

Birdbaths are a great centerpiece in any yard, courtyard, or garden. They enhance the ambiance of the area and bring a little bit of nature directly to you. You'll probably get as much joy out of watching what birds use it as the birds themselves.

If you want help choosing the best birdbath for you, read on. We also included reviews of a few of our favorites, including the Ancient Graffiti Birdbath, which is as functional as it is beautiful.

Considerations when choosing birdbaths


The size of your birdbath will dictate both where it can be positioned in your yard, as well as how many birds can partake at any given time. Take both into consideration when choosing what size birdbath you prefer.

You will want to also remember that the water in larger birdbaths will evaporate slower, so you won't need to refill them as much. They can also accommodate larger birds like crows and even raptors. If you only want to attract small songbirds, a small birdbath will do.


There are birdbaths available in an incredible number of different styles. While some are cast-iron and modern, others feature an ornate ceramic design style. You'll probably want to choose a birdbath that works with the aesthetics of its surroundings.

Not surprisingly, the style of your birdbath can also affect how likely birds use it. If you've chosen a style that is too ornate, without a nice smooth surface for bathing, birds might stay away.

Types of birdbaths

The four most common types of birdbaths are pedestal, hanging, ground, and deck mounted. While pedestal and ground models are the easiest to install and maintain, hanging birdbaths might have more luck making birds comfortable enough to approach, and deck mounted models have the advantage of giving you a perfect "perch" from which to watch your feathered friends enjoy their bath.


Most birdbaths are made of one of the following materials: ceramic, metal, glass, or plastic. Ceramic and metal birdbaths are the obvious choices for durability and stability. However, glass and plastic models are the easiest to clean.

Some people claim the best results with a birdbath come with ones that have texture to them, rather than smooth models. This is because birds feel more comfortable if they have some level of traction when perched on the bath.

Birdbath depth

Birds don't want to be completely submerged while in a birdbath. Smaller birds such as finches and sparrows like just an inch or two of water, while large birds like raptors enjoy twice as much depth. The depth you choose will likely have a great impact on the types of birds that frequent your bath.


Heating feature

Some birdbaths on the higher end of the price spectrum can be heated. This tends to be a useful feature in colder climates where a warm bath is just what some birds are looking for when the warmth of summer turns to the briskness of autumn. If your particular birdbath does not come with a heating feature, you can still purchase a small birdbath heater for a reasonable price to add on to a basic model.


Most birdbaths cost between $20 and $100, though much larger models with more features or upscale designs can cost far more.


Q. Where should my birdbath be placed?

A. For best results, you want to place your birdbath close to some sort of cover, as well as close to some sort of foliage. Birds will feel more secure in that environment. Do not place where they will be exposed to predators like larger birds, roaming house cats, and other mammals.

Q. Will more birds come into my yard if I have a birdbath?

A. Probably, but the results will likely not be instant. You will have to allow some time for birds in the area to find your birdbath. Once they do, however, you are likely to have far more birds in your yard than you ever had in the past, and may even attract migratory, rarely spotted birds.

Birdbaths we recommend

Best of the best: Ancient Graffiti Birdbath

Our take: A durable copper birdbath that's a great showpiece.

What we like: Made from recycled materials, and easy to fill.

What we dislike: The bowl can fall in high winds.

Best bang for your buck: Gardman Pedestal Birdbath

Our take: A basic birdbath at a low price.

What we like: Metal look is impressive for the price. Versatile.

What we dislike: Extreme temperatures can cause cracking

Choice 3: Evergreen Garden Tiffany-Inspired Hanging Birdbath Bowl

Our take: Colorful stained-glass look is classy and fun.

What we like: The support chain is durable and easy to hang.

What we dislike: Ice and snow may damage the glass.

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